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The eyes of the dragon door Stephen King

Beoordeling 5.5
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Boekcover The eyes of the dragon
  • Boekverslag door een scholier
  • 4e klas vmbo | 1504 woorden
  • 22 mei 2005
  • 22 keer beoordeeld
Cijfer 5.5
22 keer beoordeeld

Boekcover The eyes of the dragon
The eyes of the dragon door Stephen King
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Meer informatie
1. Title: The eyes of the dragon
2. Author: Stephen King
3. Number of pages: 427
4. Where does the story take place?: Once in a Kingdom called Delain
5. When does the story take place?: In de Mid ages
6. Information about the main characters: Roland: King of the Kingdom called Delain
Sasha: Queen of the Kingdom Delain
Peter: Prins of Delain and son of Roland and Sasha
Thomas: Prins of Delain and son of Roland and Sasha
Flagg: Magician and adviser of King Roland

7. Roland: Roland is short and rather bowlegged so he walks clumsy. Also, he carries a great belly in front of him from all the beer and mead he eats. Roland was a King that was neither loved nor hated in Delain. He loves to hunt but isn’t that clever, he is a very loving man to his family and people. Sasha: She is small and thirty-three years younger than Roland, she has dark hair and blue eyes. She dies in the beginning of the story but she was remembered as a sweet, tender, loving, full of mercy mother and a kind and good Queen. She was loved by all the people in the Kingdom. Peter: He is strong and straight and handsome. His hair is dark, his eyes dark blue. Sometimes, when Peter looked up quickly, his head looked a certain way like he resembled his father. Otherwise he was Sasha´s son almost entirely in his looks and ways. He enjoys the hunt, he also enjoyed his lessons geography and history and has a sense of humour. Thomas: He is most like his father, he likes to hunt and is a better archer than is older brother, but he has a weaker personality. He often feels unloved because he is always being compared to Peter. That makes him vulnerable to Flagg´s evil attentions and council. Flagg: is a hooded, corpse white man, whose goal is to completely overthrow the monarchy. He is a master manipulator of people through fear and he uses Thomas as his pawn. 8. Summary: It is a fantasy of heroic adventure, set in the kingdom of Delain. It involves a king who is poisoned, a young and beautiful queen, a prince locked in a high tower while his younger brother assumes the throne, and an evil magician who possesses terrible secrets and evil plans. There are two sons who are each being groomed for the use of power, but with each opposing goals. There is a tense relationship between the brothers, Peter and Thomas, competing for their father’s attention and love. Peter remembers his mother's lessons: that an individual's nature is both good and evil and that a godly king uses a napkin. His nobility attracts devoted friends, especially Ben, Naomi, Brandon, and Dennis. At a young age Peter demonstrates a sense of wise but firm command that earns the respect of adults and inspires confidence among his subjects. Because Peter shows such good willing power, he stands in the way of Flagg's plans. Peter seems to be the favourite son of King Roland. Thomas, in spite of his cowardice and weak leadership, is not truly evil, however it is made clear that Flagg is. Flagg his plan is to poison the King and let it look like Peter is the murderer. He uses the poison Dragon Sand, a green sand that will burn your body from the inside. Flagg shows Thomas a secret room where he could slide two little panels so he could spy on his father thru the dragon’s eyes, a head of a dragon that is attached on the wall in one of the rooms of King Roland, a dragon that king Roland once had killed. Thomas also learns through his spying that being an adult does not ensure perfect behaviour. Such as every night peter came to his father and brought him a glass of wine, he also saw that Flagg gave a glass of wine to Roland and some how Thomas knew that their was something wrong and their was their was poison in it. And soon after that the King died and Peter was in prison in the highest tower from the castle ´the needle´ and Thomas was a young King of the age of only twelve. When Pete was up in the tower he was thinking things over and he finally found out the truth that non-other than Flagg could be the murderer. He tries to convince Beson, the Chief Warder, about the truth but he wont listen to the prince. There is a fight between Peter and Beson and Peter knocked Beson out for two hours, when he was awoken Peter gave him the comment to close the spy hole and to give a letter to Anders Peyna, a judge. He wrote in the letter two questions: If you will arrange for Beson to ´wet his beak´ so that I may have them and he asked for money, he also wrote that he did not murder his father. Peyna wrote back that he would give him the money when he knows what Peter is going to do with it. Peter wrote back that he wanted his mothers doll house because he played with it when he was a little boy and that he wanted a royal napkin with his food everyday. Ben his best friend came to him and brought the things he requested for. There was another letter in it that told Peter that his friends did not believe he murdered his father. It took him three months to make a rope of the napkins, when he was hanging outside the window in the tower and found an open space in the wall of the tower and in it was a heart shaped locker. In the locker there were two pictures of a man and woman and a letter. The letter was written in blood and said that he was captured as a prisoner here in the tower because he had murdered his wife the Queen but he said he was innocent. It was Flagg that put poison in the wine that his wife drank and he stood in Flagg his way so he let it look like it was his fault the Kings fault. Peter was shocked that he knew now that Flagg did this before but only four centuries ago. Years later Flagg looked in his crystal boll and saw that in that night Peter would escape, Flagg went furious and took a huge axe planning to murder Peter and went up the tower, Peter heard him coming up and made the last rope tight to his bed frame, when he was twenty feet above the ground Flagg cut the rope and Peter fell. His friends were down waiting for him and saw to their relief that peter was getting up from the fall. Flagg run after them when Peter and his friends ran away. Peter and his friends went into the castle and in to the father’s room where a bow and arrow was standing the same bow and arrow that his father used to kill the dragon. Peter took them and in the other hand the locker he had found in the tower, Flagg recognised it when peter showed it to him when he ran in to the room, it was then that he committed to Peter that he murdered his father. Thomas heard this and said that he saw Flagg, he took the heard shaped locked with the arrow from his father and shot Flagg that died instantly. Peter went to be King after all and Thomas just wanted to get away from the Kingdom so went on a Quest with a friend of Peter, Dennis. And that is how this story ends. 9. What was the most touching, funny, sad, exciting, terrifying, …, etc. part of the book? Why?: When Flagg found out that Peter wanted to escape from the tower. So he went to go up the tower with a huge axe to murder Peter and Peter just brawly got away, it was the most exciting part of the story because that moment you cant put the book down and do something ells. You could count the staircases that Flagg had to climb to get to Peter. And Peter did not get the knot rite for two times so he couldn’t get away with his rope, finally he did succeed but Flagg cut the rope. Luckily Peter lived. It was a good written part of the book that good that I could just imagine and see everything that was happening in the book. 10. Is the writer saying something important about people? Is there a message in the story?: Sasha, the queen, teaches Peter that "god" spelled backwards is "dog," demonstrating that people have a godlike side to them, which is civilized, powerful and good, and a doglike side, which is uncivilized, often silly, and apt to hurt others. Honest evil is usually not done by accident or by the foolish.


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