The Da Vinci code door Dan Brown

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De Da Vinci code
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The Da Vinci code door Dan Brown
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The story begins in Paris when Silas, an albino monk, has murdered already three of the senechaux, he kills Jaques Sauniere by a shot near his stomach. Due to this, he dies in a slow way, so he must hurry to pass on the secret.

At the hotel, Professor Robert Langdon gets a phone call in the middle of the night. He has to go right away to the Louvre. When he arrives, the police tells him about the murder and shows them the picture before they entered the building. It seemed that he had written codes on the floor and the position of his body was also unusual. When Sophie Neveue arrived, she had found the meaning of one code that was written with a special sort pencil, but it can be easily erased.

Sophie showed Langdon a picture with the explanation why Robert had to come. There was written P.S. find Robert Langdon. As Langdon had to call to the automatic answering machine, Sophie spoke instructions on the tape he had to follow. They had attached a transmitter to Langdon’s jacket because they thought he was the murderer.

When Sophie pulls out the transmitter, she pressed it in a bar of soap; she threw the bar in a truck that was passing by so they had the chance and time to escape. As they are going down the stairs, Langdon deciphers one of the codes written down on the floor, and Sophie decided to turn back and told Langdon to go outside. After a while, Langdon also turned back to help her.

Sophie found a necklace with an equal ended cross and a flower on it. This is the key to a depository bank of Zurich. When they got there, they didn’t know the bank code, the person that guided them found it suspicious, so he called the police. If they realised that they do have the code, they try it and they can open the save. The contents were a wooden box inside with an inlaid rose. In that box, they found a wooden cylinder, what is called a cryptex. To open it, they have to put the five letters in the right combination. They had to be careful with it, because in the cylinder they thought the paper was wrapped around a glass, filled with vinegar. If the glass would break, the paper will be dissolved and the secret would be gone forever. Somewhere in the box was a hole, in which a paper was kept. This paper contains the riddle to find the code to open the cryptex.

Under while, the police is still after them and they decide to visit Sir Teabing, he lives also in France and he is passionate about the grail.When they arrive at his place, the butler first don’t want to let them in because it is the middle of the night. At Teabings place, Sophie gets the full explanation about the grail, what it is and the symbols behind it.

Suddenly someone hit Robert in the back. Robert gets unconscious and he doesn’t know what happened at the moment. The albino monk Silas had hit Robert in the back, but they could catch him and tie him up. They leave the house with Silas at the back of the 4x4 on their way to the private airplane of Sir Teabing. When they are in the plain, the cryptex is opend. Inside there is another cryptex, but a much smaller white one this time. Inside there is also another riddle to open the second cryptex and the tube of vinegar. They went back to a London airport but the French police are on their heels. They could just escape from them but they ask the airport to put op a block. They manage to fly to their terminal where they use to stop. Sophie and Robert could escape together with Silas. They could flee to a black car. Silas was put in the trunk and they got ride of him at the street. Silas went to the opus die building in England.

Sophie and Robert went to find for a hotel first and then they went to a church they think is meant in the riddle.In the church, they find Teabing also looking for the same thing. Suddenly, his servant appeas in the church and kidnaps his master whom is threatened with a gun. In change for the cryptex he wants to let Teabing go.

He goes to the car with Teabing and there appears that teabing is the mysterious master they talk about the whole book. He gives Remi a whiskey but Remi taste something weird in his drink. It is the taste of nuts where he allergic to is.When he had drunk that, his throat starts swelling and he dies.

When sophie and Robert realised they went to the wrong place, they go to Wenstminster Abbey where the grave of Newton is, one of the formal senechaux.. When Sophie takes a closer look on the grave, she was surprised.

It appeared that someone had written where Teabing was.

Sophie and Robert went right away to that place, but they were capt, because it was Sir Teabing that stood there himself and there was no other exit available. He held Sophie under shot for the cryptex. Robert could guess the word on time, he threw the empty cryptex to Teabing and they fled together.

Inside there was another text, that mentioned the Roselyn church.
As they went to Roselyn, Sophie realises she had been there before. It appeared that her grandmother and brother live there. She has always been told that they didn’t survive the car –accident. Her brother was told about her and her grandfather the same thing.

Langdon is a little bit upset because he didn’t had fount the greal, but Sophie’s grandmother told him that he would find it.
A couple of weeks later he wakes up and he thinks he found the answer. He goes to the Louvre, at the ‘pyramids inverses’and he falls on his knees.


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