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Author: Mark Haddon

Title: The Curious incident of the dog in the night-time

Date of publication: 2003


1. drama

2. (auto)biographical - adventure


Growing up – quest.

(Main) characters:

Names: Personality:


=good – sweet – honest

Christopher’s father and mutter

=good - friendly

Mrs and Mr Shears



1 time - a pair years ago.

2 Place – England (London)

Presentation: first person


==- Chapters

Is the title well-chosen? Explain your answer:

==Yes because in the night was the incident of the dog and Christopher went out on research who the murder was and make a report.

What is your opinion of this book?

==Good – interesting – easy.

Who did you think was the most interesting or striking character in this book? Explain.

==Christopher because it is a (auto) biographical of a part of his live. He describes what he

see and think.

Copy one sentence that is typical of this book; explain why typical.

==The next day I saw 4 Yellow cars in a row on the way to school which made it a Black Day so I didn’t eat anything at lunch and I sat in the corner of the room all day and read my A level maths course book.

==…..because five days later I saw 5 red cars in a row which made it a Super Good Day and I knew that something special was going to happen.

==I have chose this because you see what he think and why and that is typical for this book.

Write a short summary of this book (150 words):

==Christopher an autistic boy, discovers that the neighbour’s dog, Wellington is dead. The dog belonged to Mr and Mrs Shears. The boy decides to investigate who killed the dog and to write a detective book about it. Siobhan his teacher at the special school, encourages him to write the book. His father doesn’t know about it. He begins to be a “detective” in spite of what his father told him. Although Christopher is very afraid of the strangers, he puts himself together and asks some of his neighbours if they knew who killed the dog. One of the neighbours, Mrs Alexander, is very friendly to him and she invites him for a drink, but Christopher gets scared soon and runs away.

His mother had a hard attack and was dad. But it wasn’t true.

One day Christopher’s father finds the book and gets angry, because he talked to Mrs Alexander. They have a fight and the father takes the book from him and hides it. Next day after school he starts to look for his book. He finds it in the father’s bedroom and also the letters from his mother addressed to him. After reading them he concludes that his father was lying to him all these years and that his mother is alive. His father finds him sick later and tells Christopher that he will never lie to him again and that he did it for Christopher’s own sake. Also the father tells that he is the one who killed Wellington.

The boy gets afraid of his father and thinks that he can also kill him. So he decides to run away. He plans to leave for London to live there with his mother. He takes his father’s bank card, his rat and some food with him. The journey to London takes him a whole day, because of his fear for new places and people. The police chases him on his way, but he escape. When he gets safely at his mother’s house, he sleeps there. In the middle of the night his father comes to take him back, but Christopher doesn’t want that. He wants to stay with his mother, but Mr Shears doesn’t like that, so the mother leaves him and moves to Swindon with her son.

Back in Swindon Christopher takes his A-level math exams and gets an A for that. His father wants Christopher to forgive him so he buys a dog for Christopher. At the end he is happy that he solved the mystery of the dog, found his mother, went to London by himself and wrote a book.


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