Shopaholic & Baby door Sophie Kinsella

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Boekcover Shopaholic & Baby
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Boekcover Shopaholic & Baby
Shopaholic & Baby door Sophie Kinsella

Title : Shopaholic & Baby
Author : Sophie Kinsella
Publisher : Bantam Press
Year of publication : 2007
Place of publication : Great Britain
Number of pages : 364

I would tell something more about the contents of the book. The main character, Becky Brandon her life is blooming. She has a new job as a ‘personal shopper’ at London’s big store, The Look, she goes house hunting with her husband Luke and she is pregnant.

Becky is dying to know the gender of her unborn baby but together with her husband she made an appointment to let it be real surprise. But since she discovered that shopping cures morning sickness her bank accounts grow. Everything has to be perfect for the baby, designer clothes (pink and blue), a really cool pram and last but not least to the celebrity, must-have obstetrician Venetia. But when she knew that Venetia is an ex-girlfriend of her husband Luke she becomes very jealous. And afterwards come true that Becky was right and Venetia just want to make an end on the marriage of Becky and Luke. But like in every feel-good book the story ends well, Becky gives birth to a little girl, Minnie and together with her husband and daughter she has a wonderful life.

There are a lot of reasons why I like this book so much. First because of the main subject “shopping” that’s also one of my favourite activities. And I found that there were many funny moments during the hole story because of the gullibility of Becky. In short it is a wonderful story that fascinate me till the last page.

Short glossary
indignantly --> verontwaardigd
thriving --> gezond,getraind
Obstetrician --> specialist
flourish --> opfleuren
matrimonial --> echtelijk
gleam --> fonkeling
genuinely --> beslist
Apparently --> blijkbaar





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