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Michaels50 birthday: artikel.
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Thriller is the sixth studio album by American recording artist Michael Jackson. The album was released on November 30, 1982 by Epic Records as the follow-up to Jackson's critically and commercially successful 1979 album Off the Wall. Thriller explores similar genres to those of Off the Wall, including funk, disco, soul, soft rock, R&B, and pop. However Thriller's lyricsdeal with generally darker themes, including paranoia and the supernatural.
With a production budget of $750,000, recording sessions took place between April and November 1982 at Westlake Recording Studiosin Los Angeles, California. Assisted by producer Quincy Jones, Jackson wrote four of Thriller's nine tracks. Following the release of the album's first single "The Girl Is Mine", some observers assumed Thriller would only be a minor hit record. With the release of the second single "Billie Jean", the album topped the charts in many countries. At its peak, the album was selling a million copies a week worldwide. In just over a year, Thriller became—and currently remains—the best-selling album of all time. Sales are estimated to be between 47–109 million copies sold worldwide. Seven of the album's nine songs were released as singles, and all reached the top 10 on the Billboard Hot 100. The album won a record-breaking eight Grammy Awards at the 1984 Grammys Thriller received high critical acclaim both upon release and in legacy, though it did not see initial universal praise.
Thriller cemented Jackson's status as one of the predominant pop stars of the late 20th century, and enabled him to break down racial barriers via his appearances on MTV and meetings with President Ronald Reagan at the WhiteHouse. The album was one of the first to use music videos as successful promotional tools—the videos for "Thriller", "Billie Jean" and "Beat It" all received regular rotation on MTV. In 2001, a special edition issue of the album was released, which contains additional audio interviews, a demo recording and the song "Someone In the Dark", which was a Grammy-winning track from the E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial storybook. In 2008, the album was reissued again as Thriller 25, containing re-mixes that feature contemporary artists, a previously unreleased song and a DVD.
Thriller ranked number 20 on Rolling Stone magazine's 500 Greatest Albums of All Time list in 2003, and was listed by the National Association of Recording Merchandisers at number three in its Definitive 200 Albums of All Time. Thriller was preserved by the Library of Congress to the National Recording Registry, as it was deemed "culturally significant

Thriller is een album uit 1982 van Michael Jackson. Het was het zesde studioalbum en Jacksons tweede studio album bij EpicRecords. Het werd uitgebracht op 1 december 1982. Het werd het populairste album van Jacksonen zorgde voor internationale roem. In 2007 plaatste de National Association of Recording Merchandisersen het Rock and Roll Hall of Famehet album op de derde plaats van hun "Definitive200" lijst, Veel muziek kenners denken dat het de beste albums aller tijden is. Volgens het Guinness Bookof Records is het album meer dan 104 miljoen keer verkocht wat ervoor zorgt dat het album het meest succesvolle album is aller tijden
De muziek op het album is een combinatie van dance, funk, R&B en popmuziek, met een stijl die varieert vangepassioneerd en liefdevol ("HumanNature") tot ruig en energiek ("Beat it"). Van de negen nummers kwamen er zeven in de top-10 vande Amerikaanse hitparade. Verantwoordelijk voor de muziek vanbijna alle nummers zijn o.a. David Paich, Steve Lukather en Jeff Porcaro vande band Toto. De gitaarsolo in Beat It is van Eddie vanHalen.
Tot de bekendste nummers vanhet album behoren "Billie Jean", "Beat it", "Thriller" en "The girlis mine", een duet met Paul McCartney. Deze nummers gelden nog steeds als toonaangevend voor het oeuvre van Jackson.
Queens leadzanger Freddie Mercurygaf in een interview toe dat hij aanvankelijk ook op Thriller zou komen te staan. Freddie Mercury en Michael Jackson hadden indertijd drie nummers opgenomen. Je ziet ook een ander nummer vande twee zoals human in nature.

"Billie Jean" is a dance-pop R&B song by American recording artist Michael Jackson. It was written by Jackson and produced by Quincy Jones for the singer's sixth solo album, Thriller (1982). Originally disliked by Jones, the track was almost removed from the album after he and Jackson had numerous disagreements. The song's lyrics refer to a real-life experience, in which a mentally ill female fan claimed that Jackson fathered one of her twins. The song is well known for its distinctive bass line and Jackson's vocal hiccups. The song was mixed 91 times by Bruce Swedien before it was finalized.
Following the successful chart performance of "The Girl Is Mine", "Billie Jean" was released on January 2, 1983, as the album's second single. "Billie Jean" was a worldwidecommercial and critical success; it became one of the best-selling singles of 1983, and topped both the US and UK charts simultaneously. Considered one of the most revolutionary songs in history, "Billie Jean" was certified platinum in 1989.
Honoured numerous times—including two Grammy Awards, one American Music Award and an induction into the Music Video Producers Hall of Fame—the song and corresponding music video propelled Thriller into the best-selling album of all time. The song was promoted with a short film that broke down MTV's racial barrier as the first video by a black artist to be aired by the channel, and an Emmy-nominated performance on Motown 25: Yesterday, Today, Forever, in which Jackson premiered "the moonwalk." The song was also promoted through Jackson's Pepsi commercials; during the filming of one commercial, Jackson's scalp was severely burned. Covered and sampled by modern artists, "Billie Jean" sealed Jackson's status as an international pop icon. Rolling Stone magazine placed "Billie Jean" in the 58th spot on its list of the 500 Greatest Songs of All Time and it appears on The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame's 500 Songs that Shaped Rock and Roll.

Billie Jeanis een dancepop R&B lied opgenomen door de artiest Michael Jackson. Het lied was geschreven door michael jackson en uitgegeven door Quincy Jones die voor de singer’s sixthsolo album werkt. Het album thriller vond Quincy Jones wat minder. Omdat het gebasseerd was op werkelijkheid. De lyrics van het nummer komen uit op dat een fan van michael jackson beweerde dat een van zijn tweeling van hem was. Dat deed MJ veel pijn en daarom heeft hij deze nummer uitgebracht. Het nummer was een beetje bij gemixt door Bruce Swedien voor dat hij echt uit kwam.
Na Billie Jean kwam ook het spectaculaire nummer “The Girl is mine’’. Billie Jean was klaar op 2 januari 1983 als de 2e singel van het album. Het nummer was wereld wijd op alle reclames te zien. En werd een van de best verkochte nummers van MJ. De spectaculaire Billie Jean kreeg platina in 1989.

Billie Jean kreeg heel veel titels op haar naam staan zoals:
- Heel vaak in de top 3
- 2 grammy awards
- Een American music award
- Hall of fame
- Het best verkochte album allertijde
- Het kwam op de mtv radicial barrier.
- Het liedje werd gebruikt op een pepsireclame.

Beat It" is a song by American recording artist Michael Jackson. It was written by Jackson and co-produced by Quincy Jones for the singer's sixth solo album, Thriller (1982). Jones had wanted an ambitious black rock 'n' roll song, however, Jackson had never previously shown an interest in the genre. Eddie VanHalen was drafted in to add the distinctive overdriven guitar solo with tapping, but initially thought the phone calls from Jones requesting that he participate were fake. The lyrics of "Beat It" are about defeat and courage.
Following the successful chart performances of Thriller, "The Girl Is Mine" and "Billie Jean", "Beat It" was released on February 14, 1983, as the album's third single. The song was a worldwidecommercial and critical success, becoming one of the best-selling singles of all time. Both "Billie Jean" and "Beat It" occupied Top 5 positions at the same time, a feat matched by very few artists. One of the most lauded songs in history, "Beat It" was certified platinum in 1989.
Honored numerous times—including two Grammy Awards, two American Music Awards and an induction into the Music Video Producers Hall of Fame—"Beat It" and the song's music video propelled Thriller into becoming the best-selling album of all time. The song was promoted with a short film that featured Jackson bringing two real life gangs together through the power of dance. Covered and sampled by modern artists, including Fergie and Fall Out Boy, the song was included in the National Highway Safety Commission's anti-drunk driving campaign. "Beat It" became a signature song of Jackson; the singer performed it on all of his world tours.

Vertaling beat it.
Het gaat over dat michael jackson die beat it zelf heeft geschreven. Het lied beat it is weer door Quincy Jones uitgegeven. Hij wilde graag Black Rock and Roll . Michael had niet veel interesses voor dit genre maar later werd het een top hit.

- Heel vaak in de top 3
- 2 grammy awards
- Een American music award
- Hall of fame
- Het best verkochte album allertijde
- Het kwam op de mtv radicial barrier.
Het liedje deed veel jongeren opwekken tot dansen.
Het liedje kwam uit met het album Thriller. Hij was daar toen al een paar jaartjes solo geworden hij liet de jackson five gaan. Deze album liet echt zien wie michael jackson eigenlijk was .


Released in August 1979 "Off The Wall" was Michaels first solo album as an adult artist.
He wanted this album to be the best it could be. He needed someone with great experience and had met Quincey Jones on the set on the movie "The Wiz" and Quincey produced the album.
Michael wanted the sound of the album to be different from that of the Jacksons who had just had there biggest album success with "Destiny".
Michael wanted songs that were good for him to sing and that he could move to. In came Rod Temperton who penned "Rock With You" a big hit, "Burn This Disco Out" and the title track.
During the sessions Quincey approached Michael with "Girlfriend" saying how well suited that song would be for him. Little did he know Paul had written the song for Michael a couple of years previous and even sung it to Michael at a party.
"Don't Stop Til You Get Enough" was the first song Michael had written himself as a whole and became US No1 hit single. "She's Out of My Life" a heart wrenching ballard.
1.Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough
2. Rock with You
3. Working Day and Night
4. Get on the Floor
5. Off the Wall
6. Girlfriend" (McCartney)
7. She's out of My Life" (Tom Bahler)
8. I Can't Help It
9. It's the Falling in Love
10. Burn This Disco Out

Vertaling : off the wall.

Dit album kwam uitop 1979. Toen begon Michaelals eerst met zijn solo album. Als een volwassenen had hij deze album uitgebracht. En verdiende er heel veel mee.
Omdat hij nu alleen was moest hij een goede uitgever hebben om mensen te overtuigen dat hij ook best solo kon zijn. Dus daarom ging hij tewerk met Quincy Jones. Hij maakte het album compleet met MJ.
Michael wilde heel graag een andere genre dan zijn eigen broers omdat zij al een album hadden met Destiny. Dus begon allemaal andere soorten songs te schrijven.
Michael wilde ook graag een nummer waar hij lekker op kon gaan swingen en waar hij geen moeite mee zou hebben om hoog te gaan zingen.
Later werd Michael gestimuleerd om het lied girlfriend te zingen die door Paulis geschreven. Hij zelf vond het een hele eer.
Zijn nummer don’t stop till you get enough. Was zijn eerste nummer van het album off the wall. En werd nummer een in Amerika .

August 29th , 2008
Michael Jackson Good Morning America Interview
Michael Jackson called Good Morning America on August 29th and gave an exclusive interview about his birthday, his career and his future plans.
Michael told GMA that his birthday will be celebrated at home with his children, where he will "just have a little cake with my children and we'll probably watch cartoons" before he gets straight back to work.
When speaking about turning 50, Michael said, "I feel very wise and sage, but at the same time very young".
Michael said the happiest time in his career was when he was recording the Off The Wall and Thriller albums, explaining, "That meant very much to me and seemed to be received so beautifully by the public and the world. I enjoyed it very much." He also said that his greatest achievements in his career were "We Are the World", "Billie Jean" and "Thriller".
Michael also spoke of his future plans in the interview. He said that he is "looking forward to doing a lot of great things" and "I am writing all the time. I love composing and the whole thing". But he also said that he is enjoying raising his children.

Het gaat over dat Michael een interview gaf aan de media over zijn verjaardag hoe hij het zou vieren en over zijn toekomst plannen.
Zijn ideale verjaardag zou thuis worden gevierd met zijn kinderen . Ze zouden een kleinschalig taartje gaan eten en dat ze tekenfilms zouden gaan kijken. Hij zo dus eigenlijk een beetje die dag meer tijd in zijn kinderen steken voordat hij weer zou gaan werken.
Over 50 jaar worden voelde Michael zich best gezond en nog jong.
De leukste tijden vanzijn carrière vond Michael bij de opnames van Thriller en off The Wall. Hij zij dat bij deze albums het meest plezier had. Zijn fans waren te gek toen hij optredens gaf.
Zijn plannen voor het komende periode is goede dingen doen lekker genieten en het belangrijkste is het opvoeden van zijn kinderen als een happy gezin.

Paris en Prins MICHAEL.

Wednesday, February 27th, 2008
Thriller 25 First Week Chart Positions!
Worldwide chart positions andofficial first week sales counts show the newly released Thriller 25th Anniversary Album is going strong.
In Australia, UK, Norway, Germany, Sweden, Denmark, New Zealand, Spain, Austria, Ireland, Italy and Czech Republic, Thriller 25 debuted in the top 3 of each country's album charts. The album reached the number one position in France and Belgium.
In the US, Thriller 25 did not qualify for the Billboard Hot 200, as it is not considered as a new album. However, it debuted at number one on Billboard's Top Pop Catalogue Chart, with sales of over 160,000 copies in the US. It also hit Number 1 on Billboard's European Top 100 Albums.
In addition, Thriller 25 hit the Global Album Chart at Number 1 with estimated worldwide sales of 400,000 worldwide.

Het is de herdenking van MJAlbum thriller . Zijn album was keigoed. Dit is zijn 25 ste verjaardag zal ik zeggen.
Het Album thriller stond op vele landen in de hitlijst nummer 1.
Die landen zijn:

- Australië
- Engeland
- Noorwegen
- Duitsland
- Zweden
- Denemarken
- Nieuw Zeeland
- Spanje
- Oostenrijk
- Ierland
- Italië
- Tsjechië

Het album thriller kwam jammer genoeg niet in uk voor de bilboard200. maar er zijn wel maarliefst 160.000 exemplaren verkocht. Maar hij heeft wel het Bilboardtop 100 Albums gehaald. Hij was gekozen tot nummer 1. En over de hele werled zijn er maar liefst 400.000 exemplaren verkocht.

Tuesday, 27th May 2006

Michael Jackson hasmade his firstofficial public appearance since last year'strial by attending the MTVJapan Music Video Awards in Tokyo today.
He accepted a 'Legend Award' for his magnificent contribution to the art of music video.
Hundreds of fans braved the pouring rain to get a glimpse of their hero according to Reuters, holding signs such as "We love you, Michael" and "Welcome toJapan."
When Michael eventually turned up to the Yoyugi Olympic Stadium, he walked up the red carpet acknowledging fans and reporters accompanied by his spokesperson Raymone Bain before being ushered in to the ceremony.
The presenters, referring to him as "the king of pop, the king of rock and the king of soul," introduced Michael to an adoring crowd. Not surprisingly, he gave a 'peace' sign to fans while walking on stage.
"I'd like to say to the Japanese people from the bottom of my heart, I love you very, very much," he said when accepting his award. "I thank the fans around the world and I thank thefans in Japan."
As was almost expected being his firstofficial public appearance since he was acquitted on all charges last June, Michael became a little overwhelmed at the admiration received from those within the Olympic stadium.
"I promised myself I wouldn't be emotional when I got up here," he said as his voice started to break up, "I think you are very sweet, generous and kind people."
"I thank all the people who believed in me. I believe in you," he said while getting through his speech, "I thank my children, Prince, Paris and Blanket, whohave been there for me ... I love them very much."
Michael also gave a brief interview to the backstage VJ's from MTVJapan, and was asked if he had a message for his fans all around the world, "I love you and thank you for your loyalty," he said while having his hand to his heart.
This will not be the end of Michael's visit, as he also plans to visit Asian territories such as Singapore, Shanghai and Hong Kong. Some outlets are reporting he plans to visit an orphanage tomorrow.


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