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Elke dag organiseren we meerdere live Q&A's waarbij studenten je studiekeuzevragen beantwoorden. Om 15:00 starten we met een live Q&A met studenten Lukas (IBA), Sterre (Econometrie) en Floris (Econometrie). Klik op de play-knop om een herinnering in te stellen!

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1. Title: Five Children and It.

Author: Edith Nesbit

Pages: 215

2. Four children were playing in a field and found a Psammead. It was something they had never seen before. It said it could make their wishes come true, but only once a day. The children did it, but afterwards they were sorry for what they had wished. At the end, It was very tired and went to a long sleep. The childrens’ wishes were over.

66 words.

3. The story happens in the 19th century in a small village in the United Kingdom.

4. The Lamb: that’s the nickname of the baby-brother of the

four children. They all adored him. His role is stealing the hearts of his family.

5. I think this book was about love and happiness.

6. - the day that they had wished for wings, cuz they know

when the sunset would come, their wings would turn into stone. They were far away from home and went asleep. When they woke, the sunset had already passed and their wings were stone. They had to walk all the way home in the scary dark.

- That the Lamb was simply by a wish grown-up for a day. He wanted to walk away, but the children did all their best to keep him in their neighbourhood.

87 words.

7. If I could be one of the characters in this book, then I definitely would like to be Jane, because she really is like a sister for the four children. At home I think I am that too. That’s definitely why I can identify myself with that girl Jane.

49 words.

8. I would recommend this book to a friend, because when you read this book, it tells you about a world where there are no computers and other modern things. This is the world where people live very primitive, but happy, with imagined fantasy. A way to escape this modern world.

50 words.

9. this book was written at the end of the 19th century.


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