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Down the river door Donn Byrne

Beoordeling 5.8
Foto van een scholier
Boekcover Down the river
  • Boekverslag door een scholier
  • 2e klas vwo | 268 woorden
  • 6 juni 2012
  • 39 keer beoordeeld
Cijfer 5.8
39 keer beoordeeld

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Boekcover Down the river
Down the river door Donn Byrne


The Characters in this book are:
Hans, Karl and Otto, three friends who want an adventure.
Elsa. Otto’s cousin.


In the summer Hans, Karl and Otto are very bored, they want to have some adventure. They want to go with a rowing boat down the river. So they lent the boat of Otto’s uncle an fix it up. But Elsa want to go come with the boys. They want to stay at the warden’s house. A friend from Hans father. But there are some smugglers in the warden’s house, and they caught Hans and Karl, and imprison them. Otto goes to a village for help, an Elsa try’s to rescue the boys and succeed. Otto finds help in the village. They come with a motor boat to the warden’s house. There they found Elsa, Hans and Karl. Together they make a plan to save the warden en arrest the smugglers. They succeed and they rescue the warden but he is very tired. They arrest the smugglers. But then the airplane who bring the smugglers diamonds came. The plane crashed so they can arrest the pilot too. The smugglers and the pilot go with the other men and the boys and Elsa stay with the warden. That was the adventure of Hans, Karl, Otto and Elsa.


In my opinion it was a very nice and exciting because you don’t know if they go get it. And it is nice because it’s a realistic story and it’s pretty good.


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