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Carrie's War door Nina Bawden

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Boekcover Carrie's War
  • Boekverslag door een scholier
  • 4e klas vwo | 1777 woorden
  • 28 april 2021
  • 56 keer beoordeeld
Cijfer 8.1
56 keer beoordeeld

Boekcover Carrie's War
Carrie's War door Nina Bawden

Part 1:

I am (naam van jou) and I am in (klas). My book assignment is about Carrie’s War by Nina Bawden. This book is published by Penquin Books. The very first edition was published in 1973, and my edition was published in 2013. My book contains 192 pages. The genre is historical fiction. 

Part 2:

Carrie Willow and her younger brother Nick are evacuated to a mining town in Wales during the Second World War. It was difficult to find a family to foster them but they found Mr. Evans, a shopkeeper who is in charge of his gentle but weak younger sister, whom they call Auntie Lou. Carrie became friends with Albert Sandwich, another evacuee who stayed at a country house called Druid’s Bottom. Albert stayed there with Mr. Evans older sister, Mrs. Dilys Gotobed who was dying, and with Mrs. Gotobed disabled cousin Mr. Johnny Gotobed. Hepzibah Green, the housekeeper, told many tales, including one about a curse on Druid’s Bottom, which would be activated if a skull is removed. Mr. Evans doesn’t like his older sister Mrs. Gotobed because she married a rich Englishman whose family owned the mines where their father died. Mrs. Gotobed claims she wrote a will saying Mr. Johnny and Hepzibah Green they can continue living in the house. When Mrs. Gotobed dies the will is gone, Albert Sandwich suspects Mr. Evans. He says he stole the will and destroyed it so Mr. Johnny and Hepzibah Green can’t live there anymore. Carrie doesn’t believe what Albert is saying, Albert gets more confident of his theory when Mr. Evans gave Carrie a ring that belonged to Mrs. Gotobed. Carrie changes her mind when Albert remembers there was an envelope in Mrs. Gotobed's jewellery box. The envelope disappeared when Mr. Evans visited the house to take an inventory of Mrs. Gotobeds belongings. Carrie and Albert both think the will was in the envelope and Mr. Evans destroyed it. Carrie wants to put an end to it by throwing the skull with the curse in the horse pond. After that Mrs. Willow arranges a new home for her family near Glasgow. While the children leave in the train they see that Druid's Bottom is on fire. Carrie feels guilty for this because she released the curse on skull. In the end Carrie learns that Mr. Evans was innocent and the envelope didn’t contain a will. The ring Carrie got was a present Mr. Evans once gave to Mrs. Gotobed. 

Part 3:


 i - what is the location of your novel? Support this with a textual reference. Carrie’s War started in 1973. Then they take you back to Londen where Carrie and her brother Nick left to go to a mining town in Wales. In the mining town they lived nearly 2 years.

Textual reference: “Lived where? There were no houses in sight: the wooded mountain rose on one side of the old railway track and fell steeply away on the other. No sound of people, either: no cars, no aeroplanes, not even a tractor. Only a pigeon or tow in the trees and sheep, baa-ing below in the valley. ‘Druid’s Bottom,’ Carrie said. That’s where we lived. 

ii - in what time period is your story set? Support this with a textual reference. The story takes place 30 years after the war, when Carrie (as an adult) sees the old house in the woods in Wales with her children. The story takes place in the present (1973) and then goes back to WW2 in 1942-1944.

Textual reference: “No one’s been here for hundreds of years… ‘ ‘Not hundreds, thousands… ‘ ‘A hundred, thousand years. A million, billion, trillion… ‘ ‘Only about thirty,’ Carrie said. She spoke as if this was no time at all. ‘I was here, with Uncle Nick, Thirty years ago. During the war - when England was at war with Germany’.

iii - how long does the story take (a couple of days, months or years even)? How can you tell? This story is called a frame story, this means that it is a story within a story. The story is being told by Carrie herself. The story takes around a couple days. Telling the story and the kids going to Druid’s Bottom while their mother is sleeping at the pub.

  • characterisation


Caroline Wendy Willow (Carrie): 

Carrie had long dark hair and green eyes. She was young when she (Carrie as an adult) lived in the mining town. In fact she was eleven years old. She wasn’t very tall either. Young Carrie experiences love with Albert which makes her feel delighted. She also feels guilty for what happened with Druid’s Bottom when she threw out the cursed skull. Carrie tells the story so it is told from her perspective. The story also revolves around Carrie because she is the main character. You see the whole story throw Carrie’s eyes, that is why she is so important. Carrie makes big decisions in the book, like throwing out the cursed skull. Carrie is a round character because she develops throughout the story. I think she learns from her choices and has a complex character. Her character is hard to describe, that is another reason why she is a round character.

Nicholas Peter Willow (Nick):

Nick was 9 years old when he lived in the mining town in Wales. Nick has brown hair. It is not specifically mentioned how tall Nick is, but i am guessing he isn’t tall because he is very young. Nick is reckless and adventurous but scared sometimes, his sister is very protective over him but also jealous because he gets away with everything. In some moments in the book it is obvious that Nick really looks up to his sister and wants to become more like her. Nick is important to the events in the story. Because Nick and Carrie experience a lot with each other in the story without Nick the story would be a bit boring, because then it would just be Carrie. Nick is glad and relieved when they finally leave the mining town. Nick is a flat character. I know this because he doesn't change much throughout the story. Nick keeps being Nick and doesn’t develop his character. 

Albert Sandwich. 

In the story it isn’t specifically said what Albert Sandwich looks like. However I do have an idea what he looks like. In my mind he looks like a young boy who looks very smart and is kind of a nerd. I think this because he has a lot of theories and really likes to read. Albert Sandwich is a smart boy who likes to spend time in the library in Druid’s Bottom. I also think Albert Sandwich is quick to judge people, he also doesn’t believe in the skull with a curse placed on it. He thinks it is just from the Iron Age. Albert Sandwich is very important to the novel because he is very good friends with Carrie and Nick, especially with Carrie. Albert gives Carrie a kiss for her birthday which makes the story more interesting. I think Albert Sandwich is a flat character because he doesn’t change much throughout the story. 

  • Themes


First theme: war

As the first theme I chose war because it is about the war. Carrie and Nick need to evacuate for their own safety because of the war. If they didn’t evacuate the story would have gone differently. In the mining town in Wales they are safe from the war between England and Germany. 

Textual reference: “No one’s been here for hundreds of years… ‘ ‘Not hundreds, thousands… ‘ ‘A hundred, thousand years. A million, billion, trillion… ‘ ‘Only about thirty,’ Carrie said. She spoke as if this was no time at all. ‘I was here, with Uncle Nick, Thirty years ago. During the war - when England was at war with Germany’. 

Second theme: family

As second theme I chose family because Carrie and Nick need to leave their own family and friends to be safe. When they were in the mining town in Wales they needed to adapt and make new friends and family. You could say Carrie was fighting her own ‘emotional war’, because she didn’t know anyone at first but wanted to make new friends and family and wanted to understand what was happening. 

Textual reference: Nick said, “I want Mummy.” Carrie got out of her bed and felt her way into his. He clutched at her and wound himself round her like an octopus, or like ivy, his cold feet in her stomach. “I want to go home,” he said. “I don’t like it here. I don’t want to be safe in the country. I want Mummy and Milly and Dad.” “You’ve got me,” Carrie held him tight to comfort them both. She said, “It won’t seem so bad in the morning.”

Part 4. Review

Carrie’s war was an adventurous book but also a mysterious book. My favorite character from the book was Carrie’s little brother Nick. I could relate to him because he was funny and didn’t know when to stop eating! I think the nicest thing about this book is that you read it through Carrie’s eyes. You see the world from a child’s perspective and not from an adult's perspective. I also like that Carrie gets things wrong and let her feelings change her judgement, this makes it a very real book. I haven’t read much war books from this time period but after reading this book I would like to read more books from this time period. I didn’t really like the pictures which were shown at the beginning of each chapter, it stops me from reading and doesn’t let me use my own imagination. If I was the author I would remove the pictures from the book, but I understand he put them in there. I can understand that some people don’t have a lot of imagination. 




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