Demon Dentist door David Walliams

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Boekcover Demon Dentist
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  • 10 februari 2020
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Boekcover Demon Dentist
Demon Dentist door David Walliams
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Type of Story

The book Demon Dentist, written by David Williams, is a Fantasy book for children. I think it’s a Fantasy book because there isn’t such a thing as a demon dentist. She is a witch, and witches aren’t real. That’s why it’s fantasy.

I don't think this could happen in real life. Because if it was true, there would be a lot of children without teeth!

The setting

The book is about a boy named Alfie, a girl named Gabz, and Alfie’s father, and many more. It takes place in a village in England. Most of the time Alfie is at home with his dad. The story also takes place at school, But that is only in the beginning. And at the end of the book, they are in a mine. And of course, they’re also at the Dentist’s office. 

I don’t know when the story takes place. But what I do know, is that it wasn’t too long ago. Because the mines in that village are already closed.

The characters

  • Alfie: Alfie is the main character. He is twelve years old. 

         He and his father are very poor and often don’t have anything to eat. He hates               going to the dentist, and he has skipped many appointments. That’s why his                   teeth are very rotten.

  • Dad: He is the dad of Alfie. He used to work in the mines, that made him sick. He can’t work because of his health. And Alfie is too young to work. 
  • Gabz: Gabz is the ‘girlfriend’ of Alfie, although they both say they aren’t a couple. She is very shy, but when she’s hanging out with Alfie she isn’t shy at all.

        Actually, she is very sarcastic.

  • Miss Root: Miss Root is the new dentist in town. Alfie thought she was pretty mysterious, and he might be right about that. She even has a mysterious cat! 
  • Raj: Raj owns a newspaper shop, but also sells a lot of candy and food.

         Alfie always stops by after school. Raj always gives some candy or food, so that             they still have something to eat. He is a very sweet man, but he gets frightened               very easily.

I do think I have something in common with Gabz. I’m very shy around new people. But once I know someone well, I’m very crazy and wild. I personally wouldn’t want to be any of these characters. But if I had to choose, I would choose Raj. Because he can eat candy whenever he wants to. 


Dit wil je ook lezen:

This book is about a boy, named Alfie. He lives in a village in England. He absolutely hates going to the dentist. He always skipped his dentist appointments, without his dad knowing. As a consequence, his teeth were very rotten and bad. Then, everything changed. His former dentist suddenly died, and a new dentist took over his place. Miss Root. 

She visited his school, and gave every child some candy. He immediately knew something was wrong with her. Which dentist would hand out candy? Two days later, he was forced to go to a dentist appointment by his social worker. He wasn’t excited at all. Once he arrived at the dental practice, he saw all the cruel things she had in her practice. The dental tools looked like torture tools, the toothpaste she had in the practice burned like acid, and many more. Alfie predicted that this appointment wouldn’t end well. 

If you want to know what happens next, you’ll have to read the book!


I personally loved this book. I already had this book at a young age, but it was too difficult for me to read. We’ve bought it in London, when we were visiting. Now, I’ve read the book. 

I really enjoyed it. Once I started reading, I couldn’t stop. I also thought it was original and funny to put ‘made-up words’  in it, and give a special alert when there is a made-up word. The ending was very sad , and I had to cry a bit. I don’t have anything negative to say about the book. I really loved it!


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