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Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

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"Hij was echt die meester die iedereen voor de klas wil hebben"

Pabo-student Melle wil graag leraar worden. Wij spreken hem over zijn rolmodel en hoe het is om stage te lopen. Wil je meer weten over hoe het is om voor de klas te staan en hoe je zelf leraar kunt worden? Check onze pagina over ‘leraar worden’! 

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Franklin Delano Roosevelt • Born on January 30, 1882 by a 51 year old father and a 28 year old mother. The family Roosevelt was always a rich family, and they would give the little Franklin everything he would want. • He decided to marry with his cousin, Eleanor, despite to his mother. They had 6 children, but only 5 would survive infancy. • He finished law school in Harvard and the Columbia University Law School. • He took his first steps in the democratic politics in 1910, when he was elected for the New York Senate. • But in 1921, he was hit by poliomyelitis. This mend that his two legs were paralyzed, and he retreated from politics. • He re-entered in 1924, and with success, because in 1928 he became the governor of the state New York. • When he was re-elected as a governor, he decided to make plans for president of the United States. In these days we are in a bad economic situation. • In 1932 he became, as a democrat, the 32nd president of the United States of America. • Due to the bad economic situation he made his first plan. But not all people were happy with it. Banks re-opened and the situations become much better. • In 1936 he was re-elected, but this time with a majority of the votes. • In this term he had some problems with other politicians, even with some of his own party. • He realised that it was Hitler who was beginning to get more power in the east of Europe. But there was little he was doing. However, he had already built plans for the UN. • In 1940 he broke with tradition and become a president for the 3rd time in a row. • In 1941 America was brutally pulled in to the war, because the Japanese had attacked Pearl Harbor, in Hawaii. This led to serious losses. • He died on April 12th, 1945. just a couple hours later after he signed the papers where the meeting to ratify agreements on the UN was to be held. He was 53 Years old. • Right after his death, the democrat Harry S Truman, was elected as the president of the United States of America. ASSUMING THE PRESIDENCY AT THE DEPTH OF THE GREAT DEPRESSION, FRANKLIN D. ROOSEVELT HELPED THE AMERICAN PEOPLE REGAIN FAITH IN THEMSELVES. HE BROUGHT HOPE AS HE PROMISED PROMT, VIGOROUS ACTION, AND ASSERTED IN HIS INAUGURAL ADDRESS, “THE ONLY THING WE HAVE TO FEAR IS FEAR ITSELF.” Opgezocht via de sites: http://www.biography.com




ik denk dat je niece bedoelt ipv cousin, want cousin=neef en niece=nicht

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