Rise of the machines

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  • 7 april 2010
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Betoog over 'Rise of the machines'

Robots, making the difference between peace and war.
The first robots were made in 1945 by George Devol en Joseph Engelberger. They were not able to program the robots to think and do things on their own. Now, 65 years later they are able to do things, like baking an egg. It is a great revolution in the history of making robots. But should we continue to experiment with robot technology? Or will that destroy the world?

Some people can not see the privileges of robots. But there are a lot of benefits of what they could achieve. They could save lives. For an example they could help when there has been an earthquake. They could help search for victims and help the survivors.

Robots are also more suitable to solve problem and they are faster than humans to decide, within an emergency, what is the best option for the most survivors.
Another advantage is that robots can explore places where humans can not come. They can look there and help science about, for instance, sea creatures.

A disadvantage of robots is that all the dangerous and risky jobs will we done by robots. That means that there will be fewer jobs. People will also get lazy and dull. People will develop more slowly and eventually stop developing.
It is also risky to make robots that can do things by themselves. They can eventually turn against us, if we do not program them well. And how will we fight viruses? Will we get scenes out ‘The Transformers’ movie in real life?

So, what counts the most? Save lives, solve the care problem, or explore for the advantage of science. Or is it a bigger problem if people will get lazy and the venture that robots in the future might turn against us?
Where is the limit when nobody has ever crossed a line? I don’t know. Does anyone? Let’s just hope that these experiments will not get as far as it went with the atom bomb in Hiroshima.


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