Pim Fortuyn, and why I don't like him.

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Pim Fortuyn, and why I just don’t like him.

Yes, indeed, there have been elections again this year. One party leader caused a lot of sensation amongst the people. Everbody knows who I’m talking about; Pim Fortuyn ofcourse. He used to be party leader of ‘Leefbaar Nederland’ But they fired him because of his weird interpretations of their statements. For example, they said; Not more then 10.000 refugees a year, he said; no refugees at all! He said he only wanted to accept people from Germany, Denmark, England and France, and only if there’s a dangerous situation there. This is just one example, a lot of his statements are based on racism. And if there’s one thing I can’t stand, and really, deeply hate, it’s racism. So you can say I don’t like this guy very much. In a paper I saw a picture that exactly expressed the way I think about him: Pim Fortuyn represented as Hitler. I can’t deny he has got some good points, but just spreading some words about things you would like to change, without any good solutions isn’t really working for me. A lot of people say that he dares to say things that other people are only thinking of, and I admire him for that, but is a reasonable reason to vote for him?! His election programme isn’t even clear, and yet everybody votes for this guy, what are we thinking? The most absurd idea I heard out of his mouth was that he wants abolition of art.1 from our constitution. If you do that our country is going to be one big chaos, because you don’t have to be tolerant towards your fellowmans. We’re living in the 21st century know, how can we vote for a person who got’s such a narrow-mind about minorities. Pim himself is a homosexual, which is a minority group that often gets discriminated, so where did he get those ideas?


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