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 Statue Van der Werff

Why did I choose Van der Werff?

I have chosen for the statue of Pieter Adriaansz. Van der Werff because I thought it would be interesting to do research about and to tell about.


Pieter Adriaansz. Van Der Werff

Pieter Adriaansz is born in 1529 on the 14th of June. He was the son of Adriaan Lourijszoon and Clara Claasdochter. The job of father Adriaan was “zeemtouwer” (maker of thin and soft leather). Next to his job he also gave preaches about the ideas of the Anabaptists. The Anabaptists don’t only want to change the churches but also make a millennial kingdom full of luck and without poverty. In 1534 the father of Pieter was beheaded in Haarlem. Pieter was then 5 years old. Even as his father and his brothers he became zeemtouwer. In 1550 reached the first Calvinist preachers in the Netherlands and received a lot of support from the upper middle class. Pieter also joined this movement. The king of Spain, who also controlled the Netherlands doesn’t want all that agitation and send in 1566 the duke from Alva with a big army to the Netherlands to recover the Roman church. This began with the arrest of leaders of Calvinism at one time and in all places at once. Pieter was also going to be arrested but, the sheriff of Leiden warned him on time, and he went to Emden in Germany. In 1568 the prince Willem Van Oranje asked Pieter Van Der Werff and Adriaan Van Swieten to come back to the Netherlands to create an army to fight against the Spaniards. They have tried to fight against them, but they lost the fight. In 1570 they were collecting money to make a bigger army. They were collecting in Dordrecht, Rotterdam, Schiedam, Delfshaven and other surrounding villages. Also, this time they lost the fight. Pieter decided to pick up his old job as zeemtouwer. In 1573 on the 31st of October the Spaniards were surrounded. They could not transport food to the city. One year later there were riots against the city government where there were asked for bread or surrender. Pieter was in that government and he said: Food, I do not have that, but I know I have to die once. If you are helped by my dead, put your hands on this body, and cut it out into small pieces and share it out as much as possible. I am then comforted. Pieter died at the age of 75 years.                                                 
The statue
 The statue of Pieter Van Der Werff is placed in the park where in 1807 a big explosion destroyed the inner city. The statue is placed in 1818 by the artist Johan Philip Koeman.                                                                                  

Picture of the statue of Pieter Adriaansz Van der Werff.

It’s a secondary source because it is made after the period that Pieter lived. And it is an unwritten source because there is nothing written.

Drawing of Pieter Adriaansz Van Der Werff.

This is a primary source because it is made in the time that Pieter lived.

It is an unwritten source because there is nothing written.





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