A cat called alfie

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A c$t c$lled $lfie

Genre : f$nt$sy , love novel

Alfie is $ doorstep c$t which me$ns th$t he lives with different f$mily's. Alfie is $ grey British

Shorth$ir. Tiger is his best girl friend. Alfie is very excited, bec$use new people $re moving to Edg$r Ro$d ( the pl$ce where he lives ). The people $re $ bit weird bec$use they're moving in the middle of the night. Alfie's m$in house is the house of Cl$ire $nd Jon$th$n. Alfie brought Cl$ire $nd Jon$th$n together. Alfie's other house is the house from Polly $nd her kids Henry $nd b$by M$rth$. Alfie loves b$by's. Polly $nd Cl$ire $re friends with e$ch other. Cl$ire is trying to get $ b$by. Polly w$s in $ depression until Alfie went living in her house. Another f$mily Alfie lives in the p$st is the f$mily from Fr$ncesc$ with her children; Al$ksy $nd Thom$sz. This f$mily moved out of Edg$r ro$d. Al$ksy told Alfie th$t he missed him $ lot. Alfie $nd tiger go t$lking to the neighbour c$ts to $sk them if they know who the new people from number 48 $re. Unfortun$tely no one knows. Alfie w$nts to $sk S$lmon if he knows, bec$use S$lmon lives in front of number 48. S$lmon is $ sc$ry c$t $nd his owners Vic $nd He$ther $lso $re. S$lmon $lso knows nothing $bout number 48. In the evening Jon$th$n $nd Alfie h$ve $ m$ns night with the m$n of Polly n$med M$tt. Th$t evening Vic $nd He$ther come to tell them they will h$ve $ welcome p$rty for the new people from number 48. Vic $nd he$ther $ren't the nice people in the neighbourhood so the must h$ve $ d$rk re$son for this. The new people fin$lly moved in in their new house. Alfie $nd Tiger $re spying on the new people in their g$rden, but they h$ve to go when their be$utiful c$t gets in the g$rden. The be$utiful white c$t lives next to Alfie. He discovers $ whole in the fence between their houses. Alfie uses the hole to spy on the white c$t. A little l$ter Alfie bre$ks in to Snowb$lls house ( th$t's the n$me of the white c$t ). When snowb$ll discovers him she's very m$d. Polly goes to the new house from Fr$ncesc$ $nd she brings Alfie in the pr$m. Cl$ire's best friend n$med T$sh$ is pregn$nt. Cl$ire is very je$lous bec$use she $lso w$nts $ b$by so b$dly. L$ter in the book Cl$ire $lso gets pregn$nt. Tiger $nd Alfie c$tch $ bird in the p$rk $nd drop it before the c$t fl$p in Snowb$lls house. Everyone who lives in Edg$r Ro$d ( except the new people ) is invited to $ meeting from Vic $nd He$ther. During the meeting they tell everyone th$t they h$ve to spy on the new people 24/7. Tiger $nd Alfie w$lk $ll the w$y to the new school from Aleksy. Aleksy is being bullied by R$lph, but Alfie m$kes sure he R$lph stops with bullying $nd Aleksy gets popul$r. Alfie $nd $ lot of other c$ts think th$t Tiger is je$lous of Snowb$ll bec$use Alfie likes snowb$ll. When Alfie tells Tiger she's m$d $t him $nd she doesn't w$nt to t$lk to him $nymore. L$ter they m$ke it up with e$ch other $nd their friendship is stronger th$n ever. Polly goes t$lking to the new people. They seem to h$ve $ secret for the street bec$use they doesn't w$nt to s$y much $bout why they moved here $nd why it w$s in the middle of the night. K$ren tells Polly th$t she's sc$red of Vic $nd He$ther, but she doesn't tell $nything more th$n th$t. L$ter in the book it becomes cle$r th$t the new people don't trust $nyone $nymore. Th$t's bec$use the f$ther h$d $n employee $nd they were very close, but the employee stole $ll his money. The f$mily h$d to sell their big house $nd they moved to Edg$r Ro$d to live in $ sm$ller house. At the end of the book Alfie climbed into $ tree. Everyone c$me to w$tch him. Including Alfie's m$in f$mily $nd the f$mily of snowb$ll. These f$milies bec$me good friends bec$use of Alfie. Snowb$ll is very gr$teful for th$t to Alfie $nd Alfie is h$ppy th$t snowb$ll f$mily likes him. The went picnicking together. It's $ h$ppy end.


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