Our mutual friend door Charles Dickens

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Boekcover Our mutual friend
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Boekcover Our mutual friend
Our mutual friend door Charles Dickens
Maak jij weleens gebruik van de achteraf betalen-optie bij een webshop?

Voor veel jongeren is het de normaalste zaak van de wereld, maar het kan ook risico’s met zich meebrengen. Zo belandde Maura in de schulden: 'Wat begon met achteraf betalen eindigde met een schuld van zo’n 3.000 euro.'

Lees nu het interview
1 Why was John Harmon going to he rich?
Because his father had died and he was a very rich man.
2 Old John Harmon had made a very strange will. Why was it very strange?
John Harmon should only earn the money when he married Bella Wilford
3 Together, the two young men had made a plan. (a) Who were the two young men? (h) What was the plan they had made?
(a)George Radfoot and John Harmon (b) Harmon would hide for a time to discover what kind of girl Bella Wilford was.

Chapter 1
1 Who spoke to Hexam from another boat on the river? Was this man a friend of Hexam's?

Rogue Ridderhood. First Hexam worked together with this man but now they don't like each other anymore.
2 As the boat moved silently over the water, the thing at the end of the rope always followed. What was the thing at the end of the rope?
It was a dead body.

Chapter 2
1 How had old Harmon made his money?
Old Harmon made his money by selling dust.
2 Why had young John Harmon left England?
He quarrelled with his father and left.
3 Young John Harmon inherited his father's money on one condition. What was that condition?
Marry Bella Wilford.
4 Where did Charley Hexam take Mortimer Lightwood and his friend, Eugene Wrayburn?
To the police office.
5 How did Hexam make his living?
Taking dead bodie from the river.

6 `It's a terrible sight,' said the young man.
(a) What was the terrible sight?
The body of the drowned man
(b) What did the young man say his name was?
Julius Handford
7 `1 hate the river. It brings nothing but unhappiness.' Who said these words?
Lizzie Hexam
8 Why did Lizzie send Charley away?
So he could go away from the river and earn a living by going to a better school

Chapter 3
1 Why was Bella Wilfer sad and angry?
Because she was going to be rich but the man she had to marry for the money had died.
2 But Bella would not have laughed if she had known one thing. What was the one thing?

Julius Handford was the same man as Mr Handford.
3 Why did Mr Boffin offer a reward to the man who found john Harmon's murderer? How much was the reward?
The reward was 10.000 pounds and was given to the founder of the murderer because he felt sorry for the boy who was sent to a foreign school and than was wickedly murdered.
4 Mr. Rokesmith wanted a job.
(a) Who did he want to work for?
Mr Boffin
(b) What kind of job did he want to do?
He wanted to be the boffins their secretary.
5 `Well, that's a good idea,' said Mr Boffin.
(a) What was the good idea?
That Bella was going to live with the Boffins
(b) Who had suggested it?
Mrs Boffin
6 Why did Mr Boffin call Mr Rokesmith, `Our Mutual Friend'?
Because he lived with the Wilfreds and worked by the Boffins.
7 Why did people ca11 Mr Boffin, The Golden Dustman'?
Because he's very kind.

Chapter 4
What did Riderhood want to talk to Mr Lightwood about?
About the reward of 10.000 pounds reward for the man who found the murderer of young John Harmon because he said it was Jesse Hexam.
Who did Riderhood say had murdered john Harmon?
Jesse Hexam.
`You have no proof,' Lightwood told Riderhood. But what did Riderhood say was his proof?
He said Jesse Hexam told it to him.
Eugene Wrayburn looked through the window of Hexam's house. Who did he see inside?
Lizzie Hexam
`Look, it's him. He's cheated me'' How had Riderhood been cheated?
Jesse Hexam had killed himself

Chapter 5
1 The new secretary worked well; but there was one thing he would not do. What was that one thing?

Meeting Mortimer Lightwood.
2 'So rude, so careless, but so very beautiful,' he said to himself.
(a) Who said these words?
John Rokesmith
(b) Who was he thinking of?
Bella Wilferd
3 What happened to Bella Wilfer after she went to live with the Boffins?
She She wore fashionable clothes, went the the best society and became more interested in money and the things you could buy with it.

Chapter 6
1 Bradley Headstone seemed to be a calm man. Was this really true?
He had strong burning inside him
2 What was Miss Jenny Wren's work?
Doll's dress maker
3 Charley Hexam said to his sister: 'I'm ashamed that Mr Headstone saw you there.' Why was he ashamed?
That he saw her house

4 Who did Charley Hexam and Bradley Headstone see walking past them?
Eugene Wrayburn
5 What did Jenny Wren think of Lizzie's brother and of Bradley Headstone?
She didn't like them
6 What was Eugene Wrayburn offering Lizzie and Jenny? Did Lizzie accept?
He should pay for their teachings Lizzie excepted the offer.

Chapter 7
1 Why had Charley Hexam and Bradley Headstone come to see Eugene Wrayburn?
To ask why he visited Lizzie so often and if he would stop that because it would harm her.
2 'I think you have an interest in her too.'
(a) Who says these words?
Eugene Wrayburn
(b) Who is he speaking to?
Bradley Headstone

(c) Who is 'her'?
Lizzie Hexam
3 Mortimer Lightwood asked: 'Then what is going to happen? What are you doing?' What was Eugene Wrayburn's answer to these questions?
He didn't know although he wanted to can answer them

Chapter 8
1 Why did Society accept the Boffins?
Because they were rich
2 Bella felt unhappy and ashamed. What had Rokesmith said to make her feel like this?
She didn't visit her family so often anymore
3 Mr Boffin had given Bella a banknote for fifty pounds. What did Bella do with this money?
Buy a new suit, boots and hat for her dad and have dinner with him.
4 'Put love and happiness first,' Mr Wilfer advised Bella. What was Bella's reply?
She likes money too much and money had to be first.

5 Mrs Boffin asked Rokesmith: Are you sure that you have never been made unhappy by love?'
(a) What did Rokesmith reply to this question?
He agreed he was under 30 years old
(b) Why was Bella disappointed?
He didn't answer her question

Chapter 9
1 Bradley Headstone's whole life had been changed. What had caused this change?
He fell in love with Lizzie Hexam
2 How had Bradley Headstone hoped to help Lizzie?
To teach her
3 `My poor Lizzie,' Jenny said quietly. What had Jenny understood about Lizzie's feelings for Eugene Wrayburn?
She had fallen in love with Eugene Wrayburn
4 Why did Charley Hexam plan to meet Lizzie before she reached home? Who came with him?
Because they could talk to her without Jenny

5 `Is it yes or no?' said Bradley Headstone.
(a) Who was he speaking to?
Lizzie Hexam
(b) What does the question mean?
If she want to marry him or not
6 `Then I hope that I never kill him,' said Bradley Headstone. Who does Bradley Headstone hope he will never kill?
Eugene Wrayburn
7 Why was Charley Hexam angry with his sister?
She refused to marry Bradley Headstone
8 Lizzie warned Eugene Wrayburn to take care.What did she mean?
He had to take car of somebody he met and made angry
9 Eugene Wrayburn searched for Lizzie Hexam all over London. Why?

She was gone

Chapter 10
1 `I know that knife!' said Riderhood in surprise. Whose knife was it?
George Radfoot
2 What did the stranger want Riderhood to swear?
Jesse Hexam didn't murder John Harmon
3 Who was: (a) Julius Handford
John Harmon and John Rokesmith
(b) John Rokesmith
John Harmon and Julius Handford
(c) John Harmon?
Julius Handford and John Rokesmith
4 Where had Radfoot taken Harmon when they left the ship?
To Rogue Riderhood
5 What had Radfoot tried to do to Harmon?
To kill him
6 What had happened to Radfoot?
He drowned himself
7 John Harmon is dead. Should he come back to life? What answer did John Harmon decide to give to this question?

No he wouldn't come back to life
8 Bella told Mr Rokesmith: `This must be the end of this subject, now and for ever.' What subject was she speaking about?
About his lJohn Rokesmith's love for Bella
9 The very next day the secretary went back to Riderhood's house.
To let Rogue Riderhood sign Jesse Hexam didn't kill John Harmon
10 John Rokesmith sent Lizzie a paper in the post. Why didn't he send a letter with this paper?
Because he would be accused for his own murder

Chapter 11
1 Bella had three secrets to tell her father. What were these secrets?
John Rokesmith asked her to marry, Mrs Boffin liked to see her married, Mr Boffin became harder.
2 Bella said that she knew the power of money. How did she know this?

Money had power over her.
3 Mr Boffin was not happy with the way the secretary was doing his work.
(a) What did Mr Boffin complain to Rokesmith about?
He went too much out
(b) Why was Mr Boffin going to put up a bell?
So Mr Boffin could ring Mr Rokesmith went he wanted
4 What was happening to Mr Boffin that made Bella feel very unhappy?
He became very hard

Chapter 12
1 Why were Bella and John Rokesmith walking by the river?
Mrs Boffin asked them to go to Lizzie
2 Bella told John Rokesmith: `Good fortune is spoiling Mr Boffin.' What did John Rokesmith say in reply?
Miss Wilfer, I see with the greatest happiness good fortune is not spoiling you.
3 Lizzie told Bella: 'I have a different reason for living here alone.'

(a) What did Bella think was the reason?
What people thought about her father
(b) What did Lizzie say was the real reason?
The man who fell in love with her didn't harm her or anybody
4 Lizzie said to Bella: `Although I love him, I hope for his sake that he will never find me.' Who was she talking about?
Eugene Wrayburn

Chapter 13
1 Eugene Wrayburn wandered about London.
(a) Who was he looking for?
Lizzie Hexam
(b) Who was following him?
Bradley Headstone
2 That night Bradley Headstone could not sleep. Why?
He was going to be mad
3 Why had Rogue Riderhood come to Lawyer Lightwood's house?
To become Chief Lock-keeper
4 `What's that for? What do you want me to do for it" Riderhood asked Headstone.
(a) What was Riderhood speaking about?

5 shillings
(b) What was Headstone's reply?
I don’t know yet
5 Riderhood was beginning to understand now. What was Riderhood beginning to understand about Headstone?
Headstone was jealous at Eugene Wrayburn
6 Headstone asked Riderhood: 'Do you know where Lizzie Hexam lives now?' What was Riderhood's reply?
No but he would find out for some more money

Chapter 14
1 How had Mr Boffin learnt about the secretary's offer of marriage to Bella?
Bella told it to a maid
2 The secretary told Mr Boffin: `Believe me, sir, I had no such plan.' What plan did Mr Boffin say the secretary had made?
He would become secretary and when he knew Bella was going to be rich if she married a man instead he should marry her.

3 What did Mr Boffin say Bella would marry?
4 Bella left Mr Boffin's house.
(a) Where did she go?
He father's office
(h) Who followed her there?
John Rokesmith
5 What happened at Greenwich?
They married

Chapter 15
1. Who was in the small, light boat that went through the lock?
Eugene Wrayburn
2. What was Headstone doing?
He's following Eugene Wrayburn
3. After Headstone left, Riderhood had only one thought in his mind. What was that thought?
Why Headstone wore clothes exactly like he did.
4. Riderhood found a bright red neckerchief and tied it round his neck. Why?
If Headstone would wear one to he knew Headstone was trying o imitate him

5. Riderhood slowly opened Headstone's coat while he was sleeping.
(a) What was he looking for?
(b) What did he find?
A redneckerchief

Chapter 16
1. What one thing did Eugene notice about the man who was attacking him?
A redneckerchief
2. Why did Lizzie thank God for the skills her father had taught her? Did the doctors think that Eugene would live?
Because she could save the man out of the water, The doctors think he is dying
3. The Schoolmaster cut his hand with a knife. Where did some drops of blood fall?
On the clothes of Riderhood
4. What did the Schoolmaster throw into the river?

The clothes like Riderhoods ones.
5. Why did Riderhood go fishing in the river? Was he successful?
He was succesfull and was going to fish for them because he thought he could find Headstone again

Chapter 17
1. Eugene Wrayburn knew who had attacked him. But he did not want Mortimer Lightwood to tell the police. Why not?
Because Lizzie should suffer
2. `Oh, God bless you,' Wrayburn said to jenny. Why?
because she geussed he wanted to say

Chapter 18
1 Headstone was not accused of the attack on Eugene. Why not?
2 Headstone had lost his last friend.
(a) Who was this friend?
Charley Hexam
(h) Why had he lost him?
Because Headstone killed Wrayburn and with this he also drag down Charley
3 Why did Riderhood come to visit Headstone at his school?
To talk with the boatman who had thrown his clothes into the water. He want to talk with this man at the lock.

4 Riderhood wanted more than money from Headstone. Why?
Because he nearly killed Wrayburn and did like he was Riderhood
5 The two drowned men were brought up out of the river. What was the dead Schoolmaster still doing to Riderhood?
He was holding him in a iron grip

Chapter 19
1. Mortimer Lightwood had been searching for Julius Handford for months.
(a) Why?
Julius Handford was suspected fo a terrible crime
(b) Why did Mortimer want to talk to John Rokesmith?
2. Why had the police inspector come to John Rokesmith's house?
To arrest him of having something to do with the Harmon murder
3. Mr Boffin explained: `The three of us made a plan.'
(a) Who were the `three'?

Mr Boffin, Mrs Boffin and John Harmon
(b) What was the plan?
Noddy became the cruelest man and hardest master ever.
4. John Harmon told Bella: But I still did not want to tell you the truth.' Why not?
They were happy together
5. What did Society say about Eugene Wrayburn and his wife?
That Eugene wrayburn is a true gentleman and had feelings of respect and love and Charly Wrayburn is a true lady.
6. Mrs Boffin said: 'Old John Harmon's money has turned bright again at last.' Why did he say these words?
Because the family became happy and Bella and John got a child.


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