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Overweeg jij om Politicologie te gaan studeren? Meld je nu aan vóór 1 mei!

Misschien is de studie Politicologie wel wat voor jou! Tijdens deze bachelor ga je aan de slag met grote en kleine vraagstukken en bestudeer je politieke machtsverhoudingen. Wil jij erachter komen of deze studie bij je past? Stel al je vragen aan student Wouter. 

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New Interface 3 Green label Unit 1

22. Finding out
1. Probably a football (soccer) atch.
2. No, he didn’t
3. You dive, feet first, out of a plane with a parachute.
4. Skydiving for two people and only one parachute.
5. Proof that you were at a certain place at a certain moment.

23. Looking back
1. He was doing a (hang-gliding) course (with his Dad).
2. Probably not
3. Yes, he’s going to (join the club and) do it regularly.
4. Feet first.

5. (To be able) to do a tandem jump (one weekend).

24. Fill in the right words
1. bear 4. generous 7. cover
2. hatch 5. literally 8. daring
3. bother 6. feet 9. attach – experienced

25. Complete the sentences
1. was having 5. were going 9. were … doing
2. was covering 6. spoke 10. did … do
3. used 7. were just flying
4. went 8. took

26. Complete the sentences
1. are not allowed to 4. are able to 7. weren’t allowed to – had to
2. wasn’t able to 5. to be allowed to 8. will be able to
3. will have to 6. is allowed to – doesn’t have to

27. Fill in the right forms
1. the gentle slopes 5. can generously give 9. you physical condition
2. doesn’t usually earn 6. a definite decision 10. understand you well

3. nice old lady 7. was nervously biting
4. He literally 8. had successfully completed

28. Finish the words
1. highlights 5. join 9. dive
2. afford 6. regularly 10. feet
3. nope 7. sensation
4. difficult 8. float

29. Writing
1. He’s paragliding.
2. That one is motorised / had an engine.
3. He’s going to parachute / jump out (of the plane) with a parachute.
4. Ian is the boy on the left.
5. His instructor and a friend.

… I can see five or six people doing all kinds of activities in the sky. Some are paragliding. Others are hang-gliding, with or without an engine. Most people are skydiving. I also see some people who have probably just had the time of their lives, paragliding, ore something…

30. Wat zeg je … ?
1. Skydiving? Are you kidding?

2. And you’re allowed to do that, are you? (At your age?)
3. Wasn’t it a terrifying sensation?
4. I’d never be allowed to do that.
5. (Oh yeah?) And who might that be?

31. Hoe zeg je … ?
1. I don’t think I’ll bother.
2. Was he feeling especially generous after he had a bit of a win?
3. He doesn’t normally have that kind of money.
4. I fancy trying something a bit more daring.
5. And your old man’s going to pay for that too??

32. Choose the right forms
1. will ever be able to 4. have 7. allowed - able
2. won’t be able 5. weren’t allowed 8. has
3. won’t be allowed 6. didn’t have

33. Choose the right forms
1. who 5. goes 9. wonderful
2. Ø 6. is flying 10. normally
3. can 7. have never considered

4. wouldn’t 8. suddenly

34. Fill in the words
1. recently 4. supply 7. well-written
2. feature 5. currently 8. lifestyle
3. face 6. near

35. Fill in the right words
1. local 6. age limit 11. credentials
2. considered 7. definitely disapprove 12. gentle slopes
3. preferably 8. information 13. join
4. boring 9. relatively primitive 14. regularly
5. several advertisements 10. sophisticated 15. cover

36. Wat zeg je … ?
1. Are you allowed to do that, actually? At your age?
2. I was just wondering if you were interested.
3. Perhaps you could e-mail.
4. You might have to be eighteen.
5. Who’s doing this, you or me?
6. Skydiving? Are you kidding?

37. Hoe zeg je … ?
1. Hang-gliding is not just a sport, it’s a lifestyle!
2. We have something for every hang-glider pilot.
3. And you old man’s going to pay for that too?
4. There’s no way Mum’s going to let you do a thing like that.
5. You might have to be eighteen.
6. We may be able to supply you with a glider.
7. When he had a bit of a win, he bought a new walkman.
8. He doesn’t normally have that kind of money.
9. Was he feeling especially generous?
10. If you questions aren’t there, text me again!

38. Finding out
1. Canada 2. Drie vrienden 3. Geweldig

39. Looking back
1. Nick Barraclough – bungee jump!
2. Dat het gekkenwerk was – ‘of course I’d heard of it before, but I had always thought it was strictly for madmen only.’
3. Hij moest alle moet verzamelen / Hij was vreselijk bang.

4. Als schokkend (‘shocking’)
5. Zeer opgewonden (full of ‘adrenaline’)

40. Writing
… I did the most exciting thing in my life: bungee jumping! Can you imagine … after a few hours of training and preparing for the jump, there I was … high up in the air on a kind of platform. The instructor was counting down and then … wham! Awesome! Of course I hadn’t told my parents I was going to do it. They wouldn’t have let me. I spent the weekend at a friend’s house and he had agreed to cover for me …

41. The R.A.F. WWII Sheepskin Flying Jacket
1. ‘For the road & runway’
2. Postage and packing.
3. It has over 450 photographs / illustrating the full range of products.
4. ‘Overseas enquiries’

42. Kitesurfing Book
1. true 3. true 5. true
2. false 4. false

43. Wet ‘n’ Dry
1. B 3. ‘used’
2. C 4. ‘tailor make’




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