Unit 1


1. It’s only a few miles away. Do you want to go by tube, by bus or take a walk?

2. That’s more expensive than the bus. You can’t see a thing. It’s cold and draughty down there and I’m afraid of escalators. I’d rather go by bus. It’s nice, especially a double Decker.

3. Of course we can. We can go to Harrods or Selfridge’s or maybe we can go to Liberty’s. These are all beautiful department stores.

4. very funny! There were only a few shops in Shelley’s time. What about a museum? There are a lot of choices like: the British museum, the science museum. You’re a technician right? Or what about the V&A?

5. What about Kew Gardens? Do you want to look at rare plants? Do you want to go to London to look at rare plants? Isn’t there a pub or restaurant around? You can have the plants and I can have a lovely Ploughman’s lunch. Sounds reasonable right?

6. Maybe an hour but I happen to be a townsperson. And what do you want to do tonight? We can go to a movie, the theatre or maybe the disco.

7. That isn’t a problem. But tomorrow we are going to Greenwich. It isn’t that far away from London. It’s very interesting, they say. There are a lot of things to see. Is it a deal? By the way we are going by boat.


1. Hello. Are you lost right? Or am I mistaken?

2. No, you’re right. We’re cycling around for an hour now. It’s easy to get lost in here.

3. Can I help?

4. I would love that. At first, can you tell me where we are? I have no idea. There are no signs, there’s nothing actually. It’s a beautiful landscape but it must be said that it’s lonely.

5. You’re right. Yes, this is Wales. I know where we are. It’s about a mile from Llanddona.

6. I didn’t see a sign of that. We’ve been cycling all over the place. What did you call that place? I can’t pronounce the name.

7. Yes, names are very difficult here, even for me. I will spell the name for you. Llanddona. L l a n d d o n a. Why don’t you give it a shot?

8. L l a n d d o n a Llanddona

9. You did an excellent job. So tell me, where are you coming from and where do you want to go to?

10. We’re from the Netherlands. We want to go to Holyhead on the Irish sea. Apparently it is beautiful there.

11. To Holyhead, right? I have to take a look at the map. Well, it’s considerable far.

12. That’s alright. We are good cyclers. Can you tell us how to get there? We prefer back roads. It is dangerous at the main roads.

13. First you have to follow this road.

14. I’d better write the number down.

15. Of course. This is the B5109

16. the B5109. And which road then?

17. Well then you have to turn right and take as many B-roads as possible.

18. Can you look at the map again and repeat you’re directions?

19. Yes, It isn’t that easy. You just have to follow this road, turn right and then follow the B-roads to Holyhead

20. So I have to follow this road, turn right and then follow the B-roads to Holyhead.

21. Very good. You will get there.

22. Thank you!

Unit 2


1. Why is that? I haven’t done anything. I came home at all hours but all of my friends did too. That isn’t a problem, is it? I am old and wise enough.

2. What do you mean? These same old story’s again. When I was your age…I didn’t have any money and I had to fend for myself. I’ve heard them a thousand times. Have you never been young yourself?

3. That’s what you keep saying me. You’re getting worked up about nothing. I don’t get drunk, and I don’t use drugs. I don’t have bad friends. I work quite hard at my paper round. You’re a good dad, only a bit old-fashioned. You should talk to mum sometime. She understands me better.

4. Of course. You’re the best father in the world. I was late indeed. I missed the last bus home. I walked home with five others. It wasn’t dangerous at all, we had a lot of fun. I wanted to call you first to pick us up. Would you have liked that?

5. Thanks dad, that’s a nice offer… But I am tired. I am going to sleep late tomorrow. Oh dad? I am a bit short of cash. Shall I wash your car? You can’t get it any cheaper elsewhere.


1. I can get along with them very well.

2. My parents aren’t strict at all.

3. I can do whatever I want as long as I tell them what I am going to do or where I am.

4. I think the same. I think they’re doing a great job.

5. They found my friends nice. They don’t make a problem of my friends coming over for example.

6. This apply both of them. They don’t say soon: I don’t like that person if that person is my friend.

7. If they say that I’m lazy. And if they blame me for a fight with my brother or sister. While they did something wrong also.

8. I get angry or sulky.

9. What do you mean. Can you explain that question to me?

10. what do you think your parents want from you?

11. I don’t really know that. I think they want me to be honest with them.


1. What’s…? What’s…? You give me….

2. I know what you mean. I am tired too. I am really hungry. Is there a café around here? Can you recommend me one?

3. So you told me. They often serve bad food. It’s dirty as well, dirty tables end cutlery. It’s shocking! I am really hungry. I have to eat. Let’s go to a pub?

4. That sounds familiar. Oh yes, I remember: it’s the oldest pub in Kent. It’s a steep climb but it’s worth it. We will just have to grin and bear it. It’s 3 miles at the most.

5. It doesn’t matter. We can rest there and there’s food and drink. We aren’t going to give up, are we? (never)

6. It’s fantastic here. This place is very old and has a wonderful atmosphere! There’s even a fireplace! And those old oak beams, just wonderful.

7. You’re too tall. Your whole family is tall. Do you know that people were smaller seven hundred years ago. So shall I ask for the menu?

8. Do you want steak and mushrooms? It’s quite cheap here. What about chicken curry? Perhaps with some plaice and chips. But I don’t want baked beans!

9. So does that mean that I have to try them? I hate them. Do you know what? What do you think of chicken pie, chips and plenty of gravy. That’s typically British too.

10. I also want a low-calorie beer. Do you want one too?


1. Isn’t expensive? I don’t want to spend too much money. After all, England is not cheap!

2. I’m not too fond of chicken. Are those free-range chickens? At least they’re better then those battery hens. I won’t eat them as a matter of principle.

3. Perhaps a steak. I would like one with pepper sauce. Do they have that here?

4. Way too expensive. I’m not prepared to spend more money than about six pounds. Do you what I’d like? I’d like some bread with cheese. Edam or Gouda cheese. That’s delicious, you know. Do they have that?

5. I’m not sure. I love Dutch cheese. I’m not too fond of French cheese. I didn’t even know that English cheese existed. Wait a minute, do they have scampi? I love scampi. I don’t think that’s very expensive in England, is it?

6. That seems to be a good choice then. I’d like some chips or a big jacket potato on the side. Perhaps I’d also like some beaked beans. Or is that a bad combination?

7. Mushrooms. I love those. They’re delicious. I’d like a double helping. How much are they?

8. MM, perhaps I’d better make it just one helping. Shall we order two diet cokes as well?


1. Did you watch TV last night? It was dead boring! Nothing but twaddle. Nothing but environment. They can’t talk about anything else. Never believe those politicians. They all drive in huge cars themselves.

2. I’m sick to death of all that hot air. Walk through the words on Sunday morning. No one to be seen. And cars are getting cleaner and cleaner all the time. And yet there’s always all these new taxes. We should all take the train or the bus. Just try that in the rush-hour. And always more environment taxes. Ecotax is what they call them. It’s nothing more than a tax hike. Pollution comes from abroad. The Meuse in France and Belgium. The former communist countries of eastern Europe. And we have to be more catholic than the pope.

3. Come of it! Think of the floods in 1953. Two thousand people were drowned. They’d never heard of the environment. There have always been disasters and there always will be. People are so naïve. They’ll believe anything. Of course there’s (environmental) pollution, but it’s not as bad as all that. Anyway people want prosperity, a job and a car as well . But you can’t have everything.

4. You’ve got a point there. Maybe it’s a bit over-simplified. All the same. I hate these double standards. They say one thing and then go and do the opposite. Public transport for us, but great big cars for them. Talk about public transport. It’s forty miles from N to E and it takes the train two hours or more. But I’m getting all wound up again. You’re right about that.

Unit 9


1. What are your plans this morning? How about going to Petticoat Lane? There’s a market. It could be interesting. There are probably many tourists. We could try to pick up a few bargains. I read a lot about the London markets.

2. That’s a shame. I’ve totally forgotten. What about Portobello Road then? There they have antiques, bric-a-brac, second-hand clothes, old coins. I’m well informed am I? It’s open today, isn’t it? Or am I wrong again?

3. I’d rather not. It’s too expensive. Markets are way nicer. There is more atmosphere. So what do you think of Camden Passage Market? I like the pavement cafés and small restaurants. They also have all kinds of bargains. For example clothes like, leather jackets and bags. All of excellent quality, all of famous brands. And watches: old and new ones. When is it open?

4. How far is it by tube? Is it nearby?

5. It’s harder than I expected. There are more than a hundred markets in London, aren’t there? I read about Brixton too. They’ve got a fantastic collection of foodstuffs. Food from Africa and the Caribbean. They’ve got delicious fish, very exotic. And they are open all days of the week. I’m sure of that! We should really give it a try. They have a mixture of cultures.

6. You’re right. I haven’t thought about that. I’ve got another idea. Don’t turn it down immediately (at once). What about Covent Garden? It used to be a vegetables market. Sounds great. There are some nice pavement cafés. It’s just across from the London Transport Museum. There are a lot of small shops. I think it’s an interesting part of London. It’s partially covered. So what do you think?


1. Excuse me? Can you help me? I’m looking for Down Street.

2. You’re looking for Downing Street number 10? That’s not far from here. It’s just down this road and then turn right. You’ll see lots of police.

3. I’m sorry but I didn’t ask for Downing Street. I meant Down Street. The tube station.

4. Did you mean Down Street? Never heard of that and I am a born Londoner. But I don’t know a tube station called Down Street. Are you sure of that? Aren’t you looking for Dowrey street or Downham Road? Can I have a look at your map? Can you point out where it is?

5. Right here. It’s near Dover Street.

6. Aren’t you pulling my leg? I mean Dover Street! It’s there all right. But I never heard of it. As I said, I’m a born Londoner. I know London like the back of my hand. I’ve been a cab driver all my life. So it’s simply impossible that I didn’t know that!

7. It’s here isn’t it? And Down Street Station is there as well. I don’t understand it. I want to go to Harrod’s

8. Let me see. It’s a real mystery to me! And we have to try to solve it. This is a strange map! Very strange indeed.

9. I bought at in a second-hand bookshop at Charing Cross Road. They have lots of old maps. It’s very interesting.

10. I’m beginning to understand it now. It’s a map with ghost stations!

11. What do you mean? Ghost stations? Can you explain that?

12. There are almost 40 ghost stations in London. They are no longer in use, but they still exist. At least most of them. Like City Road, York Road, British Museum, Wood Lane and Down Street, right here.

13. They are no longer in use? Why is that?

14. Because now there are more modern stations, and more travellers. The old stations weren’t profitable enough.

15. That’s very interesting. Is it possible to see them?

16. I don’t know. There aren’t ant regular tours. I’m sure of that. But there is an interesting book by J. Connors. It’s called: ‘Abandoned stations on London’s Underground. It’s a good buy!

17. I will remember that. But how do I get to Harrod’s?

18. That’s very easy, just go to Green Park Station. Get on the tube there. You can have a nice walk. It’s definitely cheaper.

19. I’ll think about that. You were a great help. Thanks very much.


1. Shall we go out tonight? What do you think of the theatre?

2. What about the theatre? Which one do you want to visit? I don’t really feel much like it.

3. Why not? There are over 60 theatres in London. There is a wide choice, isn’t there?

4. So you say! It will be impossible to get tickets for popular productions. You have to book and they are really, really expensive.

5. I’ve heard you can always get tickets on the black market. At least, that’s what I heard.

6. Yes, they are way more expensive. The prices are ridiculous. Besides I really hate those money-grabbing-touts. They’re profiteers.

7. Ok, but what about the cinema then? There are a lot of good films on.

8. I can see films in Holland as well. I didn’t came to England to go to the cinema. What about the disco?

9. I don’t mind really. Which one did you have in mind? Some are open day and night. You can even have breakfast there. Like the Marquee and the Borderline.

10. That’s a bit over the top. Ever heard of Bar Rumba on Shaftesbury Ave?

11. Bar Rumba did you say? That must be Latin-American music. That’s not my cup of tea. We could go to Hippodrome, that’s at the corner of Charing Cross Road.

12. I’ve heard of it. It costs an arm and a leg. There’s a magnificent light show. And it’s a lot cheaper before ten o’clock.

13. That’s no good. The action only starts to hot up toward midnight. What about the Dome at Junction Road? There are a lot of student. It’s an international public. They play Indie pop and roots reggae. So what do you think?

14. Well we should really try it. I assume you have to dress up a bit.

Unit 10


1. What are we going to do today? We aren’t watching television all day. That’s all rubbish. Shall we go out? Have you got any plans?

2. No, not really. What about taking the bus to Leicester Square? Or how about taking a tube to a museum?

3. I can’t stand crowds, they make me nervous. I hate buses as well. Do you remember what happened yesterday?

4. That was your own fault. You took the wrong bus. You had to take the 68 bus to Kew Gardens, not number 86 to the British Museum! That wasn’t very clever of you, was it?

5. Yeah, don’t rub it in. I didn’t have money, so I had to walk back all the way. My feet still hurts. London is a hell of a big city.

6. We can always take a cab. Why don’t we go to an interesting museum like the Tate?

7. The Tate? They’ve got all this modern stuff, right? I don’t understand it. Perhaps I’m too stupid. How about something more exciting?

8. How about the London Dungeon then? You can see displays of tortures and executions there.

9. No, thank you very much. I’m a sensitive person. You know that.

10. Well, let me think. Maybe the National Portrait Gallery. They’ve got portraits of kings, queens and other celebrities.

11. No that’s frightfully boring. I don’t know these people. I don’t want to either. I’m just not interested in them.

12. Can I tell you something? You’re a pain in the neck, that’s what you are.

13. I’m sorry. I apologise. Do you know what? You tell me where we are going to. I’ll come along.

14. ok. So maybe Cutty Shark then?

15. Is that a museum? I’ve never heard of it.

16. It’s very interesting. You can see the World-famous sailing ships, like the Gipsy Moth IV (the fourth)

17. Why didn’t you say that before? I’m crazy about ships.

18. Are you really? Shall we go by tube?

19. No, I’d rather go by taxi! I’ll pay.

Unit 12


1. Can I speak to Alan?

2. I understand/ I’m sorry I must have dailed the wrong number. I wanted Keston 34782.

3. I’m sorry for disturbing you. It was a stupid mistake.

4. Alan is that you? This is Cindy speaking.

5. Yes, please. Is Alan in? Can I speak to him?

6. Hi, Cindy speaking. Have you forgotten our appointment to go to town? You were supposed to pick me up at home. Remember?

7. Well that’s just great! Now what? It’s half past 3. Is it still worthwhile?

8. ok, but not a minute later. And we are not only going shopping. We’ll have to eat something as well.

9. Your treat? Can I have a big milkshake and a big mac?

10. That isn’t necessary. I was just kidding. We’re going Dutch. Get a move on. I expect you here in 20 minutes. Have to go, see you later.


1. Could you tell me where you were at that moment and how far away you were?

2. I was behind the cyclist. We were both going the same way. I also wanted to cross the junction, but I think I was about 15 yards away when the accident happened.

3. Are you sure that certain lights were red for the car? Couldn’t you have make a mistake?

4. I’m absolutely sure that the light were red for the cars. It’s impossible that is was red for us. I’m sure the motorist was at fault.

5. Can you describe the accident again, I just want to make sure everything is clear.

6. Well, as I told you, the cyclist in front of me was about half away cross the junction. The car want very fast through red light and hit the cyclist. The slowed down and then continued racing.

7. Can you tell me the make and colour of the car?

8. It happened all so fast. It was not a very big car. I think the colour was grey, blue or black. I’m not so sure about the make either. It may have been a Clio or an older Astra.

9. Do you remember the number plate?

10. No, I didn’t have the time to look at the number plate. I was more interested in the cyclist lying in the ground. There came blood from her nose and ears.

11. Can you tell me something about the driver? What about the sex, appearance or the age of the driver? Do you remember something about that?

12. It was a woman. She was quite young and there was a woman passenger sitting next to her. I haven’t got more details. The car was gone in seconds.

13. Where there any other witnesses?

14. The cars that were standing at the red lights. Oh, and the man by the cyclist phoning the police and ambulance,

15. Could you identify the driver if she was located? Because it’s a serious matter. The cyclist had a massive skull wound.

16. I’m not sure, but maybe I could identify her from a line-up. Is the cyclist going to die?

17. It doesn’t look good. The motorist is facing serious charges.

18. And now? What’s going to happen next?

19. We’re going to the police station to make a formal statement. So far you’re our best witness.


1. Good afternoon. Can I help you?

2. That would be great. I bought this phone last week. Maybe it’s just my fault but I have a lot of problems with it.

3. I’m sorry to hear that. I’m sure we can solve your problems.

4. I hope so. A lot of things just don’t work, like for instance the alarm. It’s just doesn’t work. I’ve already overslept three times.

5. Can I have a look? You have to select menu, then look for set alarm. Please try.

6. That’s what I’ve done. Yes, here it is. Number 4.5 Set alarm. You see?

7. Yes but you’ve done something wrong. Take a good look.

8. I see, How stupid of me! This is the weekly alarm. That’s right, isn’t it?

9. Yes, that’s right. It could happen to anybody. Mobile phones aren’t easy to handle. Anything else I can do for you?

10. I also have problems with sms text messages. Yesterday I sent a long text message to my friend. When I wanted to sent it, it just disappeared.

11. A long test message, you said? How long?

12. About a hundred words, I guess

13. You can’t do that because a telephone isn’t a computer. There is a maximum of a hundred sixty characters. It’s all in the manual.

14. I’m sorry, I suppose I didn’t read it well.

15. These things happen. There are a lot of people who have trouble with this kind of phones in the beginning.

16. Thank god, I’m not the only one. I have one last question. The volume is very low. I can’t find anything in the menu. Can you turn it up a bit please?

17. I’m sure. Here on the left you’ve got volume keys. They’re quite handy. You can also use them for the menu.

18. This is a lot easier than I thought. I didn’t read the manual well enough. I’ll try everything once more at home. Thank you very much. You’ve been a great help.

Hier moeten nog 237 en 238 tussen!


1. That’s hard to say. I’m not sure if I’m going to pass my final exams. Although, you’re quite optimistic. I would like to be a computer programmer. That’s a real hobby of mine, but it’s a heavy course. There’s a lot of maths involved, and that’s not my best subject. But I’m motivated.

2. Isn’t that boring, staring at a screen all day? That’s not my cup of tea at all!

3. You’re totally wrong. I would like to work with people. I would like to be a nurse. It’s a fine profession full of variety. It’s hard working, but not boring. I enjoy helping others. It’s a lot of responsibility. I can really handle it, I believe.

4. The money is lousy. You hardly have any social states/recognition. You’ve got irregular hours and it’s a really ungrateful job, isn’t it?

5. Indeed, it’s badly paid. But money isn’t everything. The patients appreciate it and that’s much more important.

6. You’ll never guess what I want to do later. I would like to be a teacher.

7. Well, it’s never boring. You get the chance to work with youngsters and they are usually quite cheerful. Older people are often a bit ill-natured, they have more worries. Besides you’re independent, once you’ve closed the door, nobody’s spying on you. Except for your pupils.

8. That isn’t too optimistic? Think of the stress. The pupils aren’t always motivated, and the parents can be very critical as well. It’s a hard job, I think.

9. I’m not. My father is in the police force and my mother is a social worker. That’s what I would like to be. I want to help people just like Carol wants. I like working with people and helping them. And I can speak Turkish too. I know a lot of Turkish people. There are problems, sometimes. Being in another, and have to deal with another language. I’m half Turkish, half Dutch.

10. I couldn’t agree with you more I’m dead keen on my computer programming. But if it was poor paid then I would do something else.


1. What can I do for you?

2. This is ( eigen naam) from the Netherlands speaking. Do you remember me?

3. Well, I can’t say I do. We get so many guests here, especially August is a very busy month.

4. I’ll give a description of me and my friend: (zelf verzinnen) Do you remember us now?

5. Oh, yes you were with a friend, weren’t you? Was that a couple of weeks ago?

6. That’s right that was in the beginning of August. Is this Mrs. B. by the way?

7. I’m afraid she’s not in at the moment. She’ll be back at 2. My name is Mrs. M., P.M.

8. Perhaps you can help me?

9. I can try. What seems to be the problem?

10. I list my mobile phone a couple of weeks ago. It may still be at your place. It was quite expensive. I’ve looked everywhere for it.

11. Well, a mobile phone you said? Actually, we found one. Can you describe it, please?

12. ( beschrijven)

13. That’s the one. You don’t mind me checking, do you? You’re lucky. Of course, we haven’t used it. W have been waiting for the owner. We had no idea it was yours.

14. You’re making me very happy. Could you send it back to the Netherlands, please? I’ll pay for the postage, of course.

15. That’s not necessary, it’s our treat because you were both very nice guests. Are you coming back next year?

16. Certainly, we will because we had a whale of a time. Those breakfasts of yours were absolutely fantastic. Perhaps bad for the figure though.

17. You must be joking. Could you give me you address in the Netherlands? I will send it right away.

18. You’re extremely kind!! (adres geven)

19. Dutch is a difficult language. Could you spell it please.

20. (spellen)

21. I’ll repeat that : (naam, adres)

22. That’s right. I’m very grateful to you. Please give my kind regards to Mrs. B. Thank you very much.


1. Hello Lisa, Jack speaking. Have you received the brocure about Oak Creek Ranch School yet?

2. Yes, this morning actually. It looks fine, just as my sister had told me.

3. When was she there? 3 years ago?

4. No, 4 years, she was very pleased.

5. Can I ask you a couple of things? Is the brochure in front of you?

6. Yes, shoot..

7. What kind of school is it? Is it conservative or progressive? And where exactly is it situated.

8. It’s a traditional school, so you may call it a bit conservative. It is situated in Arizona, near Sedona

9. Do they also offer English courses for foreigners?

10. Yes, as a matter of fact they do. They offer courses during the school year and in the summer.

11. Can you tell something about the accommodation? Do you stay with private families?

12. I suppose not, it’s a boarding school

13. I take it only very bright students are admitted to the school.

14. No, it doesn’t matter if you’re not bright. Every student is welcome.

15. How many students are there in group in total?

16. They don’t allow no more than 10 students in a class. The school had about 85 to 90 students.

17. Are there also optional courses?

18. Yes, they have , but you have obliged courses too.

19. That sounds great! Can everybody admitted?

20. No, very troublesome students will not be admitted.

21. Is it expensive? I assume it is.

22. I don’t know to be honest. I think you can better ask for the brochure and see it yourself.


1. Shall we do something exciting tonight, like that disco on Groovy Lane?

2. No, that’s so boring. It’s always the same in there.

3. Well, we both need to relax right now and the disco is the ideal place.

4. I don’t have any money. I can’t afford to go to the disco right now.

5. We can get a discount with this flyer and I can lend you some money.

6. No, I already owe you too much.

7. But they have really good music there, like pop and R&B. The place had a great atmosphere.

8. That’s not true. The music is usually too loud and not my taste. Besides I really don’t want a sore throat tomorrow.

9. You can meet a lot of your mates there. There are a lot of handsome boys/girls.

10. Always that same old crowd. Besides you know I already have a boy-/girlfriend. No complications for me!

11. We’ll just have a few drinks and some fun. Come on with some dancing it will be great.

12. No, sure. And have a hangover tomorrow. And there’s always the possibility of fights. There are some people I want to avoid.

13. You have to give it a change. We really need to let off some steam.

14. I’m already very tired. By tomorrow I’ll be a complete wreck. I had a busy week you know.

15. Well, do you have some other suggestion?

16. How about stay in and watch television?

17. Talk about what’s boring. I don’t want to sit around and watch TV. I really want to do something active.

18. We’ll do the disco another time. It’ll be fun just stay in and watch a good TV programme


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