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All I want

Margaret Johnson



4.1 / 10
5e klas havo
  • anoniem
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  • 14 februari 2009
All I want

First published:

Margaret Johnson

The title is All I want. They choose title because Alex wants so bad that Brad Courtney is in love with her. That all she wants.

The book is about Alex. She is now thirty years old. She works temporarily at Courtney art gallery because one of the employees is sick. Alex is in love with her boss Brad Courtney but Brad is not in love with Alex.
The story begins with the morning. Today is Alexís birthday sheís thirty now. Alex has to go to her work. She is late as usual. When she arrives at her work the doors are closed. She doesnít understand why. Then her boss shows up, he looks tired. He asks her how long she is waiting here . She lies and say that sheís standing here for a while. Then Brad asks Alex if she wants to drink some coffee with him. Of course Alex agrees with the offer.

Suddenly Arthur(customer of Brad) shows up in the cafť and shouts at Brad that he doesnít want to expose his paintings in Brad gallery because nobody was there that morning. Brad is looking at Alex and is mad and walks away and says to Alex that she has the rest of the day off.
Alex doesnít want to be free from work. Her friend Diane comes to her and brings her flowers for Alexís birthday. Together they are talking about Brad. Diana suggests Alex to go to her parents. The Alexís parents are a bit strange. They choose earth names for themselves. Her mumís name is willow and her dadís name is moon. Alex is talking with her mother about Brad and her boyfriend Barry. Willow thinks Barry is boring and Brad is adventurous.

For her birthday Alex went out for diner with Barry. She is sitting in the restaurant waiting for him. Suddenly she sees Tania, Brads girlfriend. Brad comes in to the restaurant and has a friendly talk with Alex but Tania is laughing at Alex. Then Barry came and had a surprise for Alex with balloons and everything. Alex is ashamed and hates the surprise.
The next day Alex wakes up early and can walk to her work. When she arrives at work she sees that there are a lot of journalists standing in front of the door. Then she is runs in to Brad. Brad is acting mysteriously and takes her to the back door of the gallery. Brad tells Alex that some paintings in the gallery are fake. Itís a scandal and the journalist want to ask some questions. Alex and Brad are escaping from the gallery and are going to the country side.
Brad takes Alex to his grandmotherís house and shows her some paintings that he made. Alex doesnít like the paintings and she doesnít recognize anything in the paintings. One painting is white and there is nothing to see on it. Brad is disappointed and tells Alex to go to another room he wants to paint. Alex wants to impress Brad and she goes to cook a meal for him. She puts it in the oven and reads a book. She felt a sleep. She awakes when she hears Brad is screaming that there is smoke. She forgot all about the oven.

Brad and Alex are watching a quiz. Suddenly Brad tells Alex that he canít pay her anymore for her work. Because he has to pay the people who bought the fake paintings back. She is upset and cries. He comforts her and then she imagines how Brad is kissing her.
Brad and Alex fell a sleep on the couch. When they wake up in the night they go to their bedrooms. When Alex wakes up she hears a female voice. When she went down she sees a little boy. Itís Bradís nephew Christopher. Christopher is staying for a few days. Brad begs Alex to stay a little longer to look after Christopher. Alex agrees with it. Alex tells him a story about earth children. Christopher loves the story.

Christopher is sleeping. And Alex put some lipstick on to look more attractive. She makes 10 wishes which all include Brad. But none of the wishes come true. Brad didnít pay much attention to Alex and went out to an important meeting.
Alex phones a lot when Brad is away. She is trying to write a book, a thing she always wanted to do. While she is writing she is worried about Brad. She gets scared because there is a heavy storm and crawls in bed with Christopher. She almost fell asleep when the phone rang. Itís Tania who is yelling at Alex. Alex isnít listing, she is just worried about Brad, because she thought that he was with Tania.

The noise of the phone woke up Christopher. He reads the story that Alex wrote. He gives Alex instructions how she could do it better. On the end it gets a good story. Suddenly Brad comes in, he has a bruised eye. The forger of the paintings hit him in the face. Brad is ashamed of his bruised eyes so heís trying to ignore Christopher. Christopher is sad and Alex cheers him up and they went out to buy a Christmas tree. Suddenly Barry shows up and he decides to go with Alex and Christopher on their way to buy a Christmas tree. After buying a Christmas tree they went back home. When they come in they hear a female voice. Itís Diana who came to visit Alex. Brad is trying to seduce Diana just the same as he did with Alex. Alex thought that Brad was looking at her at a special way, but he does it with every woman.
Diana is not interested in Brad and ignores him. Diana and Barry are dancing the salsa. They are close to each other. Alex has a strange feeling when she is looking at them. Brad says to her that they could make them jealous. Suddenly Brad kisses Alex. Alex pushes Brad away. Then Christopher comes into the room and yells: ďlook at my paintingĒ. Brad is mad because he sees his white painting. He sends everybody home. The doorbell is ringing. Christopherís parents are there to get Christopher. Barry and Alex went out for a walk.

Itís Christmas. Barry is with Alex and theyíre staying at Alexís parents. They are all happy together. Barry and Alex are going on salsa lessons. Brad gives Alex for Christmas a holiday to Austria. They live happily ever after. And about Brad an Tania, they get married. But if they are happy? No one knows.

Favourite part of the book:
The favourite part of the book is when Alex and Christopher are alone in the country house. There is a heavy storm outside and Christopher is scared and panics a little. Alex tells him a story about earth children. He is getting calm and loves the story. I like this part because Alex always wanted to be a writer. Now she proves that she has a great imagination to make a story. And Christopher likes it!

My opinion:
When I started reading the book. I thought it was boring there was no action in the first two chapters. But when the press found out about the fake paintings there is more action. The story is a love story. And itís about blind love. Alex doesnít see the bad things about Brad. She imagines in a romantic way. But in real life he isnít romantic. I like the story because itís realistic and it is a love story. I like to read love stories. Itís a book if you start reading you donít want to stop you want to know how it ends.
I definitely advise you to read this book!

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mooi verslag! ik had er veel aan voor mijn se
door emma (reageren) op 20 november 2011 om 19:42
Zeer goed verslag! Ik heb 1 vraag, hoeven jullie dit boek pas te lezen in 5 vwo? Ik zit in 2 gymnasium en ik moet dit boek ook lezen.
door Linda (reageren) op 15 mei 2014 om 15:28
ik zit ook op 2 gymnasium en moet het boek lezen...
door Someone... (reageren) op 10 februari 2015 om 19:16


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