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Of mice and men

Van muizen en mensen

John Steinbeck



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7.3 / 10
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  • 7 maart 2005
Describe one of the main characters, tell something about his or her character, and if you would like to be his or her friend, and give reasons for your answer.

Lenny Small is very tall and simple minded. He is incredibly strong but he does not want hurt anyone. Lenny is actually very nice. He doesn’t know his own strength and that is very dangerous. Lenny loves to touch soft things like the fur of a rabbit or a mice. Lenny is incredibly strong so he can kill animals by accident because he is simple minded. Once Lenny thought that he could bounce a puppy so he grabbed the puppy and smashed it on the ground and of course with his strength the puppy died. When the puppy died he did not realise that the puppy was dead or that he was the one that had killed the puppy.

No I would not want to be Lenny’s friend because he is simple minded so he doesn’t know what he is doing. He could shake hands with you but he could crush your hand because he doesn’t know his own strength. Besides because he is mentally retarded it takes a lot of patience to learn him something and I don’t have as much patience as George has, so I could never get along with a person like Lenny.

George Milton is not very tall, a lot smarter than Lenny, and George is the one who tells Lenny what to do. George is a very nice person and he is very patient, but George can sometimes lose his temper. George tells Lenny what is wrong and what is right. George is like a father to Lenny. He looks after him and makes sure Lenny stays out of trouble, which is a very hard job because Lenny is simple minded. In the beginning of the story George and Lenny were together, George made fun of Lenny by telling him to jump in the river. Lenny did jump in the river although he could not swim and then George got Lenny out of the water and Lenny was very thankful to George because Lenny thought that George had saved his Life.

Yes I would like to be George’s friend because he is nice, patient, helpful, loving and caring overall he is a really good guy. When you are reading to story you feel sorry for Lenny that he is simple minded because in reality he is a good person who doesn’t want to hurt anyone but again you are very happy that a guy like George is taking good care of Lenny.

Name two items that are of great importance to the story and explain using as many details as possible.

The first item is Carlson’s Luger a Luger is a gun. When George found out that Curly’s wife was dead he and Slim noticed that her neck was broken and the only possible of doing that was Lenny because he had the strenght to do such a thing. Curly and the men of the bunkhouse wanted to kill Lenny so George went to get Carlson’s gun so he could kill Lenny in a less painfull way instead of Curly killing Lenny painfull. When Lenny and his men wanted to get the guns Carlson noticed that his Luger was missing so they thought Lenny took it to protect himself against Curly and his Men. So they now were even more determined to kill Lenny. What they didn’t know was that George had the Luger.

The second item is a deck of cards because after work during week days there is no form of entertainment so the men in the bunkhouse play cards and tell each other the new things they heard about Curly and his wife. In the weekend there is a form of entertainment they men go to town except for George, Lenny and Crooks the negro man. Everbody is spending their money in town on girls and alcohol and when they come back they are broke then they have to work a month for money and then they spend it again. George and Lenny don’t go out because they want to buy their farm with rabbits and mice so they have their own little place that they call home.

Think of two questions wich you would like to ask to the author of the book make sure the questions deal with the story, so no questions like: Why did you write this book?

Why does George lose his temper so quickly when Lenny doesn’t understand something the first time?

Why does Curly hate big people?

Write a summary in English of the book and also give your own opinion together with an explanation use at least 300 words in total

Lenny and George were on the run, because Lenny touched a ladies dress. He touched the ladies dress because he likes soft things. Lenny and George hope to find work on a ranch. If they save enough money they want to buy a house and make it their own farm and they want to keep rabbits, mice and other animals. They slept near a pool of water for one night.
The next day they came to the bunkhouse of the ranch. They got work there and soon met the other guys who work on the ranch. There was a man called Curly he was very mean and small. He hated big people. He was very insecure. He was the son of the boss and he could do anything he wanted to do on the farm. When he saw Lenny he looked very aggressive. He was very rude and mean against Lenny. Curly also has a wife, she walks around, and comes in the bunkhouse although she isn’t allowed over there. She was flirting with Lenny. One day Curly was very aggressive and had a fight with Lenny. Curly punched Lenny on the nose and in the eye and it was bleeding. In a attempt to stop Curly, Lenny took Curly’s hand and crushed it because he was so incredibly strong. Curly went to the local doctor and said that his hand was trapped in a machine because he didn’t want to look stupid because he was known as the strong man which nobody could beat during fights. When Lenny sat in the barn, Curly’s wife came to him. Lenny said: ’’If I talk to you I can’t have the rabbits anymore’’. He tries not to speak to hear. Curly’s wife gets closer to Lenny. He touched her hair, but he touched it too hard. She started to scream. Lenny tried to stop her from screaming by holding his hand in front of her mouth. He kills her because he pulled too hard and broke her neck.
Lenny went into the woods because Curly and the others wanted to kill him. George goes along with the others into the woods. He found Lenny first and het told him about the farm, their perfect world. Then he shot Lenny because otherwise the others would have killed him much more painfully. This was the best George could have done for Lenny.

I have read this book with great pleasure. There are more than one meanings behind this story it is not only about dumb Lenny and smart George. The story also tells about racism the difference between black and white Crooks the Negro has to sleep apart in his own shed next to the bunkhouse away from the other men because he is black. I really loved this book not only for the simplicity of the language of George and Lenny but also for the different meanings behind the story. On my scale for fun I would give it a 8.5 I also really enjoyed making this report and I am looking forward towards making my next book report for English.

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Hi, Het een goede samenvatting, maar heb je wel één grote fout gemaakt... Je hebt Lenny geschreven met een y, maar in het boek staat Lennie met ie dus! Verder vind ik hem wel erg goed!!
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