Open Avond = ontdekken of jij hier past Leren is keuzes maken. Continu blijven zoeken, twijfelen, vallen en opstaan. Dát leren, dat leer je bij Hogeschool Inholland. Tijdens onze Open Avond op woensdag 30 oktober staan onze studenten en docenten klaar om al je vragen te beantwoorden. Kom langs en ontdek of jij hier past.

Meer info!

Fase 2 of the political revolution of France

The second fase began with the storming of the Bastille, the French people were in revolt against the king. The third estate wanted more rights and they wanted that everyone had the same rights. The poor people agreed with the radicals. In June 1793 80000 armed people of Paris surrounded the parliament building
From this moment on the radicals were in the majority. The radicals said: all people who are against the revolution have to be killed! And that happened, 13216 died by executing them in the guillotine some other 2200 people died without any judging. This period was called ‘’ the period of terror’’
Now the most people in France agreed with the radicals. There came discussions and Robbers Pierre and his people where kicked out of the law so they could kill them the next day by the guillotine. The bourgeoisie had all the power again and all the things Robbers Pierre said were forgotten, and than a period of problems came because of:
1. the foreign enemies remained war
2. the new rulers only thought of themselves
3. the French clergy tried to defeat the new government with violence.
The king was killed so France became a republic. A new time has come and many problems needed to be solved. They needed somebody to solve these problems. A new time has come, the time of Napoleon Bonaparte.

Fase 3 of the political revolution of France
1.In short.
One person made a coup and took over all the power by himself.
2.More info.
So one person took over the power now in this case it was Napoleon Bonaparte. He took al the power of France and began a war against some countries and he won, he had more than half of Europe, here is the story:
The revolt of clergy was taken down by a young officer named Napoleon Bonaparte, born in Corsica a young and intelligent man. Than he became a general, he decided to take over all the power. And with success he became ruler of France. He took over al lot of countries in Europe, and in all of his countries there was 1 rule called: everyone is the same and everyone has the same rights, and that is what the French people wanted, they wanted justice and that was a success. Nobody could get in prison without a process. In 1814 Napoleon was defeated and he was sent to prison in Elba. After his escape from Elba he became ruler again. He got defeated in the battle of Waterloo. He was taken prisoner again and sent to ST. Helena. Were he died. His death is still a mystery, some people think he was poisoned.
There was one leader and that was Napoleon, he took over all the power and became a strong ruler. People got their freedom of speech and they got all the same rights and that is what the people wanted. During the revolution the king was defeated and killed and so France became a republic they had no king anymore. The death of Napoleon was the end of the French revolution.


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