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Today we set sail to the west from the port of Palos de la Frontera. The banks of the Río Tinto in Huelva. My plan is to go to Eats Indies but not around Africa but to the west. We’ll first sail to the Canary islands. We set sail with 3 ships and 90 men crew. I’m sailing on the Santa Maria the biggest ship. There are 40 men including 3 surgeons, a gold expert and an interpreter . The two other ships are called the Pinta and the Niña.

Today we started the journey for real. We are now going to somewhere we don’t know. That is because we just left the Canary islands. We made a stop to get fresh food and fresh water for 28 days. I actually expect that the journey is 21 days but it’s never bad to have more than you need.

Today I woke up around 2 o’clock because I heard a sign from the Pinta. It was the sign for terrestrial. All the crew looked to see the land. When they saw it they were happier than the rest of the journey.
That morning when the sun was up we saw the first people. They were naked. I and three other ones went up to them armed. That moment I called the island San Salvador.
Then not even 2 seconds later I was surprised, the people came to us. They were all naked and young with painted faces. I thought by myself these are not the people were Marco Polo is writes about.
I took some with me as slaves because a lot of my crew died. On board again I was interested in the pieces gold in the noses of my new slaves. They told me that they weren’t gone bring me to the king. I asked that because I wanted to know where the gold was coming from. Later that evening I thought that this was the longest part of the journey.

Today I discovered Cuba. I already heard a lot about it from all the slaves. They say it is beautiful but I think it is more than beautiful it’s the most beautiful island and place on earth. We sailed along the coast and saw a lot of villages. I stopped at a few to get some fresh water and to ask where the gold is. I asked if I could get some gold but they said that there were coming merchants. They will take me to the king.
We also lost the Pinta that is the biggest lost until now. We have to wait until they get back.

Today everybody was happy until the evening. In the evening the Santa Maria was shipwrecked. We are already in Hispaniola and everybody was scared and ran to the beach.

Today we could see what happened with the Santa Maria and we told it to the king. Then all the natives help us with getting everything out of the Santa Maria. The king allowed us to set a settlement and we left a few men there. Now I think that those natives are much nicer than we heard in the stories.

Today we left back to Spain with the Niña and the Pinta witch we found back with luck. I really enjoy it to go back to Spain and to see queen Isabella again.

Today we arrived in Lisbon. We now only have to go to Spain and were done with the journey. I don’t think anything can happen. So everybody is happy. We arrived with luck because just before the azores we came in a storm and it was worse than the rest of the journey.


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