The Egyptians

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About two thousand years b.C. the Egyptians luved around the Nile area. They were about the most technically advanced people in the wide world. The Egyptians were ruled by the Farao. These Faraos mostly made their sons Farao and so on. One of the most famous Faraos was Ramses II. The Egyptians had many gods and believes. There were gods for everything. They looked like humans, but their heads were animal-like. Though there were some exceptions. Examples from this is Anubis or Horus. The Egyptians believed that the Farao would become a god after his death. After someones death somebody would come in another world where he would be served by all the stone statues thrown into the grave with him. They even believed that everything in the grave would serve the dead person. Therefor, when the Farao died, hundreds of slaves, people and animals were sacrificed and buried with the Farao. Some of these people like slaves were even buried alive. The Egyptians were the most powerful people at fighting then. They had no real army, but thousands of peasants and workers came together when the Farao called for them. They were the Egyptian army. They based their strength on their chariots.


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