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1. De Vikings.

They came out Norway, Denmark and Switzerland. They plunder whit success everything. From the British coast to the Mediterranean. The Vikings were defined as barbarian people. Norway was changing in a Viking-land. A long time the Vikings were the boss in Norway, Denmark and Switzerland. But it was changing in a central country whit many other kings and quins, and the Danish people didn’t take it longer and fight out the battle of Stiklestad, nobody did aspect that they should win from the Vikings, but they did and king Knut was made the new king of Norway. 2. Glaciers.

A glacier is a huge piece of ice. You shall think that a glacier is only a white piece of ice. But in Norway they have many different ones. The most glaciers are not white, but they have a lill blue and grey colour. On a photo you can’t see that the ice has a blue and grey colour, but in real you see it very good. [plaatje0] 3. Map and flag of Norway. [plaatje1][plaatje4] 4. The real Norsk cloats.

Official cloats: The cloats of the Norway people are looking a bit on the cloats that wearing the farmers in the Netherlands. There are few a pair people who are wearing these cloats in Norway. You can see that the most people who wearing this are living on the countryside and are very old. Many people is wearing currently the same as we wear. [plaatje2] 5. Princes; Martha Louise.

This is the Norsk royal family. The name of the princes is Martha Louise. She is the one on the right side. Next to her are standing her parents and her brother. Martha Louise is not a normal princes, she love to raid horses. She takes some lessons from a privet teacher and she became a contest raider. She came in the top ten of the world from the horse riding contests. She had also much interest in culture from other countries and watching television programs in other languages then Norsk.[plaatje5] 6. Trolls… The people in Norway say that in their caves and mountains trolls live. Because nobody did see one they can’t know how they look. There are many fantasies of the outside of a troll. Some people say that trolls are lill and some say they are huge. Most people think the same of the inside of a troll. They think that trolls are nice a sweet. But if some went wrong with the harvest, people think that it is the responsibility of the trolls. People who believe in trolls do belief that; If you wane see a troll you must walk on a dark and raining day trough the mountains and look very good. Because trolls are petrified and are one with the mountains if they see, smell or hear you. [plaatje3] 7. Oslo. Oslo is the metropolis of Norway. It’s also the biggest sitty of Norway. If you go with a boat to Norway, you almost sure that you must travel to Oslo. Because they have one big haven and that haven is in Oslo.

There are 2 manners to get on board of the ship and travel to Oslo. The first manner is riding in your car to Kiev in Duitsland and you get on board of this sort of ship’s and you make a trip of 19 hours to Oslo. The second manner is riding to Denmark and go on board of a ship for 14 hours, but that takes more time, not the travel on the boat but riding in the car. [plaatje6] Once in the 3 years, they have a car show in Norway. Every car you see can you buy from the organizing people. Oslo has many shops and restaurants. It’s a great sitty. There’s only one negative thing and that are the prices of drinks, food, souvenirs and normal stuff. An example is a cola, it costs about 120 Krones and that’s around the 20 Euro. That’s not alone in Oslo, but in whole Scandinavia.




kan je wel engels?? dat werkstuk van noorwegen enzo.... sitty = City en nog veelmeer.... en een Cola 120 Kronen... pfff... het is maar 15 Kronen ofzo.... hehe... je praat wel een beetje overdrenven he...

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