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MSN is the most popular chat program in the world, it’s a program made by Microsoft. Msn is used by very many people who are living in the 1st and 2nd World. You can download it by just typing in on Google ‘Msn’; the newest msn messenger is ‘Msn 8.5’. If you have downloaded this program you first have to make an e-mail address to continue. Most people use a hotmail address to chat. If you want to make a new e-mail adress, you have to go to www.hotmail.com to make one. When you have done this, you can start the program you have downloaded on your computer and install it. If you did this, you have to type in your e-mail address and your password and then you’re in. You have to ask msn addresses from friends or other people you know. Put the addresses in your msn contact list and you've got him or her in your list. If you want to chat, the other person has to be online on his or her computer.
New versions of msn are released all the time. In America you can send e-mails with a perfume spray but you need a thing that can produce this spray.
About 3 years ago the newspaper reported that Microsoft said that in Holland the 4 millionth visitor made an account. With that, Holland was above America. When America heard this they called the manager of Msn in Holland if he had lost his mind. At this moment 75% of the youngsters between 13 and 24 years old is online on msn. On an average day in Holland are there about 22 million conversations, that means that one person chats 6 conservations a day and the people in Holland are online for 125 million minutes together, that means that people are having half an hour of those conversations. Here are some reasons why the Netherlands uses Msn more than a big country as America:
1. Other chat boxes for example ICQ, Messenger America and Yahoo out America are very dangerous sites for Holland: you can get spam or other kind of viruses from it.
2. Previously, people paid every minute for msn, if you were chatting for an hour it was very expensive back then. Nowadays we only pay for a whole month.
Advantages Msn:
1. For people who are a bit shy is this a very easy way to talk.
2. If someone asks something from you, you have to time to think about it before you give an answer, in a normal conversation the person who’s standing in front of you waits untill he or she gets an answer.
3. You can do more things at the same time, for example: chat on msn and play a game on the Internet.
Disadvantages Msn:
1. Everything that has something to do with msn is on the Internet and Internet costs money.
2. If you are busy typing, you want it to be very fast, so you make mistakes and if you make those mistakes more often, you will do it automatically.
3. There is less time to do your homework or other things.


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