Michael Jackson

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Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson was born in 1958, he started to sing when he was very young and he became famous quite early. His carrier begun with his brothers Jackie, Tito, Jermaine and Marlon. Together they formed a pop band called “the Jackson Five”. They scored a lot of hits from 1970 on and most of the lead vocals were sang by Michael. A bit later he started a solo carrier, which would give him a superstar status and a lot of money. The LP’s “Off the wall” and “Thriller”, both produced by Quincy Jones, were giant successes. He sang together with Diana Ross, Paul McCartney and Janet Jackson, his sister. Now Michael was someone who knew very well how to use the media, in this case video clips
that were showed on MTV. He liked to show-off with his dance talent, something a lot of stars would imitate years later (Britney Spears, Justin Timberlake). Wealth and success in showbiz don’t make someone happy, as we have already seen. Michael didn’t like to be around people, he did a lot plastic surgery, if I were him, I would never have done that, and he loved animals, children and to entertain of children. Michael used his new status to raise money for numerous charities, especially children's causes; he also became a pitchman for Pepsi, sustaining severe burns during an accident filming a commercial for the soft drink. Most people think he is a freak (so do I). But he still was very popular for a very young crowd, teenagers copied his style and fans screamed and passed out at his sold-out concerts, known for their elaborate pageantry. In 1993 he was charged for sexual abuse and shortly after that, he got married to Lisa Marie Presley, daughter of Elvis. Some say this was only to fool the world outside, so they would think he was just an ordinary man, who would fall in love with a grown-up woman, just like any other would. They got divorced very soon. In 1997 he got married to Debbie Rowe who gave him a son. Except for the fact that he didn’t know anything about the world, he also got megalomaniac characteristics: he called himself the “king of pop” and let enormous statues be built. His penchant for plastic surgery, mysteriously lightening skin tone, and often bizarre behaviour (such as wearing a surgical mask in public Howard Hughes-style) made him a frequent target for tabloids. Furthermore, Jackson's reluctance to grant interviews encouraged groundless gossip, such as stories that he slept in an oxygen chamber and tried to purchase the Elephant Man's skeleton. Some insinuations he made on TV only got things worse, or, like a few months ago, when he hung his baby out of the window with a towel on his head, people got very angry with him. If I were him, I would let my children have a normal life. Maybe he has become such an extreme person because his father was abusive, or because they had very weird religion, we don’t know. He makes up a lot of excuses, like that he has become white because of some kind of disease, he also let his wife talk on TV so people would be convinced that he was not abusive or mad or whatever. Finally, things just don’t seem to work out very well; he doesn’t have money anymore, and his children always have to walk around hiding under a hat or something alike, his nose has started to rot, which looks just awful, and his cd’s don’t sell anymore. If I were a famous singer, I would make a lot of money, so I wouldn’t have to worry about it for the rest of my life. But as they say: sunshine comes after the rain, or maybe he should just retire. If I were Michael Jackson, I would hide under my pillow for the rest of my life.


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