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Sturen mensen in jouw appgroep ongevraagd naaktbeelden door?

Weinig mensen zitten te wachten op ongevraagde naaktbeelden, maar toch worden ze massaal doorgestuurd. Het verspreiden van zulke beelden is eenvoudig, maar kan grote gevolgen hebben voor degene over wie het gaat. Het is dus belangrijk om in actie te komen als je ongevraagd naaktbeelden van iemand hebt ontvangen. Weten wat jij het beste kunt doen? 

Check het nu!

Malta Malta is a very beautiful island. It's not so big, but there are so many things you can do and the sun is always shinning. Malta is a ver old island and now days it became a very famous place to go to in Europe. The area of Malta is 315 km²; it's not so big but very exciting. There are 370.000 habitants, that means that on every km², 1175 people live. Most of them are Maltese but there are also a lot of tourists who started their own companies. The name of the capital is Valetta. In Valetta live 125.000 people. That's almost 50% of all the habitants. In Malta the people speak English and Maltese. So every European person can communicate with the people in Malta. Most of the people in Malta believe in God, 95%! If you want to go to Malta you must have a passport or a European-card. And don't you ever forget to close your baggage. The timeline is the same as in Holland so there isn't a time difference.   Health The people on Malta are ver healthy. There are a lot of modern hospitals on Malta. So if you may get something or you get ill than don't worry, because you will be in good hands. There are a lot of drugstores on the island and they are also open at Saturday and Sunday. You can also get al the information in your hotel. Take also a couple off aspirins and sun-cream in your bag. But Malta is a clean and modern place to go to so don't be afraid of getting ill. And if you get ill, there are nice and good doctors waiting for you.     Money The official coin in Malta is the Maltese Lira. One Lira is 100 Cent and 1 cent is 10 Mils. So one Lira is 1000 Mils. One Lira is about 5 guilders. The banks in Malta are open from 8.30 till 12.30! They're closed at Saturday and Sunday. Some of the banks in the centre are a bit longer open. And some of the banks have Pin-machines. At your hotel you can get all the information about money. Credit Cards will be accepted most of the times. At hotels and restaurants you can always use it. But always be careful with your money and always check the things that you want to buy, because sometimes they want to sell trash for a very high price. Climate Malta is a very warm and gentle island. It's always warm and the people don't see a lot of rain like in Holland. Sometimes there falls a bit rain, not more than 600mm per year. That's very little. So it is an island who you can visit every season of the year. If you love swimming, relaxing, and sunshine than you have to go to Malta.

  Sun-Hours Max.Temp. Rain mm. Sea Temp.
January      5.5 p/d          15 C°      90      14.5
February      6.4      15      60      14.5
March      7.3      16      44      14.5
April      8.4      19      24      16
May      10      23       9      18.5
June      11      27       4           21
July      12      30       1      24.5
August      11      30       9      25.6
September      9      28      40      25
October      7.2      24      123      22
November      6.5      20      76      19.5
December      5.2      17      100      16.7

Water-sport Malta is a good resort for people who love water-sports. Because there are so many things you can do in the water. You can dive. Very good instructors will take you in to the water and they will show you the most beautiful places around Malta. You can also do day-trips on a boat including the dinner. You will see the wails and the dolphins. Water-ski is also very popular on Malta. You will begin on two skis and if you are really good than you can try it on one ski. A very new but also very exciting sport is Para-sailing. That's a parachute behind a motorboat. When the boat start his engines, you will go to 50 meters above sea level. You can also swim, banana riding, water cycling, snorkelling or relaxing in a whirlpool!! Calls From the most hotels and holiday-complexes you can call directly. First, it is better to inform about the addiction to use the phones in the hotel. This addiction diversifies a lot from hotel to hotel. At the most hotels you pay the call bills at the end together with the lease of the hotel. The best way to call in Malta is with a telephone-cart (card phones) which are obtainable at the airport, at offices of TeleMalta / Maltacom and at kiosks and post offices. There are almost 600 "cardphones" in Malta and Gonzo. That is at least one in every village. Transport In Malta there must be driven, just like in England, on the left side of the road. There aren't many country's where you have to drive on the left side. Also there is everywhere a maximum speed, which is different in al places. You can explore Malta with different kinds of transport: Bus: The public transport is from rational quality. The busses link the villages and towns with Valetta and from Sliema and other, nearby villages and towns there is a regular link. The service ends at 23 o'clock and some routes even sooner. Car: The best way to explore Malta is with a hirecar. There are a lot of Rent-A-Car stores and the tariffs are a lot cheaper than in other country's where you can rent. The prices are al the same in Malta. If you have hired a car it isn't difficult to ride in Malta because the roads are good and there isn't a lot of traffic. Bicycle: Since the introduction of mountainbikes, the bicycle became popular. There are, just like the cars, a lot of stores, which rent a bike and this is also the most harmful transport to the environment and too your purse. Holidays In Malta there are also holidays and it is better to know the dates of the holidays:

01 January New yearsday
10 February St. Paul
19 March St. Joseph
Variable Good Friday
31 March Freedom Day
01 May Workers Day
07 June Sette Giugno
29 June St. Peter and St. Paul
15 August St. Mary
08 September Victory Day
21 September Independence Day
08 December Immaculate Conception
13 December Republic Day
25 December Christmas Day

In a lot of villages and City's they have their own yearly party. The local people then celebrate something and if you have the chance to be there, go and learn a lot of the culture. Diverse The stores in Malta are opened from 9 o'clock to 12.30/13.00 o'clock and from 16 o'clock till 19 o'clock. In tourists places the stores are opened till later, dependent on the crowd and on the time of the year. Almost every village has its own weekly market, in Valleta there is a daily market on the Merchants Street. This market is very popular and extraordinary pleasant on a Sunday-morning. The voltage in Malta is 240 Volt. You need an adapter, which is obtainable at the ANWB and at the airport. Foreign (mostly English) lectures are in the most hotels and kiosks for sale.


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