Wil jij exposeren in het Rijks?

Heb jij een goed oog voor mooie beelden? Het Rijksmuseum zoekt jonge fotografen die hun talent durven laten zien. De prijzen: een tentoonstelling in het Rijksmuseum en je eerste betaalde foto-opdracht! Klik voor meer info over het thema en de wedstrijd.

Meer info

A: Hello everybody! My name is Astrid Penninck and I stand here next to the president of America; Barack Obama.                Hello Obama, how are you?

L:Hay, I’m very good, thanks!

A: Today, it’s a beautiful day, the sun is shining,… what do you do on a sunny day?

L: I usually do something whit my wife Michelle and my kids. But sometimes I have to work.

A: Nice! But how many children have you en how to call them?

L:I have two daughters; MaliaAnn and Sasha. MaliaAnn is 15 years old, en Sasha is 12 years old.

A:You say that you also have to work, what do you do exactly?

L: Now, I am the president of America, I need to make sure the people feel good in my country. I also an politician.

A: Is it nice to be a president?

L: Yes, it is. I like my job, I like to be people happy! But as president, I don’t always have time for my family, that’s difficult.

A: I understand you very well, Obama. Something else now, what do you hate to your body?

L: What a weird question ?!

A: Yes, I know, but can you answer on this question please?

L: Of course! What I hate on my body, hmmmm. My eyes.

A: your eyes?! And why?

L: I hate my eyes because they are brown. I like blue eyes much nicer! Just like your eyes, they are also blue.

A: That’s true, and thank you! I also love blue eyes! I have one more question; what will you do when you’re no president more?

L: That’s a difficult question! I don’t know. I’ll just enjoy my family and friends.

A: That’s a good idea! Thanks for this interview, Obama! and enjoy this sunny day!

L: Yes, I do!


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