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What does my imaginary world look like?

In my imaginary world there are no humans. Humans extinct ages ago and the only species left are dolphins. These dolphins evaluated over the centuries. They can now talk, read and even build robots like humans used to. In 2023 a huge meteorite crashed on Earth and the only ones surviving where the animals living in the ocean. Now, hundreds of centuries later, these animals evaluated into species that fly, swim and walk. They are even smarter than we humans used to be. Though, natural disasters still occur and so do historical events. 

Daily News

Day 1:

Again a major earthquake in New Zealand

An earthquake in Christchurch, a city in New Zealand, caused at least 65 deaths. That was what Prime Minister Dol Phin Key said before he went to the hidden city by plane. Later turned out that the death toll was more than 180. 

The earthquake, a series of shock waves created by sudden movements in the Earth's crust or underground volcanic eruptions, which occured on a destructive margin, was on 22 February 2978. The first quake occurred at 13:58 pm local time, the second at 15:18 am local time. The epicenter, ​the point on the Earth's surface that is directly above the point where an earthquake or underground explosion originates, also called the hypocentre or the focus, of the earthquake was 6 miles South East from Christchurch. The hypocentre, there​ were the earthquake starts, was about very shallow at 3,1 miles.

The earthquake had loads of effects. First the primary effects; like the hundreds of kilometers of water and the sewage pipes that were damaged, almost the whole city had no elecdolphinicity, liquefaction that caused lots of damage to roads and buildings, part of the​   country’s longest glacier was broken off (creating a huge iceberg), more than 50% of Central City buildings were severely damaged and ofcourse the many dolphins that were injured and killed. Then as the results from the primary effects, the secundary effects; like all the businesses that were put out of action for long periods causing losses of income and jobs, the schools that had to share classrooms, the damage on the infrastructure made it difficult for people and emergency services to come around and the dolphins that were mentally effected  by the earthquake needed support etc.

Resquers tried to dig people out of the rubble. From other parts of the country, counselors came to help. Also the blood bank had called people to come and donate blood and there too was an international team of more than nine hundred dolpinexperts called to detect missing dolphins. It was not possible to detect everyone. Most of them were probably completely pulverized by the buildings collapsed above them. 

More than 800 historical buildings collapsed or were destroyed, there were 1.500 to 2.000 victims and more than 180 deaths, all caused by this earthquake.

The earthquake, which was of 6.3 on the Human Richter Scale, originated here because

New Zealand is on the border of two tectonic plates. In the northeast of New Zealand, the Pacific plate slides under the North Island of New Zealand. In the south, the Australian plate slides under the South Island of New Zealand. These shifts cause vibration, by which this area has to deal with many shocks. There are many faults in this area. Between the tectonic plates is a major fault line: called the Alpine Fault. It is thought that the cause lies in the Alpine Fault, which was discovered after an earthquake in September 2687, in the fracture area. 

The damage is estimated at 17 billion New Zealand dollphinars! That converts more than 9 billion dolphineuros. The New Zealand government has money for 6 billion dollphinars (3.5 billion dolphineuros), the remainder must be paid by insurance companies. Luckily for them, New Zealand is a more economically developed country (MEDC) and not a less economically developed country (LEDC) like Haïti. That makes it a lot easier to recover.

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Day 2:

Journey to other galaxy for real.

The space agency DolpHinASA was asked to come up with some real prototypes for living in Galaxy 2.0. This deep space habitat prototype they are creating, will be ready at the end of this year. The Dorion crew will probably go to Galaxy 2.0 in 30 years.

Day 3:

Ice Sheets could collapse and cause extremely high sea level rise.

The impact of the gasses we expel is bigger than we thought. Scientists could tell this by a video they made from the Ice Sheets through the decades. They warn us to be ready to go back to living in the sea soon. They suggest we should transform back into sea creatures or create a platform that floates in the sky to live on. In less than 2 years 67% of our land could be underwater. 

Day 4:

Heavy rainstorm in Sint Juilliard causes death

The governor of Sint Juilliard, Wiliam dophiniams, was forced to declare a state of emergency in Biscuit as heavy rain caused severe damage and flooding. This left at least 9 dolphins dead and about 300 dolphins displaced. The torrential rain was caused by a cold front that moved slowly across southern Sint Juilliard. It caused powerful thunderstorms as the warmer air met the cooler air. This was the heaviest rain recorded since 2980. 

Day 5:

Huge coral reef discovered

A huge 1000km system of coral reef has been found below the waters of the mouth of the Missisupion river. Scientists say that it is astonishing to find a coral reef of that size. The existence of this coral reef was not expected and it came as a complete surprise. But the reef is said to be in great danger. Apparently the government has sold 60 blocks for the exploration of oil, some of them right on top of the reef…

Day 6:

Dolphoris on banknote

Dolphoris Jones is to be the face of the new 50 dollphinar banknote. It will be the first time for a swimmer to be on a banknote.The Brillphin Bank asked the civilians to nominate a no longer living legend. Dolphoris could swim like no one else could. She won about hundred awards. One of them was the one and only Fastest Transform Award. 76% of the public was convinced she deserved that honour. The banknote can be used from September on. 

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Dolphoris Jones is to be the face of the new 50 dollphinar banknote. It will be the first time for a swimmer to be on a banknote.The Brillphin Bank asked the civilians to nominate a no longer living legend. Dolphoris could swim like no one else could. She won about hundred awards. One of them was the one and only Fastest Transform Award. 76% of the public was convinced she deserved that honour. The banknote can be used from September on. 

Day 7:

HMA withdraws math test after it has been accidently appeared online

The math test, to be sat by 60.000 kids at the age of 7, turned out to be available on the internet since February. The mistake emerged when a teacher in North Carolino found out that one of her pupils had already seen the test. She warned the council of HMA. They were totally shocked by this news and removed the test from the internet immediately. The new test is now being made. They expect that this one will be ready in two months. 

Day 8:

A wake up call to fast climate change

The city of Solvana Beach is slowly disappearing under water. The water floods many of the city streets and the beach, that was once so famous, is totally washed over by the water. The city is now investing in a 100m dollphar project to raise roads and to create a pumping system that is able to hold back the heaviest of floods. Scientists say that this is only a temporary solution. We have to prepare for the worst and we have to start making real plans for the future. 

Day 9: 

Is pullution to blame for the dead fish?

In Shietna they are investigating whether we can blame pullution for the mysterious mass of dead fish the last months. Tons of dead fish where found at the coast, even rare species and fish that usually live very far from the shore. They tested if the fish were poisoned. Some of them were but others died of mysterious cause. Scientists warn us not to eat fish that comes from this area for a while. 

Day 10:

Collapsing cylceway causes two dead

Yesterday a huge collapse of a cycleway in Silvanna caused two dead. The path was built this year ahead for the Olympions. The cause isn’t yet known, though an investigation is going on.

Day 11:

Two explosions in Yenuvo

This morning there were two attacks launched by a group of terrorists.Yenuvo officially said that the bombing killed at least 46 dolphins and injured more than 420. Since the attacks the city has been on high terror alerts.

Day 12:

Earthquake kills over 400 dolphins 

A severe earthquake stroke the city of Louiserion, the biggest that hit the country in years, leaving flattened buildings, 456 injured and 34 dolphins dead. The government is now sending auxiliaries. 


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