The future world

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     The Tomorrow People

      Everybody thinks about the future, don't they? The future has always been a mystery that didn't give people peace. Most of them think of it with hope, while others are waiting for it with hostility, but whatever perceptions they have people have always been curious about what the future will bring.         

       Every time I think about all this questions  I like to imagine that we, the people of today, are "The Tomorrow People". I like thinking we are the people that soon will change the world. Well, at least that's how I'd like to be in 10 years. What I really want is to change something in this world and be someone important. That's why I see myself doing great things.

     I know that I will begin my career as researcher and I will help in the discovery of new medicine that can cure the cancer or another type of dangerous disease. I see myself satisfied that I will finally get the job that I've always been dreaming of. I will probably be proud of me, but I will not be completely happy because I'm sure that by that time I will be alone. My schedule will be busy, considering the fact that I will use my free time tutoring children, so I won't have so much time to socialize .

      My friends and my family will nag me with my problem of being alone. Of course, they will make of this situation a big deal and will tell me that if I have no boyfriend now, I will stay unmarried for the rest of my life. I'm sure that everyone around me still won't understand why I like being lonely but I hope that someday I'll find the guy for me and we will form a real and joyful family with 2 children, a boy and a girl, and a little puppy. That's the portrait of my future family.

    Another enigma, that many people think of, is what will the world look like in 50 years. Noone knows that for sure, do they? A lot of people have their own theorie: some of them predict a dark future and some of them dream of a better life, a new world with the technology of the future.

    I'm one of those who hope to a better future. I'm optimistic and I have the hope that we will leave finally in a peacefull place, where the love and understanding will reign, a place far away from the bad intentions of the villans and far away from the dark.

    In this new world, the technology will control everything. The technology will be spread all over the world, everybody will have a computer and everything that we need will be found on  computers.

    We will leave together with some extraterrestrials, who come to our planet searching for a populated pleace. They will teach us everything they know and we will begin to use all their advanced technology. We will learn how to cohabit with them.

    Thanks to the extraterrestrials we will have another form of government and there will be no fights between those who will lead us  and defenetly the birocraty and the political problems will dissapear.

     This will be a very interesting world, won't it?

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