Senseless violence

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A young man is coming out of a bar, he sees two guys throwing a bike in the moat, and he asks them why they're doing that. The next day, the young man dies in the hospital…

Senseless violence; is it fashion, or is it something that has always existed?

We get confronted with it every single day, in many different ways. Every day you can read in the newspapers about some one who's been killed, or a little arm from a child that has been found somewhere. But this is not the only form of violence, there is
sexual violence
violence on television
violence on the street
or in the traffic or public transport
violence in bars, disco's
and even going to see a football game isn't safe anymore.

You can give all kinds of reasons for it. Nowadays, people are living busier lifes, and there is much more stress, so people get aggressive a lot easier. Youth is going out on much younger ages, and is getting in touch with alcohol and drugs. There are also people who are fascinated by violence. When they see somebody kicking a person to death, they can't do anything, because of this fascination. Another way of this is when these persons themselves are violent. They get involved in a fight, and they feel happy by hurting some one. But when the next day they read or hear what they've done, they can't remember anything, and they find it terrible.

I think senseless violence is a very difficult problem, which can't be solved completely, there is no real solution for it. I think it is a mentality inside our society, which has always been existing, and always will. But now that there are organisations against violence, and we want to do something about it, everybody is acting like senseless violence is a whole new phenomenon in our world. Everybody is acting weird when someone has been killed, but a few years ago, not half of the people would have worried about it. And what do we want to do about it now? Put a police officer on every corner of the street? It would be impossible. Of course we can do something about it but we can't destroy it. The numbers of violent activities are still going up every year. And if we really want to do something about it, we have to fight for it, and I mean figuratively.


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