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The name: The word witch is from wicce, witch means wise one, or something like follower of the Old Ways. The name "Wica" was originally given to the priesthood of the Old Religion, which by 500 Before Christ had began developing set rituals and festivals. The original religion of witchcraft dates back about twenty fife thousand years. Witch no respect of the overwhelming power of Nature, grew a belief in gods, who controlled the winds, the seas, the earth and the fires. The tortures: Many styles of torture had been invented so as to inflict the most horrific pain on the poor victim without killing them. The worst tortures occured in Germany and France. Millions of innocent people were tortured and murdered during the inquisition. At first the poor accused were told to confess. They were then stripped naked, shaved, pricked with needles for insensitive spots, and then examined for marks of the devil. Before the torture started, the victim was told what was about to happen and in many cases this forced the accused to commit to whatever the inquisitors wanted. They thought that a person who refused to talk, even under torture was being aided by the devil. While the poor victim was being tortured, they recorded what was said. In many cases they recorded things that were not even said. Each following round of torture, was much worse than the one before. While the poor victims screamed with pain, the childish tortures carried on like idiots. They sprayed there instruments with so called holy water, wore amulets, herbs and crossed themselves. The exact method of torture varied from place to place. The rack was well used in France. Some victims were horsewhipped. A sharp iron fork was used to mangle breasts. Red hot pincers were used to tear off flesh. After the nails were ripped out, needles were shoved into the quicks. Boots called bootikens were used to lacerate flesh and crush bone. Thumbscrews were used to crush the fingers and toes. Acid was poured on victims and hands were immersed into pots of boiling oil and water. Eyes were put out by irons. Alcohol was poured on the head of the poor victim and set alight. There was no limit to the types and cruelty of the tortures. Anything was allowed. The inquisitors were sadistic and mentally disturbed. Even after the poor victims confessed to things they never did, more torture was to follow.
Rituals and traditions of witches Witches celebrate special holidays. There are 13 full moon celebrations, they are called Esbats. An Esbat is also called a Lunar Ritual. Full Moon energy is used for: banishing unwanted influences in your life, protection magick, and divination. And they celebrate 8 Sabbats, they mark the sun's journey across the sky. This is called the wheel of the year; the movement from birth to death to rebirth. They celebrate the holidays with simple rituals. An important symbol used during these rituals is the pentagram or pentakle. It is a symbol for protection and used as an amulet during rituals. Pentacle A disc (generally circular) which is inscribed with a pentagram on its surface. Pentagram A five-pointed star drawn with a single line. Upright, it looks like a human body, with spirit taking the highest importance. Ritual Tools Candles are fundamental to Craft. Candles represent the God,the Goddess and the element of fire. Candles are used to light the book of shadows to read by, and candles are used in spell.. Burins are used to inscribe your spells onto candles. Inscribing your candles before burning means more magical intent goes into your spell. Circlets: Before ritual the priest or priestess dons their "badge of office". Whether you are solitary, or working in a group, these headpieces are beautiful to wear and to look at. Offering bowls are where the offering to the Gods is poured into during an indoor ritual.


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