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I’m going to tell you something about my favourite tv-programme, you might have noticed, i’m talking about Friends!

Why did i choose Friends as a subject for this presentation. Well, i think Friends is one of the funniest series i know. Their sense of humour is just great! I don’t often watch tv, but i certainly don’t want to miss this programm.

Now, i will first introduce you to the friends-cast. First we have Matthew Perry as funny-man Chandler Bing, then we have Matt le Blanc as dumm guy Joey Tribbiani, David Schwimmer as nerd Ross Geller, Courteney Cox Arquette as clean-freak Monica Geller, they’re brother and sister, Lisa Kudrow as crazy-woman Phoebe Buffay and last but not least shopaholic Jennifer Anniston as Rachel Green, for the girls here, you will probably also know her as the wife of her most-wanted-husband Brad Pitt.

But however this Americain television series is a Warner Bros production. The series started in 1994 and has already reached season 10 in the US. All the seasons are on video, so you can watch Friends as much as you want.

This programm is about six friends in New York, they all know each other for a long time.
So as i told you, these Friends ‘went’ through 10 seasons, you will probably understand that a lot have happened in these seasons, so it’s impossible for me to tell you everything that happened. But i will tell you about the most important developments and about the situation now.

Chandler and Monica are married, they live together in appartment number 20, they’re trying to have a baby, but so far with out any succes.

Opposite their appartment lives Joey at number 19, so they live in the same building.
Ross and Rachel are quite a strange situation. Once they dated, but after a while they found out that it didn’t work between them. But one time they were both very drunk,and you can guess, they had unsafe sex, well you can probably think what happened after that. Rachel was pregnant. She and Ross decided to keep the baby, not as a couple, but as two friends who live in the same appartment en raise a child. Quite a strange situation i think. The baby called Emma. But two weeks ago, on television i mean, Rachel and Ross got a fight. So Rachel and Emma are living now with Joey. So two friends raising a child seemed not a good idea after all. But actually that wasn’t even the real reason, the reason is that Ross still got a crush on Rachel after all these years, but unfortunatly it wasn’t mutual.

Ross lives in the oppesite builing of the others. When you’re in Chandler and Monica’s living room, you can watch in Ross’s living room.

Phoebe lives a few blocks away from the rest on her own. She has a friend called Mike. He works at a piano-bar.

The friends have two favourite hang-outs, in Chandler and Monica’s living room and in Central Perk, a coffee-house. Gunther works in Central Perk and is a person you also see a lot in the serie. A funny thing to know, Gunther is from Holland in the serie, sometimes he speaks Dutch, but you can certainly hear he’s an americain. The same situation as my englisch right now.

What do the friends do for a living? Well, Monica is a chef-kook, she works in a restaurant. Rachel works at the office of Ralph Lauren, Ross is a paleontologist, Joey is an actor, he plays in a serie and sometimes in tv-commercials. Phoebe doesn’t have a real job, she works lately sometimes in the pianobar. Chandler was out of work, he worked in Chulsea before, but now he has a job in a commercial-companie.

After my conclusion i will you ofcourse show you something of Friends. It is from the latest broadcast,yesterday evening.. I’m not going to talk throuth it,while you’re watching, because it would be very annoying, when you couldn’t hear the jokes and everything else.

They said a few time that they were planning to quite the series, but they, thankfully, did not yet. In Holland we’re still looking at season 9, so if they really want to stop, we have at least one new season to watch in the future.

Enjoy your Friends!

Before I show you something of Friends, there are a few things should now:
-Rachel and Emma are living now at Joey’s appartment, so Rachel bought some things to make the house baby-safe.
-Monica barrowed 2000 dollar from Joey because she and Chandler have so much financial problems. She doesn’t want Chandler to know. But when Joey and Chandler are in Central Perk, Chandler also barrows the same money for the same problems. Then Joey tells Chandler accidently about the 2000 dollar Monica barrowed. When Chandler wants to know where for, Joey makes up, that it’s for a boob-job, to get bigger boobs. Chandlers is very frightned when he hears this, because he doensn’t want Monica to change at all.


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