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My talk is about the Titanic. At the time it was built, it was the biggest moving object ever created. She was nearly the length of three football fields, that’s nearly a sixth of a mile. The Titanic was built in Belfast, Ireland, by Harland and Wolff shipbuilders. The completed Titanic Costed oabout 7 and a half million dollars (in 1912) The decided it must be the most luxurious and biggest ship of the world. It contained 2 swimmingpools, a gym, squash courts, private promonadedecks and hot water for bathing. These were all unusual things to have on a ship.

The ship was devided into the first, second and third class. The first class was very luxurious and attracted many important and rich people. A first class ticket cost about $ 4,000 which translates into $50.000 dollars today. In the second class, which was still very luxerious, were mostly middle class people. Third class was filled with emigrants of Europe who went to the New World, hoping to build a better life.

It’s the 10th of April. At noon the Titanic casts off and begins her maiden voyage. After a few stops in France and Ireland to take on passengers, she is ready to begin her first crossing over the Atlantic to her final destination New York.

At 11.40 pm ob the 14th of April a lookout saw something directly in the ship’s path, and rang the ships bell three times to alert the bridge. An officer picked up the phone. “What did you see?” “Iceberg Sir, right ahead!”

Another officer ordered “hard-a-starboard”. 37 seconds passed by and it seemed that the Titanic would just miss the iceberg. But a soft, scratching noise made clear that they had hit it. Although the ship had avoided striking the berg head-on, the Titanic scraped against the iceberg for about 10 seconds on her starboard side.

Captain Smith went to the bridge to ask what they had hit. Together with Thomas Andrews, the ship’s designer, they inspected the damage of the ship themselves and found that the iceberg had damaged the ship’s plates in five or six of her watertight compartments. They quickly realized that the ship would sink, since it could not remain a float with more than four compartments flood.

Thomas Andrews calculates the amount of water that has entered the ship and from this information he tells the captain the great ship has perhaps 2 hours left.

At 12.05 am, Smith gives order to uncover lifeboats and to get the passengers and crew on the deck. He knows that there are only enough lifeboats for about 1100 people, only half of the almost 2300 people on board. 20 minutes later the order is given to start loading women and children into the boats.

The first boats pull away far short of their capacity. The first boat leaves with 12 people on board, it could have saved 65. As the huge stern begins to rise from the sea, they begin to realise the seriousness of he situation and the last boat was filled with more than 70 people.

By five past 2, the last of Titanic’s lifeboats has been launched, leaving over 1500 people to await the cold waves. People start to panic. Men try to reach one of the lifeboats, Officers shoot to resort the peace.

Then one of the funnels broke and kills lots of swimmers. The ship’s lights flicker once, then go out forever. The Titanic breaks apart. The bow section shears away and sinks. For a moment the stern rights itself. But finally the stern turns upward, and slides away into the North Atlantic. 2.20. The Titanic is disappeared.




dankje ik moest het morgen afhebben anders moest ik in het weekend nablijven je hebt me gered:P XxX

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