The O.C.

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The O.C. begins with a boy, Ryan Atwood how lives in Chino, a very poor place.
He comes in jail because he had stole a car with his brother. His pro-deo layer, Sandy Cohen, takes him home to his place and take care of him. Sandy Cohen is married with Kirsten Nichols. She doesn’t want Ryan in her home. She sees him as a criminal. She is afraid he takes care of problems. They have a son, Seth Cohen. He has the same age as Ryan. His hobby’s are reading comic books and playstationen. When Ryan comes in the O.C. a very rich place he really need to use of that. Ryan stays in the guest house of the family Cohen.

That evening he met Marissa Cooper, the neighbour of the Cohen’s. She is going to a party and she ask of he comes with her. Then he sees Luke. The boyfriend from Marissa and he says no. He tells Seth about what happened end than Seth is going crazy and he tells to Ryan that he is in love with Summer, the best friend of Marissa and she is probably at that party too.
So they are going to that party. And that is where the trouble is starting.
Seth is drunk and says he is in love with Summer. Her friends take him to the beach because he is a loser and there is starting a fight. Ryan helps him but they are with to much so they lose.

Later Marissa helps Ryan to find a job and a house for him. That house is from Caleb Nichol’s company. He is a architect. His daughter, Kirsten, works for him. Luke is very jealous at the fact Marissa and Ryan becoming still more closer and closer. He is going to that house with a copal of friends. There start a fight. Unhappily a candle fall down and a fire is starting.
Later Marissa and Luke are breaking up and she starts dating Ryan.
Ryan starts working in a cafeteria.
A copal of days later Kirsten is organising a party for her fathers birthday. Gabrielle is the new girlfriend from Caleb. She is 24 years old. Kirsten isn’t agree with the relationship. There are other strange things going on that party. Seth is reading a pone for Summer he made in group 8. And than Summer can’t take it anymore and kiss him. Gabrielle wants something from Ryan. They go upstairs and kissing. But than Marissa coming in. She search for Luke and kiss him.
Later that night Ryan goes to Marissa’s place to say he’s sorry. Marissa is telling him it’s to late and she is back with Luke. They are staying friends.
Not only the teenagers have problems. Also the adults plays a big part in the series.
Sandy has a bad relationship with his father in law, Caleb Nichols.
The father from Marissa, Jimmie Cooper has a own company but he is bankrupt.
Marissa and Julie, his wife, don’t now that.
They found out about is at a party when a client start argument with Jimmie. Jimmie try’s to calm him down, without success. The client is punching Jimmie and everybody hears his problem. Marissa forgives him. But Julie is very angry at him and divorce. They are not telling Marissa about the divorce. They want to do that when she is coming home from Mexico.

The last week from the summer vacation Seth wants to go to Mexico. Marissa don’t want to anymore but Jimmie (her father) pushing her to go, so he can take car of things. Seth afford her and Summer to ride with Ryan and him. When they arrived in Mexico there are going to the hotel and pack there things out. Later that night Jimmie calls Marissa to tell him he is going to divorce from Julie. Marissa is very shocked and angry at her father and tells him that he pushing her to Mexico for that reason.
Ryan hears her and say he is sorry. The next day Summer hears what was happening that night before to.

Meanwhile in the O.C. Hailey, the daughter from Caleb and sister from Kirsten, comes back. She needs some money from her dad. Than she met Jimmie again, from the past. They starts dating and later they buy a boat where they are living on. When Hailey gets a job afford in China Jimmie is very upset but tells her to take that opportunity. So she is leaving Newport again and leaves to China.

Back in Mexico
There is a disco in Tijuana. Marissa don’t want to go anymore. Summer tells her to go so she has diversion.
It was very stupid to say that because in the disco Marissa catch Luke kissing a other girl. Who was a friend of Marissa also.
She goes back to the hotel grape some medication and go to a bar where she takes it with a tequila. She goes to a lance and past away. Thankfully Seth, Summer and Ryan finds her and bring her back to the hotel.
The parents from Seth are very angry and upset. Jimmie is by her daughter in the hospital. Everything is alright.
When school begins Ryan has to make a hole new start. There is a lot of gossips about Mexico. Luke wants to apologise to Marissa but Summer start jellying at him and tell him to leave Marissa alone.
Marissa takes a visit to her dad. He tells her he is going to leave Newport. Marissa can take it anymore and start drinking.

Caleb and Julie are found each other also. They get an affair and later they got married. For Kirsten this is very hard to please, because Julie is the same age of her and she become the step grandma from Seth.

Many series later there are some new guest roles in the series.
Such as Alex, Zack and Lindsay

Between Summer and Seth its over and between Marissa and Ryan also both by fights and stuff.
Alex is a girl how owns a disco. There is a concert where Ryan and Seth really badly wanted to go to. But the tickets are sold out. Then Seth find out that personal gets extra tickets. He goes to the boss, Alex, and ask if she is having a job for him. Alex gives him the job as a cleaner. Seth is very happy with his new job so he can to that concert. Its also a gift for Summer. Seth is still in love with her.
Zack is a guy from school. A new friend from Seth. They both sitting in a comic book club. Zack becoming the new boyfriend from Summer. Seth is first very upset about it. But then he gets something with Alex. That isn’t a long relation.
Lindsay is a new girl at school. When they are in the school lounge Ryan bumps by accident against Lindsay. He spill his is ice-coffee on her shirt.
Later in the classroom Lindsay tries to sit down but than her backpack hits the back of his head. They make a deal never to talk to each other. But than they science-teacher tells them they have to make a science project with each other.
That is where there relationships starts.
Renee Wheeler, the mother from Lindsay, is back in Newport because of Caleb.
They have a history. Caleb is namely the father from Lindsay. But Caleb and Lindsay don’t know that. Renee tells it to Caleb and Caleb thinks it’s the best that he adopted Lindsay. First Lindsay wants that but later she decide to go back to her mother. They move and she breaks up with Ryan.
Marissa and Ryan understand each other very good so they decide to go back to each other. Zack founds out that Summer still have feelings for Seth and tells her to go back with him again.


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