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Studententijd zomerspecial

Heb jij de Zomerspecial van Studententijd de podcast al geluisterd? Joes, Steie, Dienke en Pleun nemen je mee in hun zomer vol festivals, vakanties en liefde. En kijken ook alvast vooruit naar de introductietijd van het nieuwe collegejaar. Luister lekker mee vanaf je strandbedje, de camping of onderweg. 

Luister nu!
We have composed a menu and as entrée we have chosen “tomate crevette”.
First of all, you take a tomato and you cut the head of. Then you take out the seed with a theespoon . You peel the shrimps and you mix it with a coctail sauce. After that you fill the tomato with the shrimps and it’s ready to serve.
As main menu have we chosen for scampi’s in garlic butter sauce .
The ingredients for the sauce are these :
Þ Butter

Þ Finely minced garlic
Þ Clam juice
Þ Flower (bloem)
Þ Minced parsley
Þ White wine
Þ Juice of lemon
Þ Nutmeg
Þ Dry basil
Þ And salt and peper .

First of al , you have to melt the butter with garlic in a saucepan over medium heat. Be sure that the garlic isn’t brown .
Take a separate bowl and mix the clam juice, flour and parsley and blend it until the mixture is smooth.
Then you pour the flour mixture into the garlic butter and stir until it’s smooth and well blended.
Stir the wine, lemon juice, herbs and spices . Be sure that you stir constantly.

Add the garlic butter gradually through the mixture and stir until it’s thickened.
Simmer for 30 to 45 minutes.
For the scampi’s, the ingredients are :
Þ Butter
Þ Olive oil
Þ Garlic
Þ Juice of 1 lemon
Þ Chopped parsley
Þ Red pepper
Þ Fresh basil
Þ White wine
Þ Dash of dry vermout
Þ Salt and pepper
Þ And ofcourse the scampi’s

Melt the butter in a large saucepan on high heat and add the oil.
Combine the ingredients but keep the scampi‘s aside until the last minute.
Add the scampi’s and saute them until they are firm and slightly pink. Be sure you do not overcook .
At least , pour the scampi butter over the scampi. This is very good with chips or French bread.
As desert we have made a chocolate cake . It comprises 2 parts : the cake and the glaze. We start with the cake .
For one till eight personnes, you need
Þ 225gram of black choclate
Þ 170 gram butter
Þ 225 gram powdered sugar.
Þ 4 table-spoons of floor
Þ and 6 eggs
Warm the oven up to 180 degrees.
Oil the cake mould and lay in some greaseproof paper.
Take 225gr of black chocolat and put it in the microwave.
Stir the butter through the hot chocolate until it’s melted.
Take 225g of powdered sugar and stir it through te chocolate.
Separate the egg-yolk from the eggwhite .
Whisk the egg-yolk and put it in the mixture.
Put the 4 table-spoons in the mixture and stir it good.
Then you mix the eggwhite and ladle it through the chocolate mixture.
Put it in the cake-mould.
Put the cake into the oven and while it’s busy , you can do the dishes.
After 30 minutes , you get the cake out of the oven and you prick in it with a knitting needle.
Let the cake cool down on a raster and it wil become stronger.
Get the cake out of the shape.
Now you can make the chocolate-glaze.
Melt 225g chocolate and mix it with 225g of cream.
Let the mixture cool down .
Whin it has been cooled down , you smear it on the cake.
Finally you let it starch in the fridge and than you can eat it ..
Enjoy you meal !

Clamm juice = mosselsaus
Parsley = peterselie
Minced =chopped = fijngehakte
Basil = basilicum
Separate = aparte
Smooth = vloeiend
Blended = gemengd
Gradually = langzaam
Simmer = laten sudderen , koken
Vermout = ..
Saute = bakken

Starch = stijven
Cream = crème fraîche
Separate = scheiden , verdelen
Whisk = stijfkloppen
Ladle = scheppen


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