Queen Elizabeth II

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I’m going the tell you something about queen Elizabeth the II

About a week ago I read a story about her in an old newspaper and I was really interested in her. So that’s why I decided to tell you all something about her..

She was born on august the fourth in Stratford. And she was the ninth child in a family with ten children. Her parents were really rich and little Elizabeth had a beautiful youth.. Because Elizabeth’s parents were very wealthy it was normal that she would be married to a boy from another wealthy family.

There were a lot of families who hoped that Elizabeth should marry their son but Elizabeth was not interested in any of them. She wanted to do more with her life and so she got in contact with the royal family. Everybody thought she was going to marry crown prince Edward, he was the son of King George V en Queen Mary. But Elizabeth surprised everybody when se said she was going to marry Edward’s little brother Bertie (his real name was Albert).

Bertie wasn’t really handsome( I think he is really ugly…) and he was also stuttering very badly.

Elizabeth didn’t care and so they got married in nineteen-twenty-three. This marriage was really special because Elizabeth was the first girl who had no royal blood and had married someone who had royal blood. When Elizabeth and her husband wanted to have children they had a problem. After three years they still didn’t have any children. But in 1926 their daughter was born through IVF. After four years their second child Margaret was born. When Elizabeth’s father in law died, the whole country didn’t know who should be successor to the throne. His oldest son, Edward was planning to marry the already two times divorced American woman Wallis Warfield Simpson.

The country didn’t want her as their queen so Edward gave up the throne to his younger brother Albert. His reason was that he couldn’t go on further without the woman he loved.

Elizabeth didn’t like her sister in law very much because Wallis wanted everybody to call her ‘ her royal highness’ even when she wasn’t royal at all. This argument lasted until Wallis died in 1986.

Elizabeth’s husband Bertie was then crowned King George VI and he was king of England until 1952. Bertie didn’t want to be king at all and it became a hard time for him. Bertie was really shy, really quiet and he still stuttered
With the help of Elizabeth however Bertie even became popular. But Elizabeth herself was much more popular than her husband. The whole country loved her and they called her the mother of the nation!

When Hitler was fighting the second world war he even called her the most dangerous woman in Europe! He thought that she would be less popular when he said that but she became even more popular when she refused to leave the country.

She said these legendary words once :,,The children won’t leave without me, I won’t leave without the King and the King will never leave!”

When the war was over, the love of the people for the royal house was bigger than ever and Elizabeth was like an angel to the people. The whole country was sad when Elizabeth’s husband Bertie died of long cancer. Her oldest daughter Elizabeth was the successor to the throne and so Queen Elisabeth was no longer the leading Queen but her daughter was. Queen Elizabeth didn’t like this and so she named herself ‘Her majesty Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother’.

From that moment the United Kingdom had two Queens, the Queen Mum and her daughter Elizabeth.

The ‘Queen mother’ visited a lot of countries and the part she played in the British community was really important. She always did everything with a smile and even when she was in her nineties she went to visit a lot of countries and places all over the world.

When her daughter was crowned in 1953 a lot of people shouted: “May the Queen live forever!”. Unfortunately she didn’t live forever. A few years ago the legendaries Queen mum died.




Dit werkstuk gaat over Queen Elizabeth The II, Maar de informatie die erin staat gaat over Queen Elizabeth. niet haar dochter (Queen Elizabeth The II). ik was bezig met me spreekbeurt aan het maken, en kwam erachter. gelukkig maar anders klopte het voor geen meter.
mishcien willen jullie het veranderen?

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ze was geboren in 21 april niet in augustus

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