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Ten years ago, the parents of Chris Wolstenholme, Mathew Bellamy and Dominic Howard relocated to Teignmouth, Devon. It's a seaside town: barely breathing in summer, stone cold dead in winter and if you were aged between 13 to 18, a living hell the whole year round.

As Matt remembers it: "All we used to do was hang around, smoke and listen to music. There wasn't anything else to do."

Aged 13, the three of them formed their first band, a few years and name changes later Muse were born and things started to get more serious. Rehearsals became more frequent, and they picked up gigs wherever they could - not easy when you're 250 miles away from the center of London.

This is where the story accelerates. Hooking up with Taste Media Sawmills, Muse suddenly found themselves at the 1998 In The City. At the same time, a couple of American labels began to show interest, and in November of the same year, the band flew out to New York to play CMJ. After a dazzling show at the Mercury Lounge, they found that US interest was now reaching fever pitch.

Two weeks later, they were flown to the States again, this time to LA, where they played a showcase on the Santa Monica Pier . After five years hard slog the band had gone from 0 to 4 record deals in a couple of months.

Their first two limited edition EP's Muse and Muscle Museum both quickly sold out. All this setting the blueprint for what was to follow: a tidal wave of serrated guitar noises and seething lyrical anger.It was enough to ensure that when they started to record their debut album a few weeks later, John leckie was only too happy to join them. Muse's sheer energy and passion impressed him, like everyone else who had heard them.

Matt: "I don't think many bands feel that strongly about their music. It's sad but I think Nirvana were the last band who had that. Music should be an outlet for your emotions. If it wasn't for Muse, I think I'd probably be a nasty violent person. It's definitely a release, and that's the way it should be."

Their first proper single, the brilliant Uno, was released a month later. The single cracked the Top 75. the band made an outstanding debut at Glastonbury, they also played T-In The Park, followed by a smattering of UK dates, a performance at Woodstock and other shows in the US.

Their debut album “Showbizz” came out in september 1999 and they soled over 500.000 coppy’s thanks to the single sunburn was their first big breaktrough.

Plug in baby is the first single from their new album “origin of symmetry” who was released in march 2001.




Hey..... ook fan van Muse?!!??
ze zijn echt helemaal te gek he. Echt grappig dat ik dat hier tegen kom op want dat kom je niet zo vaak tegen, dat iemend het over Muse heeft!!
groetjes, driedubbeldikke MUSE-fan!!!!!

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