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Naam: Helen Vermote
Klas: 4 Economie Wiskunde
Nummer: 24
Vak: Engels

Homework: Factfile

The country I will tell something about is called Malawi. It is discovered by Dr. David Livingstone in the 16th century. In 1964 Malawi became a independed nation. Malawi is situated in southern Africa and east of Zambia. The capital is Lilongwe. The country has an area of 118,480 sq. km. Malawi is approximately 4 times as big as Belgium, but there is 24,400 sq. km. water. The president is Bakili Muluzi. All the 11,651,239 inhabitants have listening to him. Most of these people die of AIDS. The official language is English and Chichewa. The climate in Malawi is like the most African countries: Sub-tropical. The dry seasons are from May to November and the rainy seasons are from November to May. There are a lot of mountains, hills and lakes. The biggest lake is called: Lake Malawi. The inhabitants lives of agriculture. When you will visit this beautiful country, you can get there by plain, by train, by bus are by boat. There you most pay with the malawian kwacha. Have a nice trip!

Now, the questions: Where is Malawi situated? It is situated southern Africa and east f Zambia.

How many times is Malawi bigger than our little country? It is 4 times bigger.

What is the official language of this country? The languages are: English an Chichewa.


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