Gamers death

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Death by gaming

I'm going to tell you something about Addicted gamers committing murders or suicide. There are about 450 million gamers on the world, it has become a lifestyle. Most victims fall in the category MMORPG, this means massive multiplayer online role playing game. Very known are World of Warcraft, Runescape and Everquest.

Around the year 2000 the 41 year old Qiu Chengwei stabbed his competitor Zhu Caoyuan repeatedly in the chest after Zhu sold his “dragon Sabre” in the popular game legend of Mir 3.
Qiu looted the weapon in February and allowed Zhu to borrow it. Zhu sold the weapon on Ebay for $900 dollars, Qiu demanded the money, but because it took too long in his eyes, he went to Zhu’s house and stabbed him in his chest several times.

March 30, 2002. The 21 year old Shawn Woolley was addicted to Everquest, a game for pc with a monthly fee around the 12 $. Shawn quit his job too have more online-time. He had an average of 16 hours a day online on Everquest. On thanksgiving morning Woolley shot himself in the head, about 2 minutes after he logged out on Everquest. Some people think that he had a disconnect of his server, committing suicide afterwards. His mother is now sewing Sony, she thinks there should be warnings on games, like packs of cigarettes.

Mitchel Thompson was a very dedicated MGS (metal gear solid) player on the playstation two. He committed suicide by drinking Anti freeze and eating lots of painkillers. He left a goodbye note on a forum, for long periods after his post the people didn’t hear about him, thinking he was dead, after thousands of tries a builder of MGS gets Mitchel on the phone, trying to talk it out of his head. Mitchel explained he had financial issues. The conversation didn’t work, and mitchel was found dead soon after that.

In China there a companies that have lots of gamers hired. They play about 20 hours a day on World of Warcraft on the account of a western customer, earning gold for the real owner. These people apparently love gaming because they only get paid 60€ a month! Some of them die because they don’t have enough sleep.

on November the first 2005 a very known death took place in Beijing. A young girl called Snowy played WoW for 47 hours in a row without sleeping or eating/drinking. The girl was said to prepare for one of the toughest battles in the game. Her online buddy’s were so touched by the death of Snowy that they organised a online funeral for her. All the characters were gathered on a graveyard in the game, using the cry emote.  A few days later nan Ren Gu Shi died as well, he was a WoW fanatic as well, and a friend of Snowy.

In Holland there was a boy that killed the father of his best friend years ago, because he thought he was the main character in final fantasy. He saw the evil in the father and cruelly killed the man.

Most recently in Holland there was a 14 year old boy named Maarten who committed suicide after finding out his account on Runescape was hacked. There are also rumours’ about Chinese kids jumping off buildings thinking they could fly.

7 major game companies are now creating a anti-obsession system on 11 games total. They even got a slogan: put down that controller and get a life!


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