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The European union was set up as a peace initiative after WW2. It began in 1952 with the set up of the Economic Community of Coal and Steal. The original country’s who set up this community were Belgium, Germany, France, Italy, Luxembourg and the Netherlands. The ECCS concerns about the cooperations of the Coal and Steal industry of the country’s.

In 1957 they formed in the treaty of Rome the Europian Economic Community and the Europian Atomic Community.
In 1967 the name EEC was changed into European Community.

In 1973 the UK, Ireland and Denmark joined the EC,
in 1981 Greece followed.
In 1986, came Spain and Portugal.
And in 1995, Finland, Austria and Sweden joined also. The EC consists now of 15 countries. In may this year another ten countrys will join the European Union. Estonia, Letvia, lithuania, Poland, the czech republic, Slowakia, Hungary, Slovenia, Cyprus and Malta.

In 1992, during the treaty of Maastricht, the EC was changed into the EU. Also the Economic union and Monetary Union were set up. Also there was decided that the ministery’s of foreign affaires, justice and defense will work together. There also came 1 central bank that deals with all money affairs of the European Union.

The EU gorvernment consists of the Europian Council, Parliament and Commision. The gornements are situated in Brussel.

The European Council is formed of all the ministers of the EU country’s.Which ministers depends on the subject of the meeting. The European Council is actual 1 council for the three European Communities, namely the ECCS, Euratom and the EU. These community’s are combined since 1993.

The European Parliament is the representation of the people of the EU. It consists of 625 members and is responsible for the opinion of the people. It depends on the size of the country how many representives it has in the parliament.

The European Commission is the executive power of the EU. It executes actions whom are approved by the Parliament and the Council. It also takes care of the daily administration of the EU. The Commission consists of politicians whom are choosen on there knowledge and experience.

In future the European Union will become one nation just like the USA. The citizens of europe than can vote on there favoriete party and can choose a President.


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