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I’m going to talk about Dutroux because I had to write an contemplative article for my dutch examination.

Dutroux an 47 year old man is the most hated person in Belgium. They call him the monster of marcinelle. Marcinelle is the place were he lived. He lives in captivity now because he had kidnapped 6 girls in the age of 8, 12 14, 17 and 19. He killed the 2 youngest en eldest girls. The two youngest Julie and melissa dies of starvation and after they died he put them in the freezer an barried them in the garden after 8 days. The two oldest An and Eefje were barried alive in the garden of an old friend of dutroux. He also killed his old friend. Then he kidnapped Laetitea and Sabine, but connorotte the man who examined the kidnapping of Laetitea found out very quickly that Dutroux was the offender. On closer examination the police came across the other disapearings of Julie, Melissa, An and Eefje. The police also discovered during examinations that he also raiped the girls. Dutroux kept them in al little dark cellar. On 1 march this year the case against dutroux, his ex-wive Michelle Martin and two accomplices has began. This case is very expensive because the case will go on for 2 or 3 months. And the suspects are sitting behind special expensive cages of glass to protect them against evil people. The case still continues. Every day you can read in the paper about the progess of the case.

Dutroux kidnapped the girls in 1995. I was 9 years old then I can still remember the poster with the pictures of Julie and Melissa at the roadhouses along the highwayes through Belgium. When we were going on vacation to france. My parents warned me for strange people and I wasn’t allowed to play at the playground at the roadhouses without my brother or parents. Since that vacation I thought Belgium wasn’t save, but when I heard that they found te offender I was reliefed. When I saw dutroux on the television I shudderd. I thought he was a gruesome ugly man.


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