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English Speech

I am going to tell you something about drugs because I think it is an interesting subject. I am going to tell you what is wrong about drugs but first I would like to give you some information.
There are many kinds of drugs. They are split up in four groups: stimulating drugs, narcotic drugs, awareness changing drugs and drugs with a mixed effect.

· Stimulating drugs: People who use thiese drugsthink they get a lot more
energy and are more alert. Example: Speed, cocaine, tobacco and
coffee. Speed is one of the most illegal drugs in the United Kingdom.

· Narcotic drugs: You get very calm and relaxed when you use these.
That means that you get sleepy and you see things positive again. Used
by people with social problems or sleeping problems. Example: heroin
alcohol and sleeping pills.

· Awareness changing drugs: The user comes in a complete other world. It is used by young people who want to know what the effects of drugs are. You see beautiful colors, or you get very active, or very tired, or you get an enormous fit of laughter. Example: LSD and weed.

· Drugs with a mixed effect: This is a sort of stimulating and awareness changing drugs.

Example: XTC.

There is a law with all the rules about drugs. We have two kind of drugs: Soft drugs and hard drugs. Hard drugs are much more dangerous because the effects are bigger. That is why the punishment for hard drugs is stricter. Examples of this are: XTC, LSD, heroine and cocaine.
We also have softdrugs. The effects of these are not as bad as harddrugs. Examples: Valium and Seresta.

There are no kind of drugs that make you addicted by using it one time. So you don't have to worry when someone puts something in your drink.

Now I am going to tell you why drugs are bad. Of course there are a lot of reasons, but these are the most important
Drugs is very bad because:
· they are very, very expensive.
· the risk for cancer and other health-troubles is much bigger like:
-feel very hungry or firsty
-not able to learn or
-very tired
-or paranoid and depressed




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