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Hello, my talk is about Delta Goodrem

Who is Delta Goodrem?

I don’t know if you know her, but Delta is a very famous woman in Australia and a little bit in Europe. She plays in a soap, she writes songs, she plays on the piano and she sings very well! She’d a couple of hits here in Holland: Born to try and Lost without you for instance.

Delta Lea Goodrem was born at 9th November 1984 in Sydney, Australia. Now she’s 19 years old and she lives in Melbourne, the capital of Australia. She’s 1.72 m tall and she has blue eyes and blond hair. Delta has one younger brother: Trent and she has 2 dogs: Maverick and Mitzy.

Here are some of her favourite things:

Her favourite food is chocolat and preferably she drinks Fruit Smoothies. Her favourite movie is Grease, Olivia Newton-John is one of her favourite artists too. An another idol from her is Janet Jackson. Delta’s favourite sports are basketball and skiing. Her favourite classes are drama and English. She also plays piano, drums and guitar.

Why is Delta Goodrem so famous? She started in the entertainment business at the age of seven, acting in TV commercials and Australian television shows such as Hey Dad, A Country Practice and Police Rescue.

At the age of 12, Delta recorded her demo CD, with five songs she had written. Over the next two years, her manager Glenn helped Delta to develope her career, before she signed a recordingcontract at Sony at the age of 15.

In 2002 Delta landed a role in the television soap ‘Neighbours’. She played the shy singing schoolgirl Nina Tucker. In that soap she has sung ‘Born to try’, and that became her debut single. After that she developed her music career. With her fantastic voice and her talent for piano, she’s wrote many songs. So, she released her first album ‘Innocent eyes, with the acquainted songs ‘Born to try’, ‘Lost without you’ and the new single ‘Not me, not I’. These are all popballads.

After those hits and triple platina cd’s, you must think that she’s a happy person, but in 2003, there was a fright in Delta’s life… There was a disease detected in her body: The Hodgekin desease. That’s a kind of cancer. This occurrence disturb Delta’s life. She continued her music career and her job as actrice immidiatly, so she concentrated herself at her health. At this moment, she has still chemotherapy and radiotherapy. It seems that the treatment against her disease helps, but nothing is sure. Of course I hope it will be fine with Delta Goodrem.

Why did I choose this subject?

I heard the first single of Delta Goodrem, Born to try, and I like that song immidiatly. I searched on the internet for more songs from Delta. I like popballads, that’s why I like the songs of Delta. Then I heard that she has cancer, and I was frightened. And that Delta plays in a soap and she write her own songs, that makes her so special.

This was my speech… are there any questions?




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