The first world war
10 million people died, 20 million were wounded
$ spent on armour etc.
How could the war Happen?
1. Alliances:
Triple entente: Britain, France, Russia.
Triple alliance : Germany, Austria-Hungary, Italy
Alliances made countries feel safer and more aggressive.
2. Militarism: People all wanted a huge army for their country
3. Arms race: Countries wanted more armour than the enemy had
4. Problems with colonies: Countries wanted to gain each others colonies
5. Nationalism: As long as it keeps down to being proud of your country, it’s positive, but it gets bad when you start to feel superior, better than others.
6. Revenge of France on Germany: France wanted a revenge on a war they had lost in 1870.
Europe was ready to fight against each other, they were just looking for a reason why.


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