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Article: Nothing’s pure and simple
Source: Wasp
Time: 1.15
Subject: Popstar

Paragraph 1, 42 lines
Main points: The band Hear Say has stalkers. Myleene Klass got one. The band has a new single: pure and simple. It has got a record of sales. The TV helps to make a fan club about a band.
Paragraph 2, 55 lines
Main points: Hear Say is the fastest band risen to the top, even the Spice Girls couldn’t tip on it. They received a Grammy Award in 1990. They are sponsored by a group of industry veterans. Ray Hedges is the songwriter and Joice is the stylist.
Paragraph 3, 53 lines

Main points: Joice says that success can only be judged by the phalanx of products the group has launched in his lifespan. The group also had problems. She thinks it isn’t good to suddenly being pushed to such a success.
Paragraph 4, 42 lines
Main points: Berry Gordy is the founder of Motown Records and member of The Supremes. The Temptations are highly televised ways of creating a popgroup. Werner says that no other popgroup has so quickly inspired his own product.
Paragraph 5, 39 lines
Main points: Three years ago the group introduced kiss non-alcoholic wine. All the bottles are collectors’ items. They also introduced a kiss Visa banking card. Sarah Rhodes says that the creation of the Hear Say dolls is an ongoing project. She is the manager. Everything had to been done very fast.

I thought this article was clearly written, because the writer used sub-headings and paragraphs.
The author’s opinion is not expressed, because the writer only used facts and opinions of others.


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