Beoordeling 7.1
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  • 1e klas havo/vwo | 290 woorden
  • 1 maart 2016
  • 7 keer beoordeeld
Cijfer 7.1
7 keer beoordeeld

"Hij was echt die meester die iedereen voor de klas wil hebben"

Pabo-student Melle wil graag leraar worden. Wij spreken hem over zijn rolmodel en hoe het is om stage te lopen. Wil je meer weten over hoe het is om voor de klas te staan en hoe je zelf leraar kunt worden? Check onze pagina over ‘leraar worden’! 

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Sinbad is a boy who’s father dying.  His father was the king of Bagdhad. Sinbad inherit his father’s money. He spends it all. Sinbad goes sailing with sailors to find something what he can sell. But Sinbad get sick. He sees an island. On the island he starts searching for something what he can sell. He goes to many islands. On each island something happens. On the second island Sinbad sees a big white stone. But it isn’t a stone it is an egg from a Roc. The Roc takes Sinbad to a valley.  In the valley there are many jewels. But also 3 big snakes.  Sinbad run and goes back with the Roc to a village. Sinbad goes more to islands and always something happens. But Sinbad always survived. Sinbad came by a king and he was in love with the king’s daughter and married. The daughter (Ayisha) become ill and died. Sinbad had to go underground but escaped. Sinbad finds a girl (Yasmin) in a cave. They goes back with a boat. They climb to them ship but pirates attack the ship. The pirates make Yasmin and Sinbad their prisoners. The pirates sell Yasmin and Sinbad to a elephant hunter. Yasmin and Sinbad must hunt elephants for their ivory. In the cave Yasmin and Sinbad find lots of dead elephants. Sinbad takes the hunter to the dead elephants. The hunter was happy so they don’t need to kill elephants because they have enough ivory. Sindbad sell all his things what he found and he becomes rich. But he say: ‘ money is not important.’ And give the money to the people with no money.


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