Divergent 2 - Opstand door Veronica Roth

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Divergent 2 - Insurgent
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Boekcover Divergent 2 - Opstand

Na de gruwelijke gebeurtenissen tijdens haar Inwijdingsdag vlucht Tris weg uit Onverschrokkenheid. Gevoelens van rouw en schuld over de dood van Will en haar ouders achtervolgen haar. Ondertussen woedt er een oorlog tussen de facties. Binnen het hoofdkwartier van Eruditie vinden gevaarlijke ontwikkelingen plaats. In de andere facties heerst verdeeldheid tussen zij die…

Na de gruwelijke gebeurtenissen tijdens haar Inwijdingsdag vlucht Tris weg uit Onverschrokkenheid. Gevoelens van rouw en schuld over de dood van Will en haar ouders achtervolgen ha…

Na de gruwelijke gebeurtenissen tijdens haar Inwijdingsdag vlucht Tris weg uit Onverschrokkenheid. Gevoelens van rouw en schuld over de dood van Will en haar ouders achtervolgen haar. Ondertussen woedt er een oorlog tussen de facties. Binnen het hoofdkwartier van Eruditie vinden gevaarlijke ontwikkelingen plaats. In de andere facties heerst verdeeldheid tussen zij die willen vechten en zij die de vrede willen bewaren. Terwijl ze strijdt tegen Eruditie, neemt Tris grote risico's om haar dierbaren te redden. Met de keuzes die ze maakt, zet ze haar relatie met Tobias en haar eigen leven op het spel. Door ingrijpende ontdekkingen moet Tris volledig accepteren dat ze afwijkend is, zelfs als ze niet weet wat ze daardoor zal verliezen...

Divergent 2 - Opstand door Veronica Roth
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Insurgent starts a few hours after the end of divergent. Tris has stolen the hard-drive on which is the big secret her parents died for. Tris, Tobias, Peter, Marcus and Caleb need a place where they are safe for Jeanine. They go to the neutral amity. The abnegation are also in amity. Erudite comes to amity to search abnegation and dauntless. Tris destroys the hard drive because the erudite may not find it. Everybody dresses up as if they are amity. Among the erudite are dauntless, traitors. Unfortunately, erudite finds out there are dauntless and abnegation in amity. Tris, Caleb, Tobias and Susan, an old friend of Tris, flight to the trains. When they are in the train, it’s full of factionless. The factionless tell them to go with them. Everybody thought the factionless were all split up, but they live together, waiting for the factions to fall apart. The head of the factionless is Evelyn, Tobias mother, whom everybody thought was death and she wants to rule the city. Tris and Tobias decide to go to candor, there are the other dauntless, the once who aren’t traitors. Tris and Tobias are accused of crime against humanity, which isn’t true. Under truth serum, a serum that forces you to tell the truth, they have to confess. Tobias explains that he choose Dauntless to escape his father, he shows that Tris and he aren’t guilty and he tells that he wanted to become factionless but stayed for Tris. Because of her divergence, Tris is aware of being in the simulation but she tells out of her own mind that she killed Will. Tobias and Christina are mad at Tris and Tris is mad at Tobias because of all the secrets. The Dauntless go to the Hancock building to spy on Erudite, but they get caught by the dauntless traitors. The traitors don’t kill them but they shoot with needles with a simulation serum which makes people unconscious but the Divergents stay awake. By this, the traitors can find out who’s Divergent, so they can kill them. Tris and Uriah (who’s also Divergent) get caught by Eric. Tris has a knife, she injures Eric, the real dauntless help them and almost everybody escapes. Tobias is angry at Tris because she does things that she thinks are brave but that are stupid, like not running away from the dauntless traitors but staying. Marcus is also in Candor. Candor wants to try to negotiate a peace with Jeanine Matthews from Erudite and the dauntless can’t fight without Candor. Everybody thought that Zeke, Uriah’s brother and Tori had become dauntless traitors. It turns out they were spying the erudite for the real dauntless. Everybody says Tobias is a coward because he went to dauntless to escape his father. He feels this must be over so he slaps Marcus with his buckle, just like Marcus always did to him. Tris thinks he shouldn’t have done it. She goes to Marcus and says she could help him to get the important information from Jeanine. Tris, Uriah, Tobias, Marlene, Shauna, Zeke and Lynn go to spy the negotiation between Jack Kang (leader of Candor) and Jeanine Matthews (leader of erudite). Tobias is angry at Tris because she does something dangerous again, he goes with them to protect her. Max, a dauntless traitor, comes to the meeting instead of Jeanine, but he talks too polite to be dauntless so Tris knows Jeanine must be somewhere near them. Max asks 3 things for piece: return of the dauntless leaders, search Candor for Divergents and the names of those not injected by the needles. Lynn shoots Max and Tris goes to search Jeanine. They see Jeanine running with Peter. Tris and Tobias have to go back to Candor. Tobias is mad because Tris was doing so dangerous for nog reason. They choose new dauntless leaders: Tori, Harrison and Tobias. Eric gets executed, Tobias kills him. The dauntless go back to dauntless headquarters where they cover every camera with paint. Tris and Tobias go to Evelyn and Edward to talk about an alliance. They agree because they both want to kill Jeanine Matthews. Tris doesn’t agree with the alliance so she’s angry at Tobias. Jeanine wants to test a divergent. She uses the simulation serum that was in the needles to make Marlene, Hector and another girl give the dauntless the message to deliver her a divergent and then makes them jump of the roof and says this will happen every two days. Tris and Christina manage to save Hector, Lynn’s brother, the other girls die. Christina sees the people in the simulation and understands why Tris killed Will, so she forgives her. Tris wants to go to erudite and Tobias expects this and tries to stop her. Tris still goes to Erudite. Peter brings her to a cell in erudite. Jeanine found out Tris had an aptitude for 3 factions. She wants to develop a serum that works on divergents and after that she’ll execute Tris. They make scans of her brain. With a lot of science, Jeanine tries to explain divergence. Tobias has come to erudite headquarters too. They try a new serum on Tris, it works. It turns out that Caleb helped Jeanine with the serums and told her more about Tris. Tris is angry and sad and feels betrayed. Almost every simulation is about escaping with Tobias, but it’s never true. Finally Tris finds out how she can still know she’s in a simulation; watch someones behaviour carefully. Tris claws Jeanine’s face. Jeanine says she does this to keep the city safe from the people outside the fence. Tris has to go to her execution. Finally she realizes she doesn’t want to die, but it’s too late. But she doesn’t die. Tris once saved Peter by pushing him away, he wants to be even and saves her now. Tris, Tobias and Peter escape from erudite through the trash incinerator. They go to Tobias abnegation house. Marcus tells Tris that abnegation wanted to reveal the secret information. That’s why Jeanine attacked them, so they wouldn’t be able to do it. The dauntless and factionless are going to attack erudite together to destroy all information to bring down erudite. Tris is in Tobias’ group, they have to go to the control rooms. But Tris decides to go with Marcus to reveal the truth, so she has to lie again. Christina goes with Tris. They dress up as amity and Marcus drives them to the amity headquarters. They discuss that not all information of erudite must be destroyed, because it’s essential for the city. Cara, Wills sister, and Fernando help Tris and Christina. Johanna, the leader of amity, and a few other amities go to help fighting erudite. Tris isn’t able to fire a gun because she thinks about Will all the time. The erudite made a simulation with all candor as soldiers. They avoid them by going through the windows of two houses with a ladder. Everybody is in the other house, except for Fernando, he almost fell of the ladder between the houses, the candors saw the movement and shot. Caleb tries to stop them but fails, they go to the private laboratory computer. Tris goes inside and a simulation makes her fight a clone of herself, it has to be in 5 minutes otherwise she’ll be poisoned. It’s difficult because they both do the same because they both are the same. She realizes she can only win because her goal is more desperate than her clones’ goal. Tris thinks of a gun and there appears one. Both Tris’s are afraid of firing, but the real Tris is more desperate so she fires. Tori is already in the laboratory and she kills Jeanine, now the secret information is lost. Tobias and Uriah come into the room and Tobias is angry because Tris worked together with Marcus. The factionless won from erudite. But many people died, also Lynn. Evelyn, leader of the factionless, says that the factions will no longer exist, only factionless have guns so the others can’t attack them. Tobias took Caleb to the laboratory and they found the secret information, he forgives her. They project the video on all screens in the city, it says that there’s an upcoming war outside the city and that if there are a lot of divergents in the city, they have to come out and help them.


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