§2.1 - The life cycle of a plant

Organisms change during his life. It becomes larger, it grows. But it also develops . Flowering plants grow from seeds. The seed gives them what they need, than can it grow. It germinates.A bean is a seed, the seed leaves are the first leaves of a bean plant. During germination stores the plant food in it. As the plant grows the leaves become smaller and can fall of. Meanwhile the plant grows more leaves.


Organisms           –       Organisme

Develops             –       Ontwikkeld

Germinates          –       Ontkiemd


Organisms – A living thing – Ietsdatleeft

Develops – If an organism is changing – Alseenorganismeverandert

Germinates –Starting to grow – Beginnentegroeien

Seed leaves– The first leaves of a plant where the plant can store food in if he grows – De eersteblaadjes van een plant waarhijeten in kanbewarenalshijgroeit.

§2.2 – Roots

The plants body is divided in a root system  and a shoot system . The root system consists of a tap root and several secondary roots. The shoot system consists of stems, leaves and flowers. That are the organs of a plant, each organ has a specific job. Some plants have a tap root system that consists of one large root and many smaller roots. Smaller roots are called secondary roots or  lateral roots. For example: a carrot has a tap root system. Other plants have a fibrous root system that have a lot of threatlike roots. For example: a leek has a fibrous root system. On the end of the (secondary) roots are root hairs. These root hair increase the surface area of the roots.  This helps the roots to absorb more water more quickly. Many plants survive the winter by losing their leaves and/or shoot system. The food is stored in their roots. Many of these roots are tasty and healty We can eet them as vegetables.

The functions of roots are:

  • To anchor the plant in the soil.This stop the plant from being blow over by the wind.
  • To take up water with minerals.
  • To store food.


Root system        –       Wortelstelsel

Shoot system      –       Takkenstelsel

Consists              –       Bestaat uit

Tap root               –        Hoofdwortel

Specific                -         Specifiek

Tap root system –       Hoofdwortel systeem

Secondaryroots –      Secundaire wortels

Lateral roots       –      Zijwortels

Fibrous root system - Vezelachtige wortels

Threatlikeroots   –       Draadachtige wortels

Leek                             –       Prei

Root hairs                    –       Wortelharen

Increase             –       Toenemend

Surface area      -        Oppervlak

Anchor                -        Ankeren

Soil                      -        Bodem

§2.3 Stems

The functions of stems are:

  • To support flowers and leaves
  • To travel the water and the minerals in the vessels.
  • To store food


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