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According to John Green, the author of the book The Fault in Our Stars, love definitely lasts forever. That is what this book is all about. Love. Eternal love, even if you know you’re loved one can die anytime.

Hazel Grace is a sixteen year old girl, she lives in Indianapolis, America and she suffers from lung cancer. She actually should have been dead already, but due to the BiPAP which provides her with oxygen, she is still alive. Every week, Hazel goes to ‘Support Group’ to talk with companions. She meets Augustus Waters, she likes him immediately and they fall in love with each other very quickly. They are going to Amsterdam to visit the author of the book they both like. They are very happy together and finally they have something to think about apart from the cancer. But then Augustus has something to tell to Hazel which turned their, especially Hazel’s, whole world upside down...


I really, really loved the book. The book is beautifully written. I really felt the emotions of the main characters. Even more when you think about the fact that it is based on a real-life story. You can really sympathize with the main characters Hazel, Augustus and their families. I felt like Hazel was a very strong person. Every little second of the day she has to think about her lungs and carrying her BiPAP.  I mean, I would be so irritated by that and I would probably forget to plug it in or something...

Also, every time I wanted to read further, even though the book was written in English. In every chapter there happened something new, which made me curious about how the book would end.  

For example, at the end of the book, approximately the last 100 pages, it was very sad and I just wanted to know how it would end. I even got a little teary eyed.

Moreover, the book was absolutely not predictable. It was lovely to read. The book learns the reader to live your life, enjoy it as much as you can and don’t suffer from the things that went wrong. For a lot of people it’s a fulfilment, and it’s very special that that happens because of this book.

In conclusion, I would definitely recommend this book, for people who are a bit philosophic, teenagers, romantics... This book is just very good for anyone actually. It is a perfect book to crawl into a corner and read the whole day long. I think it is even one of the best books I’ve ever read(which aren’t much, but still...). I loved it. I just wanted to keep on reading, and that doesn’t happen very often, so that says something! I was very sad when I finished the book, on the one hand because the story was just very sad and on the other hand because I couldn’t continue reading.

I decided after reading this book, I’m going to read more books of John Green because he is such a good writer. I will start with Looking for Alaska


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