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Made by: Thomas Henkelman.

Class :H5d.

Companion: Mrs Doesburg Smits &

Companion: Sir van Twist.

Main question:

What are the causes and consequents for the battle of Britain?


-What is World War 2 and how it starts?

-What was the goal to have England?

-Who has joined the Battle of Britain?

-What weapons and vehicles did they use?

-Why did Germany lose?

-What was the situation in England before and during the battle of Britain?

-What was the situation in Germany before and during the battle of Britain?

-What is operation  eagle?

-What was the battle of London?

-How was the fight in England?

-What was the final phase of the battle of Britain?




I have choose the subject of the Battle of Britain . I chose this topic because, I think the second world is very interesting. But the second world war is a big topic with many events . That's why I had to go pick one topic about the second world war . With the history lesson we had a short time about the Battle of Britain , when I had become very curious . Then I had to choose a subject. My decision was quickly made. I choose to the battle of Britain as topic.

It is a very interesting topic because you can learn a lot. Much about this is because new technologies are used, and because people say that Hitler has not won the Second World War, because he lost the battle of Britain. Germany is also very interesting because it had a lot to do with different countries. I'll tell you what happened during the Battle of Britain with lots of details and a lot of tidbits thorough in my profile project and facilitate this with pictures and that make it more beautiful. So it's a nice, beautiful, instructive profile project is in Dutch and in English. I welcome Ms Doesburg Smits. Ms. Doesburg Smits is a good English teacher who can help me very well and try to help you. Me the right way.

Dit wil je ook lezen:

I have always worked a lot to my profile project during the week that was because I always had the first 3 hours free on Monday and Wednesday afternoon I had every 2 hours between. This is very good for me because I can work every week at least two hours for my Profile project.



This is a propaganda picture that wants to say, when America's European allies are going to help, then they would be harassed by Nazi Germany and Japan, and that they are in the war because they were versus Germany and Japan and they helped the Allies.


My logboek:


What have I done.


22  September

Choose a subject

1 hours.

25 September

Think about the main question and sub questions.

2,5 uur.

2 October

proem and logbook.

2 hours.

9 October

Goal to have England?

5 hours.

6& 8t/m 10 November

-who has joined the battle of Britain??

-with what they fought?

-why did Germany lose?

4 hours.

5 hours.

4 hours.

Christmas holiday

-what was the situation in England before and during the battle of Britain?

-what was the situation in Germany before and during the battle of Britain?

6 hours.

6 hours.

22 January

I saw a documentary of the battle of Britain.

1 hours.

29 January

What is operation eagle?

4 hours.

5& 8 en 9 February

-What was the battle of London?

-How was the fight in England?

5 hours.

5 hours.

12& 15 en 16 February

What was the final phase of the battle of Britain?

5 hours.

The hole year.

resources: library, books, use internet like Google, films, magazines, documentary.

12 hours.

22&23 February

Translate to the English language.

10 hours.

22&23 February


26 februari

Correct all faults and check everything for the 2nd time.

conclusion and list of sources

4 hours


2 hours.


My profileproject.

82 hours.

Little introduction what the second World war was and how it started:


Hitler has the power In Europe. He sees Europe as a great Aryan Empire. Wherefore all non Aryan races away from Europe according to Hitler. The Aryan race is mean a superior race over other races. You have blue eyes and blond hair.

Hitler also wanted revenge on what the French, Russians and Germans were doing to English during WWI and after WWI. For example, by the Treaty of Versailles. Where Germany was punished only and not the other countries. This  found Hitler enough reasons to grab power in Europe and this began a second World War.

In Asia:

In Asia started the war by the Japanese dream of a large Asian empire. And to the Europeans to show that Asia is not such a bad country, militarily, is. The had a shortage of materials in Japan and that was a reason to start the war. They capture a couple areas in China and Korea. China and Korea had the Materials wat they need for the construction of tanks, aircraft and ships. The Asians didn't really had a breed, but well a lot of ideas for a new empire.


Something about Hitler:

Hitler didn’t complete his school t, he wanted to be a painter like his father.

Hitler moved with his mother to Vienna In 1908 and led a quiet life. In 1918 he was awarded the Iron Cross first class.

And in 1918 he came also in politics.

Hitler wanted an empire forms with only the Aryan race. He wanted the control over the world. He already had large parts of Europe, but England still lacked.



Something about Churchill

Churchill's father is John Curchill.

Winston Churchil was also an experienced  in war. When he was deployed in the Second farming War, he was captured and escaped again. Back in England he was received as a hero and decided to go all the way in politics.

After 1910, he was Minister of Home Affairs and Minister of the Navy in 1911. He was the great hero of England after the battle of Britain.



He always said: we will defend our island at any price.

What was the goal to have England?

Hitler saw England as the last obstacle. When England was in the hands of the Germans, the world society was open for him. They thought when England on their knees for the Germans, that America will do the same.

Hitler said: what Napoleon did not succeed, will I succeed, I will land on the coast of England.

Hitler had 6 weeks prepared for the battle of Britain.

Step 1. the RAF and his plane bases need to be destroyed. Also  destroy communications and transport resources. Make sure you are the boss in the air.

Step 2. put the coast in ruins by means of dive bombers, parachute troops must occupy the other airports.

Step 3 from the Western European coast . Many boats and troops  go towards to the coast of England. Under cover of a huge number of aircraft.

When they are in England, they need to defeat all the set backs.

After England force to surrender. If they have England, they were also Lord and master in the air. When they would have England, the will together with Germany, Italy, England, Japan, France and Eastern Europe the Lord and master at the sea, America  feel very threatened.

Unfortunately it was for Hitler a unachievable mission. The battle of Britain was a defeat of the Germans. They thought they could quickly take England, but that was very different. The battle of Britain lasted from 10 July 1940 to 31 October 1941. those were for the allies and the Nazis very important months, which ensured that  Hitler was  not anymore the powerful man in the world.



                                                                    Hitler’s imperium before the battle of



Who have all with the battle of Britain with it interfering?

During the World War 2  you had 2 sides:

The allies and the Nazi’s.


Allies countries that fought in the Second World War against Germany, Italy and Japan.


The countries that fought against the allies . In the Second World War were:

You had also some smaller countries who fought with the Germans, Italians or Japanese against the allies:


During the Battle of London, has only these countries a role:

Flag of the United Kingdom.pngUnited Kingdom

Flag of the United States.svgUnited States

Vlag NAZI Duitsland.pngNazi-Germany.

Nazi Germany came up with the idea of Britain. So they could increase their empire and so have more power in Europe. England was not yet occupied and they were a very important mainstay to the allies. America was also one of the Allied that  helped England, therefore they helped England to ensure that England  not be conquered and occupied.



With which all the allies and fought the Nazi Empire?   

The allies and the Nazis fought with many weapons, vehicles and the latest techniques and discoveries. I'm going to treat them one.


World War II was no longer a trenches war  like World War 1.

Of course there  also used weapons during the battle of Britain.

Because England is an island made of aircraft was widely used and boats.

Because it was a '' fight overseas, so there isn't really made use of tanks and the land force.

There were many soldiers deployed during the battle of Britain. The soldiers were deployed after they jumpe with a parachute out of a plane.

the soldiers were equipped with necessary things. The soldiers had a helmet, sturdy shoes, a gun (usually a rifle), also they had still a hand gun and some grenades. They also had a camouflaged pants and vest. The vest which is not bulletproof, because that would be too expensive if they were to give all soldiers a well equipped outfit.



On the next page I have an overview of the number of dead soldiers and the number of  destroyed combat aircraft.





Troop strength

-754 single aircrafts
-149 double airctafts
-560 bombers
-500 boats

total: 1983

-1107 single aircrafts
-357 double aircrafts
-1380 bombers
-233 boats

total: 4074


-1023 attack aircrafts
-524 bombers

total: 1547

-27450 civilians killed
-32138 civilians injured

-837 attack aircrafts
-1014 bombers

total: 1887

Here you can see that the war was an air war and not really a land war. There are a lot of  aircraft destroyed and boats from each other.

Below, I'm going to tell something about the aircrafts.


The British had the RAF (Royal air force).

The history of the Royal air force:

The Royal air force was founded in the second half of the 19 century . They started with balloons that were used by the soldiers. Later came the first airship. The first airship flew in 1907. They had to make the air power effectively. The tasks were at that time, interceptions and tactical support. It had a military service, marine wing service, flight school and aircraft factories. The army and the Navy had the idea of creating a separate air service, so in 1914, the Navy and the army air service were separated.



Royal air force in the Second World War.

When the second world war started it was clear that fighters and bombers were vital. The RAF is very grown up since they were founded in the 19e century and there were groups formed with pilots. Eventually they had more then a million people who looked at the Royal air force

They were citizens. The Royal air force was so well managed that dthe raf was able to fight against the Germans. When the battle of Britain broke out, the Raf had about 2,000 planes and boats. After the war the Raf was still active, but the Battle of Britain was their main task. After the battle of Britain the RAF did also bombing a couple city’s in Germany. BorccO4i0pA9DVJUjBhKFu36AIh88SU51ubYyvjMq2DnP3cDrOsQ6xxsGXCa8vtW8xROHjTiN6M658lKnf_XwmbKLEq9tBEFNxW3-Cp5uJtsNgKZifU-Y-nHThsLEXI0ZkOPYk2HbqlTxQvo


the Raf had the best aircraft in the world.

I am now going to tell something about

the best aircraft of the Raf.


British Hawker Hurricane:

By far the main British aircraft during the battle of Britain. The Hawker Hurricane was built by wood and metal. By the metal was less damage when a grenades exploding and by the wood you can repair it quickly, even when it was heavy damaged. It was easy flown and easy to maintain, this was exactly what the British  needed during the war. During the battle of Britain the Royal Air Force had much bothered by the German bombers, but the British Hawker Hurricane was a single plane, so it was a small plane, which makes it more difficult for the German bombers and for the German luftwaffe. The Hawker Hurricane was good for 57% of the downed German aircraft during the battle. Therefore also be one of the best British combat aircrafts. The length: 9.55 m

Maximum speed: 529km  He can fly 6095 meters high.

The Hawker Hurricane was armed with Eight .303 machine gun, mounted in the wings. The eight 303 was a machine gun of the highest shelf. The machine gun had a big load and could fly very quickly one after the other and the bullets were also very effective.


Marine spitfire

The Navy just before World War II spitfire is designed. There were more of this type of aircraft, but the Navy spitfire was the most developed of all.

There are total 1583 builted Spitfires.

The Spitfire always drew more attention than the Hawker Hurricane, and it is one of the most famous plane. The graceful lines, extremely fast, and a powerful machine-gun mount and. It was a single plane, whereby those smaller than normal aircraft.

Length: 9.12 m

Maximum speed: 584km/HR. He can fly 3,598 m high.

In total they lost so '' n 600 Marine Spitfire.

This is a construction drawing of a marine spitfire




Important persons Royal air force

Hugh Dowding, Chief of the RAF.

He was born on april 24, 1882. He died on 15 February 1970. He was born in muffy, Scotland. Dowding had the main responsibility during the battle of Britain. Marshal Hugh Dowding was a man responsible for the victory of Great Britain, he had good tactics. He wanted that minimizing the amount of soldiers, so he was very defensive in front of the luftwaffe. He left the Royal air force in 1942.



He has now his own statue, that statue is in London.




A New Zealander, Keith Park was a Commander of the air force for 1940 , he was a senior air staff officer of Marshal Hugh Dowding together they built a good band. They had a lot of respect for each other. At the beginning of the war, when Keith park was called by  Hugh Dowding, he wants  that Keith Park  fight  with the Germans aircraft with his aircraft group.. Keith park,  must protect the South coast of England against enemy attacks. His biggest target was the luftwaffe. He died on February 6, 1975.




The forerunner of the Luftwaffe, was founded in 1910, Luftstreitkräfte was the name. before the outbreak of the first world war. In the beginning, was it only for exploration and support for the troops on the ground.

On 26 February 1935 Adolf Hitler and Hermann Göring gave the order to recover the Luftwaffe.

It is said than Hermann Göring himself had chosen the logo for the Luftwaffe. The Eagle, an old symbol of the German Empire was also in the logo, but in a different composition. After the second world war the Luftwaffe still existed. They were only not very active anymore.  They did a few European projects and they did still take part in the Kosovo war.

During the second World War:

At the beginning of the second world war the Luftwaffe was the latest and strongest air force, and it dominated the sky over Europe with aircraft much more advanced than the actual opponents. The Luftwaffe used especially the German Blitzkrieg tactics. However, after the Battle of Britain the Luftwaffe lost the superiority in the air, because the allies rapidly becoming much more better devices developed and produced, and the Luftwaffe production complexes were continuously bombarded. At the end of the war the Luftwaffe was not longer an important factor, because the Luftwaffe was plagued by fuel shortages, inadequate production capacity and shortage of trained pilots



Main aircraft of the Luftwaffe:

The Messerschmitt Me 262.

The device was used to a limited extent by the Luftwaffe during the battle of Britain.

In 1939, the development of the Messerschmitt came up with. They went there 2 years to work and the test flights started in April 1941.

The 262 could have a speed of 870 km/hour. This is 150 miles faster than normal aircraft. Also contained the 262 a machine gun that good file was against British bombers. In the beginning only experienced pilots were given permission to fly with the Messerschmitt 262 for. The last winter the less trained pilots had also access to the Messerschmitt 262. The are able to fly.

It was a single aircraft.

You can see on the image that the Messerschmitt 262 had very large engines. That had to be in order to be able to achieve great speed.



Important person:

Hermann Göring. Chief of the German Luftwaffe.

Hermann Göring was the man in charge for creating what perhaps the most dangerous and most powerful of an air force in the world, the Luftwaffe. Included in this force were heavy and medium range bombers, fighter planes, dive bombers and by the end of the war. He was born on 12 January 1893. He committed suicide on October 15, 1946, he was sentenced to death for war crimes and crimes against humanity.

Herman Goering was very important during the Battle of Britain for the Luftwaffe. He had good tactics, it was very effective and the Luftwaffe lost a few units.v5OhuNfIpITQGRy0IEtJDna4ruiWiUWEpgZHlG_mbhN8qWTQwDo4xq6o4-ZDlXm9KNGIfyomg4LEfRQeZG6niIJ_x9pDmztF4csjAzRrtoGACZj0K-lftuGR7q8-vWE4RKyPU_FhSPAnJTdp


Why did Germany lose?


One of the most important factors that contribute to the success of the air defense during the Battle of Britain was the Radar.

In the 1930’s, when the development of a new faster fighter aircraft was promised, there was also the possibility of defense against air raids. People realized that improvements in technique as necessary. Constant group’s planes were too expensive to keep. Therefore, the radar was of great importance.

At a distance of 100 kilometers. Can the radar perceive an aircraft.

The Germans made a attack on the radar stations in Kent, Sussex and the Isle of Wight on 12 August. The Germans had never fully understood the crucial role of the radar and why the British made use of it, therefore it was the destruction of the radar stations not their first priority.

The radar was the eye of the RAF, without the radar the RAF was not been able to intercept incoming attacks and fight. The radar the RAF gave enough time to intercept a attack. But the effectiveness was strong, by control network that the raw information of radar suddenly retrieved and it is rapidly applied. This takes fewer resources, pilots and they save fuel and aircraft. So the radar was crucial to the battle of Britain.





The ground tactics:

The Central played for the defense of Great Britain a large role. By the radar system was supplemented by ground calls. Anti-aircraft guns, balloons and searchlights – all of which contributed to the successful defeat of the Luftwaffe.

The Observer Corps, a network of civilian volunteers formed in 1925 they had an important role during the battle of Britain. The observer corps did especially aircraft spotting. Excited, usually unpaid and required to be outdoors on duty in all weather conditions. When the war broke out, there were 30,000 observers and 1000 observation posts were manned constantly. Information went first to an Observer Corps Center and then straight to operating rooms. The system worked well. So the RAF knew where the Luftwaffe was.



It was good for to protect aircraft factories, airports, ports, naval bases and industrial areas. From 7 September, when the Germans launched their attack on London, had many cannons directly damage brought to the German aircraft. The anti – airplane machines were controlled by citizens. They shoot about 300 German aircrafts  down during the battle.


Searchlights, were very active against the German raids over Great Britain. The searchlights at night were very handy. So they could still see every aircraft. In daylight they had the important function, they had to make a reporting from the air of the last night and that they needed to send it to the operating room.

RAF also had special balloon for the second world war. The RAF balloon organization was founded in November 1938. Expansion was soon necessary, there were by the end of July 1940,  450 balloons were needed for the defense of London. The main purpose of balloons was to fly the Germans higher so their bombing accuracy was low. They were a target for the heavy anti aircraft. Balloons were particularly effective against dive bombers.

The tactics of the RAF were better than the Luftwaffe tactics, but the Luftwaffe were the airplanes better.  The radar and the ground defense was very well together and that is the reason why German did not won the war.


You can see that the Luftwaffe was not able to cope with against the RAF. They have more pilots and aircraft lost. This came in part thanks to the radar and ground defense.




They caught the signals on this by a British plane, which gave the coordinates by the enemy aircraft.



They could so shoot down the enemy planes

                                                     Out of the air.


                                                                      The British can see the Luftwaffe

                                                                      Through their binoculars.


What was the situation before and during the battle of Britain in England?

England was losing the bomber fight against Germany.

The RAF had the task in order to limit the damage. They had to hold it out until help from allies show up.

Raf had new hunters, especially the Spitfire and the development of the radar.

Hugh Dowding reviewed the hunters saw strategy one way and destroying the German bombers as his only task.

In addition was the appointment of Lord Beaverbrook as Minister of aircraft production for his country of enormous importance. He had only one task: produce aircraft as soon and as much as possible. Thanks to him had the British air force aircraft at the end of the battle more than before. He managed during that period nearly 500 Hurricanes and Spitfires. Only he could not compensate the loss of experienced pilots.

The rapid production was mainly due to the citizens. The citizens went to work in the industry, they made a lot of overtime and she works every day in the week. They did everything for England.

The atmosphere was very good when the British, they knew that one day they would beat the Germans in their own war. England had more of a dredged up army. An army without weapons, stocks, because those were especially disadvantaged in France, to as many people as possible to save lives. England had a strong fleet, which protect the coast had to go. English families all knew that they were a target for the Germans. They were going to work hard and they had little time. It could be any time past with their. Many overtime hours, little sleep.

That was their daily motto. Many citizens were soldiers, only there very much as well: experience, equipment, supplies. Those things were very scarce. Women also went to help during the battle of Britain. They helped especially with the anti-aircraft guns, railways, aircraft, sending telegrams, buses operate and cooking for the men.


How was the situation before and during the battle of Britain in Germany?

The Germans were very positive. The ambiance was very good. They had already all over Europe in their power, and they thought they were going to beat England. More than 100,000 soldiers were waiting until they were sent to England. They had sufficient vehicles, weapons and equipment ready. They were ready.

Hitler believed the British peace would close as France was defeated. He wrote in his recommendation by the way: because England, despite his hopeless military position, no signs shows that it wants to close a compromise, I decided to prepare a landing in England and, if necessary, to be carried out.

France fell after just six weeks fight on 22 June 1940 in the battle of France. After waiting for a month threatened Hitler on 19 July with an attack on the United Kingdom if it does not immediately put down their arms. In the newly appointed Government that was led by Winston Churchill.

Hitler's proposal was repulsed and Hitler was furious.

The Luftwaffe was the only hope for Germany do receive a good result in England.



To destroy the RAF were 2600 aircraft collected. Including 1200 bombers and a thousand combat air crafts. They also planned attacks on ports and ships, because the British were very dependent on the trade.

The intention was with large numbers of bombers the British into submission. Help of land and naval forces would not be necessary. There was not thought to dropping airborne landings on strategically important targets although the British though were expecting.




What was Operation Eagle? August 13 – 18 August 1940.

German bombers made 485 flights and hunters made 1000 flights in attacks on the port cities such as: Plymouth and Southampton and on airports in Hampshire and Kent. The Luftwaffe lost 45 aircraft, the RAF 13. Two days later one did an attempt to disable the bases of the fighter aircraft through an attack force that consisted of 1266 hunters and 520 bombers.

They reiterated that on the 16th and the 18th. The RAF responded with strength and took out 162 aircraft down.

Bombing against the airports, took place on 24 August to 6 September 1940.

The Germans were left with their attacks on the airports continue to Göring suddenly, after a series of attacks by the RAF on Berlin, decided that London had to be the main objective of the German attack. In this way he hoped to break the morale of the British people.

Hitler wanted Great Britain under his thumb, because he felt that it was an important strategic point in the war as he had captured England. He launched the biggest air raid ever in the second World War. This attack was called Eagles day and caused the hell on Earth.

However, the Germans had with 1 thing not taken into account: the RAF was prepared. The RAF had radar and early detection techniques.

The German plan was to destroy the RAF.

Göring was going to airports, radars, communications and command posts.

Everybody knows about the daily attacks on London by the Germans, but believe it or not, it all started as an accident. Hitler didn't want to bombard London, because he did not want the capital Berlin a bombardment of his own suffering. He would then have to send aircraft to Berlin, to then again to defend Berlin. However, on August 15, a bomber left a happens to be a few bombs on

London. Well, Hitler was right. The next day it was Berlin bombed by the Raff.

Hitler was now in a tense situation. He stopped sending the Luftwaffe to destroy the RAF, he decided to send them to London. Where they had to drop bombs on London every day. This was a strategy that actually did not work. . He decided to bomb London, because he felt that Britain should feel pity and that they would surrender himself, to save the people, But he was wrong.

On 15 September began the major setback on Britain. Göring felt that the Luftwaffe lost. This ensured that Hitler had no confidence in Göring. Göring took care of a major attack on London.

Dowding and Churchill were trying something very risky things. They decided to the German fleet to meet up with all they had. They left with 700 combat aircraft and 400 bombers.

All went good for the British. Little bombers were shot down. The RAF lost 26 aircraft, as well as Luftwaffe but lost 80. The British knew a lot of power to be gained by the result. Hitler had to quickly do something.




Hitler found that Operation Eagle fell apart. He went but fall within Russia and he left England for a while. Later, Göring gave Hitler the power to overnight bombing of London. The battle of Britain was now over. The main goal was now London.

Göring dropped dozens of bombings of London and executed thousands of people. He started these attacks on 27 September. From September 1940 until May 1941 he bombed London every night. Finally, Hitler realized that the bombardments were very expensive and they were not very effective. On 10 may, Hitler want that the bombers came back to Germany. He wanted Russia again. In Britain it was now temporarily quiet.


What was the battle in London?

The appearance of the German bombers in the air over London during the afternoon of 7 September 1940 marked a tactical shift in Hitler's attempt to topics Great Britain. During the two previous months was the Luftwaffe RAF airfields and radar stations targeted preparation for destruction on the German invasion of the island. With invasion plans put on hold and eventually scrapped, Hitler turned his attention to destroying London in an attempt to demoralize the population and force the British to come to terms.

7 September 1940-the beginning of the London Blitz:

The Blitz-a period of intense bombing of London and other cities that continued until May. London is bombed, both a few months long at night as during the day. Fire in many parts of the city. Residents sought shelter where they could find. Many fled to the metro stations are fleeing. The worst incident, 450 civilians were killed when a bomb destroyed a school, the school was used as an air raid shelter. Londoners and the world were introduced to a new weapon of terror and destruction in the arsenal of the twentieth century warfare. The Blitz ended on 11 May 1941 when Hitler cancelled the raids to its bombers to go East in preparation for the German invasion of Russia

Blitzkrieg: a tactic, which they also had used against Poland. They left their fast-moving armored troops outflank enemy defenses by streams or, while their planes supported the armored vehicles and caused panic and anxiety behind the lines.



The Blitz, was meant to disrupt the production and English morale to deteriorate. London was the main target and victims of the heaviest bombardments, but by the end of the war, there was not only one big city or a town in Britain that had not come under fire.

As the winter progressed, the attacks were dangerous.  Between August 1940 and may 1941 were more than 43,000 civilians killed. British defenses did not know many enemy aircraft down, but over time again though, the anti-aircraft ground defense and the night tactics were improved. So the heavy attacks were not repeated, and morale went up again.

From mid-August to the first week of September the Luftwaffe carried out repeated attacks on airports, aircraft factories and radar installations, in an attempt to weaken the resistance by the RAF. But the RAF led by Hugh Dowding, put his resources in and also spent a lot of damage to the Luftwaffe, while the own losses remained limited. 7 September and 15 September, the Luftwaffe bombing London. But it gave the Luftwaffe not a victory. By October the Germans had their plans specified and concentrated the Luftwaffe on the bombing of British cities at night.

The intensive bombing lasted from September 1940 until May 1941. Although London the main goal were also other cities a victim. The British couldn’t do anything against the night attacks. By that time also the radar was invented. That makes it possible to night fighters to hit back. The bombings were very terrifying for the citizens.

There were 43,000 people die by the Blitz. But the Blitz could not destroy industries and forcing England into submission. England did get a lot of help from the United States. Franklin Roosevelt was convinced that the survival of Great-Britain was essential for the defense of the United States. They gave England a lot of material, tools, weapons and food.


How did the fight in England?

The German code name for his plan to capture the United Kingdom was operation sea lion. The operation began be careful, as a series of penetrating bomber attacks on British ships in the English channel and the ports in the South of England in early July 1940. Infact, it was Hitler still discuss whether England or Russia would come first.

The first German bombers began attacks above the channel on July 10, 1940. Hitler still said that England peace should close, and otherwise that get's a lot of regret would England there itself. The United Kingdom ignored the peace call. RAF was very defensive, they never actually went in the direction of the channel and further. As a result, members the British ship a lot of damage, if they are in the channel layers. The RAF pilots and planes wanted to save for the upcoming fight.



In the meantime, the British had been working on a new invention, Radar. No one knew much about the Radar.

By the radar you see they come with enough time to intercept them before they reach their goals.

Göring figured if his Luftwaffe, airports and aircraft production, and could destroy factories. That he could easily defeat the RAF. During the battle of Britain the RAF destroyed many German planes.



I have made a timeline to make it a lot easier.

German invasion plan.


1 augustus 1940.

Hitler gave the command to the RAF to overcome, and as soon as possible. He wanted to show who was in charge here in Europe.

13 Augustus, operation eagle.

Is England the Luftwaffe attacks. They are fighting against the RAF. The Luftwaffe loses more aircraft than the RAF.

15 augustus.

A day with lots of attacks from the German side. Again lose the Luftwaffe most airplanes. Hitler would deal with it otherwise to go.

17 Augustus.

The Germans founded an area on in Great-Britain. No ship got more a warning. It had to be destroyed immediately
25 Augustus.

The Raff first went to Berlin in order to attack.

7 September.

300 bombers and 600 aircraft went England attacks.

17 september.

Hitler to postpone the battle of Britain went to 12 October 1941.

How did the last phase in England?

They say that Churchill in his garden stood and said "keep them coming".

On 25 and 26 August 1940, the British bombed Berlin with 81 bombers.

The Germans could do nothing, the radar stations are destroyed. The bombers were often fired by hunters.

The English hung above the cities often gas balloons, so the hunters are getting it difficult.

The English did so with fishermen. The English lost not so many pilots because a lot of them ended up on English area and the fishers picked them up out of the sea.

The Germans lost so many planes and pilots because they were exhausted. It came in so far as that Hitler wanted to discontinue the attack on England.

In England was celebrated after the battle of London, but first the cities had to be repaired.

In the summer of 1940 Hitler was about to invade Great Britain. After Poland was the United Kingdom, the Benelux countries and France's turn to get acquainted with the Blitzkrieg. Only the British had a powerful Navy. In order to disable air support was needed. So Hitler decided to tackle the relatively weak British air force. As that out of the way was cleared, then could the British Navy at the Luftwaffe without rivalry.

The RAF fought for a lot of months against the German attacks. The Germans were slowly winning, despite that they themselves also large losses. But when

Hitler changed tactics. From anger to a British attack by bombers on Berlin, he decided from then on especially British cities to attack and not to concentrate more on the bombing of airfields of the RAF. At the German attacks on London in particular hit the Luftwaffe aircraft lost, so much that they could no longer keep the attacks. iGBxBqbYaHFMLIrowkLN-rct1rsvbU_tzCQ48bpgR_-E7hOyoC4MDrMcyPvxy6bJ3m99UniXkeEQxy6aEV20ixsK3LzJEikDRxMgAyqH2kI4JHz-MVCpdOOJIVVXK0tQJMrZLBE_Miobet64




I am very happy to do my profile project about the battle of Britain. It is a very nice topic. You could find a lot about it, I know that it is also an important subject during the Second World War There is much more to tell about this subject than I thought. There were many people involved, many important dates, The battle of Britain is more important than I thought that it was.

There were a lot of new tactics and developments like the blitzkrieg, radar and ground defense. I also found it never boring to work to my profile. I think that was also a very great benefit. And the hours went faster for my feeling. I have learned a lot about this topic. I also think it is terrible that this all happened, but I am pleased, that the allies have won the war, otherwise the world saw in my opinion now quite different, if the Germans would have won.

I had with Mrs. Doesburg Smits agreed to do it in Dutch and English, so that she could see what I mean if they she doesn’t not understand it. By the part questions I could answer the main question correctly, also in a way making it very is summarized. My English is not so good, but I try to make it a good grammatical project. I hope that you will understand everything sir van twist.

First I did my profile work project by Mrs. Doesburg Smits. In the beginning it went very good, we had a lot of contact and I knew exactly what I had to do. I spoke to her especially through the mail. After the Christmas holidays is Mrs. Doesburg Smits moved to England. We had agreed to through the mail contact. I wrote an email several times, but I got no replies back. I  E-mailed after Mrs. Kahle, or that Mrs. Doesburg has another email address in England. The next day, I got an e-mail back, I need to find somebody else to check my profile work project. I immediately began to getting stressed, because a week after it had to be handed in. I found it weird to ask anyone or that he will be my companion for 1.  I am very Happy, because Sir van Twist wanted to help me out of this stressful situation, I am still very grateful to him. I did end up my profile work project with much pride left at Mr. van Twist.


What were the causes and consequences of the Battle of Britain?

The first turning point

The Battle of Britain was the first turning point in the war, because it was the first time that German forces failed with their goal. Strong and effective resistance of the Royal Air Force caused Hitler to leave the idea of invading Britain and for its attention to Russia. Although the London Blitz and terrorize other city’s remained for a number of months.

After the fall of France thought many allies that the war was over. That Germany would win the war. England would be encircled by the Germans and the Russians fought especially for themselves. That Germany not would take Russia over.

The US refused to participate the First World War, they wanted to remain neutral.

At the end, England stand can hold against Germany. Germany has only waste a lot of things like, Soldiers, materials, such as: aircraft, boats, vehicles. There are also been bombs dropped in Germany. They have to repair everything again.

Many people say that this was the turning point was for the Nazi’s. It was the first losing point in the second world war for Germany. Germany failed to capture England. When they were successful, the world saw the now very different. Then Hitler had all of Europe, he can create a world society, which he probably also had gotten. Everything should now then how Hitler wanted it. All non-Aryan races would disappear.

Now the allies won. Germany has lost, they had to pay hefty fines for all the damage they have inflicted. Now European countries have their own Government and not everything under the German Government. That might have been if the Germans would have owned the world society.


English children that hiding in pit, because the combat aircrafts attacks.


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